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Sunday, July 28, 2013


I think I need to apologize for the lack of interaction with people and updates to my blog lately.

I've been pretty sick the last 3 or 4  months which has taken away a lot of motivation to do much.

I haven't been feeling up to streaming a lot lately because no games seem to tickle my fancy currently, that'll change soon though, summer drought is near it's end.

Another reason is because I'm moving back home this week so I've been prepping for that and have been pretty depressed about it as well.  I would have liked to have tried sticking with it here for at least another year or so but I can't afford it anymore.

Though to be fair I've been lonely as piss here with no friends other than Jonna who I can't spend all my time with since she has a busy life and boyfriend.

I just felt like I had more potential here in Florida I guess, I just never knew how to utilize that potential and stayed in my apartment 99.9 percent of the time here, afraid of going out because my windshield wipers don't work and I'm unfamiliar with the area still. That and I hate going places by myself.

I'll still stream when I get back home but the quality is going to go to absolute crap (I'll be going from 5 MEGABYTES of upload to 500 KILOBYTES, and that's max speed for the area), I also wont be able to stream any multiplayer games because of it (though really, I have no friends to play multiplayer games with anyway)

My first priority when getting back home is to build up enough money to move out and get better internet. don't know where I'm going to go from there, I'm just really tired of being alone all the time, I'm not getting any younger here. tfw no gf etc

wish me luck on the move, going to be using a moving truck this time and for some reason my parents volunteered to fly down here and take the drive with me, so that'll be a lot better than doing it alone, at least I got family.