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Monday, January 31, 2011

dentist done

so I ended up deciding to get the tooth pulled after all, 100 bucks, wow... the price difference is ridiculous.

What an unpleasant thing.. had to get 2 shots to the gums, and just sit there for 10 mins while it goes numb, such an unpleasant gross feeling, whole face going completely numb.

then the twisting and bending the tooth out, drilling.. yeah... unpleasant.

then having to bite down on gauze all day long afterwards, couldn't talk, mouth full of blood, man seriously who knows how much blood I swallowed today.

couldn't eat, and can't eat any solid foods for 3 days.

says not to talk much (no problem there *foreveralone.jpg*)

so it's nice to have that behind me, I hope it heals fine and all that. I really don't look forward to the no solid food thing...

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I streamed a playthrough of Mario 2 earlier, guess I shoulda TWEEEEEEEEEEEETED it.

john macintosh has donated me 100 dollars!!! he's already donated me money before!! geez man! dont go broke on me please, and thank you so very much

Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm so hip that I got me a twitter

I was out today and thinking some random crap that isn't really worth making a full blog post about so I decided to finally jump into the wonderful horrible world of twitter.

The best part is I have my "TWEETS" (OMG SUCH A HIP WORD) posted right here on my blog above my blog posts.


o rite, here's the link too

Mr Mudfish and car troubles

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lizard Bonding

he's getting more used to me =)))))))))

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


today I was driving my mom to deliver the mail, we delivered to the dentist that i'm going to, she asked them a few questions and they told her to try and co sign for me with getting a care credit card. so earlier we filled out the crap online and it APPROVED!!!

I now have a medical credit card, I can now get the root canal and make smaller payments.

frickin FTW, huge HUGE weight lifted off of my shoulders there, I am beyond happy about this.

I'll probably be paying this off for like 5 years now but that's completely fine, I can afford smaller payments.

I was so on the ropes still about the decision, the poll results are ridiculous, for weeks the votes were pretty much neck in neck by a few votes, now the PULL IT option has a few hundred more, but it's still close.

So anyway, Root Canal it is! i'll probably only have to pay 40 or 50 a month, which is manageable, and I'd hope by 5 years i'll have me a job =P

things are lookin up.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Fact about Kilplix #1

I think i'm gonna start doing this whenever the poo I feel like it, I'll make a category of it you can click on the left.

Todays Fun Fact about Kilplix is..

I'm obsessed with Peanut Butter, I Have to have it like.. almost every night.

on crackers, cookies, bananas, apples, chocolate (I do NOT eat chocolate without peanut butter handy), icecream (especially icecream, you've seen my video =d)

the brand: Jiff.

I remember when I was a wee lad I'd ask my mom constantly for peanut butter, she'd get a table spoon and give me a scoop.

Peanut Butter is one of the best things in life, yumyum.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm old

I streamed the original version of Super Mario Bros today, games still is great despite it's age.

I also finished Fallout New Vegas which I got really bored of at the end, I had around 65 hours into it. my brother is on his THIRD PLAYTHROUGH of it, how is that even possible?

EDIT AgentParsec thanks for gifting me everision! whatever it is, it looks interesting!

and thanks Mark Hadley for donating 10 bucks!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The best Hot Topic in the USA

The Flannel!!

I paused when I stepped in, I seriously thought it was the wrong store. Turns out the store is closing down, gosh dang it! I hate when that crap happens, it's so depressing.

Daniel Mogensen donated me a lovely sum of 100 dollars! I would give hugs if possible.

ditto goes to Simon Davies for donating 30!

I'm starting to lean towards getting the tooth pulled, i'm just seeing so many people that have done it and have had no problems with it, strongly considering.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what do I do?

Stephen Jones donated me 100 bucks, thank you so much dude, every bit counts, and thats more than a bit.

also Elizabeth Delgado for donating 20, I appreciate it so very very much.

I applied for that payment plan, and of course I was denied.

I simply just cannot afford it, I can either get my tooth pulled for 150 or so, or cancel the appointment period and do it another day when I have enough money.

so heres the new poll, should I pull the tooth? or should I get the root canal?

keeping in mind, the tooth is the back one next to my wisdom tooth (which I have still, they grew in fine).

it's an important tooth, one that I use for chewing my food. also so says the dentist, if I DO get it pulled, my other teeth will shift into the gap where the tooths gone, and could POSSIBLY cause problems, not definitely, but possibly.

150-200 to pull the tooth get rid of it for good and risk further problems with teeth messing up by moving around.

OR get a root Canal for 1600, which COULD last my whole life, it could also last me just a few years. i've heard MANY cases where people have gotten root canals, and they eventually have to just get the tooth pulled anyway. my mom has a few root canal'd teeth still, she also had to get some pulled cause they weren't working out.

i'm on the ropes here, hard decision, so many what ifs, no definite answer.

big risk... what do you guys think?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dentist verdict = i'm screwed

So yep.. i'm scheduled for a root canal on the 31st.

estimated bill:


that's one thousand, six hundred dollars

sixteen hundred

I can apply for some gay payment plan which i'll most likely be rejected, or pay them 500 a month for 3 months.

No job, 1600 bill on top of my other monthly bills.

i'm screwed

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dentist tomorrow =(

I guess it's a good thing my dentist appointment is tomorrow, cause another lovely chunk of my tooth broke off today, that's always nice.

I have very bad memories of the dentist, when I was 4 I fell into the bathtub and broke off my two front teeth, it took like 3 people to hold me down as they yanked the remaining teeth out of my gums. teeth took forever to grow back.

I've never had laughing gas before, maybe I'll get some tomorrow, WILL I LAUGH?

Saturday, January 15, 2011


My tank in safe room FAIL video has reached over 1 million views now, I know thats like nothing compared to other big named youtubers who get 10 million views etc, but thats pretty dang cool for me, 1 million? seriously, wow.

also today the Steam group hit 7 thousand members, awesome stuff.

Big thanks to Emily Chan for donating me 30 dollars! much love

Thursday, January 13, 2011

And the generosity keeps coming

john macintosh has donated me a whopping 200 dollars!! The generosity you people show is beyond anything I can even imagine. thank you, THANK YOU so much.

Benjamin Siegel has donated me 50! thank you so much too!

love you guys, this dentist Bill is becoming less and less of a stress to me.

seriously, the generosity amazes me.

I played Minecraft a butt ton today with Tate, he streamed it again, was checking out the new features and what not, cody joined, and even Jonna for a little bit.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

oh MAN!

Mathew Keith, a great man in the military has just donated me 250 dollars, i'm beyond honored and even more beyond grateful, this goes beyond generous.

also, Cameron Barber has donated me 70 dollars.

I'm truly, truly blessed. I don't even feel worthy of all these donations.

I'm so grateful though, this will really help with my inevitably huge dentist bill.

lets celebrate:

Monday, January 10, 2011


So I have a dentist appointment, aint friggin available till monday though, so gotta wait a week, it's fine though, tooth is alright for now, it flares up badly at times, can't wait to get it fixed.

I'm terrified about the bill though, I read up on it, it'll probably have to be a root canal, back tooth, which can cost up to 600-800 dollars. holy frick... I can make payments, so I don't have to have all the money up front, but good lord, 800? to repair a stupid tooth?

know what'd help? a job with insurance, yeahhhh.. that'd be nice.

On the bright side, i've been getting along fine with bills from making cash from my blog, delivering mail for bro, and the epic donations from you awesome people.

will sure be nice not having to chew on one side of the mouth and avoiding liquid touching it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My N64 list

My list of games I've played and/or beaten

X represents a beaten game

Games that never end (IE tetris, pinball etc) and I've played a lot are marked as beaten.

I don't list games that I've played for just a few minutes or so, this list is games I've spent at least a few hours playing. and sports games, they're all the same! I generally will leave them out unless I remember them specifically.

now I KNOW i'm missing quite a few games because I was younger and don't remember what all I played. also I did this list through wikipedia, and since it isn't perfect I've spotted PLENTY of missing games from the lists.

And here's the list, I'll put up the other systems in the future, the link to all of them will be on the left for quicker access

(if you don't wanna see all the games and my personal notes just scroll to the bottom to see how many games i've played and beaten total)

NINTENDO SIXTY FOUUUURRRRR!!! this system gets too much hate, it shouldn't, not only did the N64 do analog and rumble before anyone else, it's games created the templates that everyone STILL use to this day.

Mario 64: quite possibly the most influential game ever, without this game you wouldn't have gotten 90 percent of the games you see today.

Zelda: the lock on feature, pretty much a must in every adventure game now because of it.

Goldeneye 007: this game laid way to console FPS, if it weren't for this you wouldn't have cod, halo etc.

The N64 to me represents friends, because of the new 4 players at once option, the N64 was a party machine, mario kart, smash bros, goldeneye, and much, much more. very very fond and powerful feelings for this machine because of how it brought everyone together, I LOVE the N64.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

One epic night of gaming

last night was one of the best nights of Bad Company 2 ever, every game had something worth keeping, one game I got TWO 10 kill streaks, another game I got a 12 kill streak, part of that kill streak was SEVEN KILLS all at once from bringing a barn down.

I made a montage of the highlights from last night, has all the stuff mentioned above and more:

also a big WOOOP! to Matthew Clough for donating 10 bucks, right on dude

cody has been doing a lets play minecraft series

just in case no one knows, Cody has been doing a LETS PLAY minecraft, hes at ep 8. Jed apparantly is a nice lil guest in ep 8 with his lovely comments.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


big thanks to Thierry Gysin for donating me 5 dollars

big ol holy CRAP THANKS to Cameron Barber for donating me 80 dollars

I can't say it enough guys, this means the world to me.

now to listen to epic sax guy

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


know what I HAAAATE?! when you select a million files on your pc, and are meaning to delete them, you right click and scroll down, and you accidentally click "CREATE SHORTCUT" since its right by delete, so instead of deleting the million files you create A MILLION SHORTCUTS.

I went to a grocery store today, got some sushi, grocery store sushi isn't the best thing in the world, but i've been craving it bad, and it was pretty dang good actually. the wasabi was the hottest i've ever had in my life, it burned my face off with each bite.

I spent the majority of my day yesterday trying to set up a minecraft server. it's all easy and simple, yet nothing was cooperating, my router simply will NOT do port forwarding, I finally gave up on that and used Hamachi to host, it works thankfully.

I need to put my kodak ZI8 to more use, record crap, give me suggestions! it'd be nice to post more vids here on da blog.

Monday, January 3, 2011

yet another epic donation! and I streamed with tate again!

john macintosh has donated me 100 dollars! words cannot describe my gratitude, this means so much.

At this rate maybe I can go to the dentist and get this stupid tooth repaired

not to sound like a rerun of yesterdays post, but I streamed minecraft with Tate again, we played like 6-7 hours yet again, the view count got up to 500, pretty crazy

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Epic donation! plus streamed minecraft with Tate

Nick Sanford has just donated me 100 dollars, i'm speechless pretty much, holy freaking crap man, thank you so freaking much! means so much to me, truly.

tonight I played minecraft with Tate for 6 friggin hours, the stream was on his channel:

minecraft sure is a blast with multiplayer, knew it would be.

and man i'm tired, cant wait to sleep in, good ol sunday.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


And so we're on to another year, the start of a new decade.

2010 was a very life changing year for me, it was the best, AND worst year of my life. Odd sounding I know, but it's so very, very true.

I got a car, I did some other personal things that i've been needing to do, and i'm more determined than i've ever been to get a job, build up money and work towards living on my own.

But that job thing! my gosh it's so hard finding a job. I'd like to start the new year with a job, also the sooner I get a job, the sooner I can get this aching pained stupid tooth repaired at the dentist, man was it hurting last night!

So here's to 2011, hope by 2012 i'll be in a much better place financially, mentally and location even.

oh... as for what I did on new years eve, I did nothing! I watched rocky balboa.. uhh.. chatted with friends. Joined Tate for a recording of more kilplix comments for a few minutes. watched Jonna stream her and her mom at a new years party at a LAN place.

better than what I did last year I suppose, I went to walmart, bought a sobe, and drank to the new year in the freezing cold walmart parking lot by myself, hah.