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Friday, May 31, 2013

Kilplix N Tate's Resident Evil 6 Highlights #8

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dark Souls Funny Moments

Q&A Batch #213

What do you like in a girl that you would date?
I answered a WHATS YOUR PERFECT GIRL or something a long while ago, really it's someone with similar interests, whom I can connect with and who I'm attracted to. here's the answer I did for THE PERFECT GIRLLL: Biggest thing I look for in a girl is a connection, without a connection then nothing can even go from there. Another is similar interests, my first girlfriend wasn't a gamer and I'll try and avoid doing that again. Also no smoking or drinking. I like sweet and silly, caring and gentle, non aggressive, can be spontaneous and random, doesn't swear like a sailor, has a quirky sense of humor like me, is just a nerd in general like me. Looks wise I'm not picky at all but my personal preference is long long hair, my fav is black, eye color doesn't really matter, I like dark eyes or blue or green, I'd like her to be shortish. Getting more shallower for the sake of voicing my preferences cause I mean come on, everyone has physical preferences no matter what, but I take care of my body and I'd want her to do the same, it's really not hard to do. I'm a huge leg man, I like nice legs almost as much as boobs.. and speaking of... big ol bouncy boobs teehheeeee, nah I don't like them that huge, large C or small D is my preference.

Do you have anymore Terraria or Minecraft footage left?
I think I do actually.. I need to upload it already wtf

Do you think you would look good with mutton chops?
I doubt it

Have you met your neighbors?
I see one neighbor from time to time

Do you think that you'll play any Max Payne 3 multiplayer again?
I do rarely at night but the servers are usually so dead

Can I touch your butt?

do you plan making some video of metal gear rising revengeance ?
maybe when I get the PC version

Have you ever played Golden Axe or Kid Chameleon?
Golden Axe yes

Have you ever heard of Starcraft 2 and if you have would you ever play it (or have played it)?
Have I ever heard of Starcraft 2? seriously? of course I have, not a fan of RTS games

how do you deal with dipression
just take it day by day, keep busy

What do you think of the Touhou games? Have you played any of them? Would you like to play them?
I've never played them actually, I wouldn't mind trying

Are you going to upload any more of your Dark Souls playthroughs? It's my favorite of yours. If you just don't want to keep track of the death toll, could you just remove it and keep uploading them?
I guess I'll keep uploading them, at first I thought I'd just stop because the view count was really bad (worse than even usual) but I dunno, I may finish it

When are you moving back home?

what do u think of the resident evil 6 and left 4 dead 2 crossover?
It's interesting

You should move to Kentucky

Hey Austin, had a very important question for you: Did the Easter Bunny visit you?
He suuure didn't

What do you think of Shadows of the Damned? Thinking of streaming it one day?
Never played it, don't know if I ever will

Who would you pick jinjo or all of your pc games gone forever chose one wisely
this is a dumb question

Do you think Fallout 4 should have a realism mode where getting shot once or shooting and enemy once can equal death?
if it doesn't people can just dl a mod for it

What version of SMOD did you play a while ago? I saw your new Kiplix mods series with HL2 and I know its SMOD, just want to know what version/versions you used? - Morehouse928
Redux 8 I do believe

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scott Pilgrim Funny Moments

Q&A Batch #212

Do you like Hetalia?
wtf is that

What's on your to-do list this weekend?
eat, sleep, cry

If you could live in any period of history, when would it be?
This period is just fine

Do you like Phil Collins?
heck yeah

Can you give me your list of songs?
Over 9000 (no joke, it's actually over 10,000) tracks? I don't think so

I think I saw in one of your Q&A Batches that you said you were a Christian. Are you a Catholic, Protestant, or etc? Or if you're not a Christian, do you follow a religion, and if so, which one?

Yes please

Do you control the format of the questions? Because now it's in a crap spot D:

cause you are my biggest fan wait until i got a computer and lets play left 4 dead with your friends =)
lol wtf

Hey Kilplix will you at least think about playing Lost Planet 2? And playing Co-op with Tate would definitely make the experience more enjoyable.
I really dont have an interest, the game got pretty poor reviews

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

GTA 4 - Officer Mudfish

The new XBOX + the poll

Welp the new xbox was shown and my thoughts on it aren't too good.

I am a gamer, that is what I buy systems for, I do not buy them for the other crap.

XBOX ONE is all about the other crap, it's focus is less and less on gaming.

speaking of, the games that were shown were sports games and COD, there was one promising looking game by Remedy but that's it.  I guess they're waiting for the game showing for E3.

speaking of the new COD, it doesn't even look as good as BF3 does which is on a last gen console, wtf?

The ps4 looks way more promising than this system imo.

I could go on about my opinions but I exhausted them in real time on my twitter

So now that it's been shown vote on the poll! EXCITED FOR IT?? EH?  me? I'm sure I'll get one eventually, but many years after it's released when I find it discounted.

Q&A Batch #211

have you ever thought of making chivalry videos? or do you not want to follow that trend?
I would if I played it more

your name is my laptops password
now I can hack it

Do you look forward to playing Assassin's Creed: Black Flags?
considering I'm not really a fan of the series, meh

Back and forth....forever?
oh shut up

if you could choose between Isaac Clark's plasma cutter or Raiden's sword, what would you choose?
ps3 boomerang controller

Austin. You ever try Online dating? I have tried it and I think I rally have found one that I want to be with...just need to work the distance out between us. Are you willing to make some changes like that?
I've tried it many times but nothing ever comes from it

What was Jinjo chewing on while you were streaming Starfox 64 on 3/31/13? -boxinacat
Probably the cardboard I use as a mousepad

Have you gone for a walk yet? seen your sorroundings?
A few times long ago

On account of the question i asked you previously, did you know it is scientifically proven the chicken came first? = Psycho

Do all questions you're asked eventually make it on your blog? Besides the repeats, stupid ones, etc.
For the most part

What song gets stuck in your head the most?
Depends, plenty do

I have to press hard to make my 3 key work, any idea how to fix?
use a hammer

Have you ever punched yourself in your sleep? (You would know when it happens, as I did)
uhh, no

If Elly Tran Ha asked you out what would u do?
say yes

Are you looking forward to man of steel and iron man 3? Which one more so the new superman is being made by Christopher nolan who made the latest batman films
I look forward to em, not really preferring one over the other

What do you think of injustice gods among us? It's a dc fighting game made by the people who did mortal ok bat?
lol ok bat

I actually don't think it did

when you started doing the Q&A's did you expect them to go for as long, have as many as you have had? (194 in the current at time of question)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hidden: Source Fun Game #27

Q&A Batch #210

What do you think of the relationship of the characters in BioShock Infinite? I felt attached more to Lee and Clementine from The Walking Dead.
It was fine, nothing spectacular

Austin i think you should do a video regarding your thoughts on BioShock Infinite and go into detail on why you think its not as good, or just tell me by answering this question. I feel its good for the people who have never played 1 or two before like me.
1 had more atmosphere and more freedom, the gameplay was funner and there were more options. also BIG DADDYS

Will you mod Skyrim like what you did in Fallout 3? Loving the Fallout 3 vids btw.
I will some day

Do you think that the big name developers should show greater support for indie games?

I watched the 17 minute gameplay trailer for BF4 and I'm very displeased. Every battlefield game has been a massive improvement on the previous in the series and this looks like DLC for BF3. Have you seen the video? And what are your thoughts on it?
it looks slightly better than BF3, we'll see what they do with the multiplayer

What question should I ask you ?
you should ask what questions you should ask me

When are we gonna play with you Austin? :(
I used to play hidden like every night with fans dont give me that

I am wondering if you can give any editing tips to a youtuber JackabiteTM that I am trying to give my assistance to for making videos. He combines dubstep and BF3 eplosions, could you see if he needs any advice? Much appreciation if you are able, Curely
my advice is no dubstep

do soby and jinjo ever interact with eachother?
Not really

Have you thought about doing a "Draw My Life" video? A few people like Anthony (from Smosh) and PewDiePie have done it. Will you? -boxinacat
lmao mine would be the most boring thing ever

I was wondering if you're gonna play this thing called Draw Something. It's a game where 1 person is drawing something and 2 other people try to guess what it is. I'm pretty sure that if you play it, that you and your friends will have plenty of creative fun with it. With best regards, Boxinacat.
I used to play that with a friend

Is your real e-mail? Because i want to send you a game >.>

Who was the last person you said thank you to?

Kind of hard to answer, but what is your greatest achievement in a video game you have done? -tkodisturb
Oh I have no idea, so many over the years

Dear Kilplix, Are going to play the upcoming scare fest known as "Outlast"? Because I heard people at IGN played the demo, and when they came out of the booth, they never wanted to go back in, and they say they won't get the full game, they believe "Outlast" is that scary. So you up for it?
always up for scary games

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kilplix Plays Dark souls #8 - Co op fail

Q&A Batch #209

Whats your opinion on the "free to play" games? As far as I'm concerned they should be call "pay to win".
They're cool when done right, I play quite a few

What's the furthest from home you've been?
Where I am now, here in Florida

me either if I had some

Are you excited for Amnesia a machine for pigs?

Are you ever going to do another multiplayer night with your fans again? you havent done one in a while.
I will sometime (did last night lolol)

Will you playthough the Metal Gear Solid games (Especially MGS3) on the stream for MGS5?

What is your favorite meme? If you have one.
no idea, too many

Does the carpet match the drapes? ;D
uhh no

Do you like Totino's pizza?
never tried

Have you seen the 17 minute gmeplay of BF4 yet? What do you think it will be like?
it looks cool and all but I'm waiting for multiplayer stuff more

Have you seen the tropical skyrim overhaul mod? it makes it look like farcry 3. And Would you play skyrim again?
I'll play skyrim again some day

Would you ever think of re-playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution?
I totally will some day

After playing BioShock Infinite, what score would you likely give if you had to review it?
Maybe a 7 or 8 out of 10, I give the original a 10 out of 10

Have ever heard of the Half-Life 2 mod Half-Mind? I suggest you should try it out; it's pretty quirky and I think you'll have lot's of laughs from it.
Yeah? Maybe I'll look into it

Hey Kilp have you played lost planet 2 before? If not you should so coop with Tate and stream it!
never played it

Would you eat the booty?
if it was like.. pig rump, roasted

This is a followup on my previous windows question. Did you have any problems with fallout 3 modded or non-modded and if so, can you recommend any solutions? - Morehouse928
I dunno, just google whatever issue you may have

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kilplix Plays Tomb Raider #7 - Lara weighs 1 Ton

Q&A Batch #208

Have you ever heard of or played Bastion? If so, what do you think of it?
I have the soundtrack, it's amazing

What do you do for a living?

does having a job or a car at a certain age affect the way you carry yourself?
Most likely

Who is your favorite Dragon Ball Z character and why?
Vegetto, cause Vegetto

Do you take sleeping pills ? PILLZ HERE ;)
sometimes when i cant sleep well

Hey Austin how i can send you a game via Steam i mean we needs to be friends or something in steam?
you can use my email

Will you ever show us all the music you listen to? I like too many of em to not ask.
my music selection is way too huge to show it all, we're talking 10,000 + tracks

What has to be your favorite Final Fantasy game (unless you haven't played any of them)?
9 and 6


I saw your stream of RE6 on 3/25/13. Are you gonna be uploading videos of your gameplay on it with Tate? -boxinacat

Do you still play xbox live?
I wasn't aware that was a game

wow you really got the funds for re6 damn quick
Thanks to a generous fellow

Have you ever met Tate in real life? - Hellreaver

Austin,First will you ever finish Uncharted 1 and FatalFrame2? Second, have you, if not will you ever play the any Ratchet and Clank game (The really good ones)
I dunno man, I dunno mannnn, we'll see

Two questions. 1. What made you decide to move back home? And 2. Are you and your family glad that you're moving back? -boxinacat
they're glad yes, I'm moving back because I'm lonely as piss here and I'm not making as much money as I used to