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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Q&A Batch #211

have you ever thought of making chivalry videos? or do you not want to follow that trend?
I would if I played it more

your name is my laptops password
now I can hack it

Do you look forward to playing Assassin's Creed: Black Flags?
considering I'm not really a fan of the series, meh

Back and forth....forever?
oh shut up

if you could choose between Isaac Clark's plasma cutter or Raiden's sword, what would you choose?
ps3 boomerang controller

Austin. You ever try Online dating? I have tried it and I think I rally have found one that I want to be with...just need to work the distance out between us. Are you willing to make some changes like that?
I've tried it many times but nothing ever comes from it

What was Jinjo chewing on while you were streaming Starfox 64 on 3/31/13? -boxinacat
Probably the cardboard I use as a mousepad

Have you gone for a walk yet? seen your sorroundings?
A few times long ago

On account of the question i asked you previously, did you know it is scientifically proven the chicken came first? = Psycho

Do all questions you're asked eventually make it on your blog? Besides the repeats, stupid ones, etc.
For the most part

What song gets stuck in your head the most?
Depends, plenty do

I have to press hard to make my 3 key work, any idea how to fix?
use a hammer

Have you ever punched yourself in your sleep? (You would know when it happens, as I did)
uhh, no

If Elly Tran Ha asked you out what would u do?
say yes

Are you looking forward to man of steel and iron man 3? Which one more so the new superman is being made by Christopher nolan who made the latest batman films
I look forward to em, not really preferring one over the other

What do you think of injustice gods among us? It's a dc fighting game made by the people who did mortal ok bat?
lol ok bat

I actually don't think it did

when you started doing the Q&A's did you expect them to go for as long, have as many as you have had? (194 in the current at time of question)

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