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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Q&A Batch #213

What do you like in a girl that you would date?
I answered a WHATS YOUR PERFECT GIRL or something a long while ago, really it's someone with similar interests, whom I can connect with and who I'm attracted to. here's the answer I did for THE PERFECT GIRLLL: Biggest thing I look for in a girl is a connection, without a connection then nothing can even go from there. Another is similar interests, my first girlfriend wasn't a gamer and I'll try and avoid doing that again. Also no smoking or drinking. I like sweet and silly, caring and gentle, non aggressive, can be spontaneous and random, doesn't swear like a sailor, has a quirky sense of humor like me, is just a nerd in general like me. Looks wise I'm not picky at all but my personal preference is long long hair, my fav is black, eye color doesn't really matter, I like dark eyes or blue or green, I'd like her to be shortish. Getting more shallower for the sake of voicing my preferences cause I mean come on, everyone has physical preferences no matter what, but I take care of my body and I'd want her to do the same, it's really not hard to do. I'm a huge leg man, I like nice legs almost as much as boobs.. and speaking of... big ol bouncy boobs teehheeeee, nah I don't like them that huge, large C or small D is my preference.

Do you have anymore Terraria or Minecraft footage left?
I think I do actually.. I need to upload it already wtf

Do you think you would look good with mutton chops?
I doubt it

Have you met your neighbors?
I see one neighbor from time to time

Do you think that you'll play any Max Payne 3 multiplayer again?
I do rarely at night but the servers are usually so dead

Can I touch your butt?

do you plan making some video of metal gear rising revengeance ?
maybe when I get the PC version

Have you ever played Golden Axe or Kid Chameleon?
Golden Axe yes

Have you ever heard of Starcraft 2 and if you have would you ever play it (or have played it)?
Have I ever heard of Starcraft 2? seriously? of course I have, not a fan of RTS games

how do you deal with dipression
just take it day by day, keep busy

What do you think of the Touhou games? Have you played any of them? Would you like to play them?
I've never played them actually, I wouldn't mind trying

Are you going to upload any more of your Dark Souls playthroughs? It's my favorite of yours. If you just don't want to keep track of the death toll, could you just remove it and keep uploading them?
I guess I'll keep uploading them, at first I thought I'd just stop because the view count was really bad (worse than even usual) but I dunno, I may finish it

When are you moving back home?

what do u think of the resident evil 6 and left 4 dead 2 crossover?
It's interesting

You should move to Kentucky

Hey Austin, had a very important question for you: Did the Easter Bunny visit you?
He suuure didn't

What do you think of Shadows of the Damned? Thinking of streaming it one day?
Never played it, don't know if I ever will

Who would you pick jinjo or all of your pc games gone forever chose one wisely
this is a dumb question

Do you think Fallout 4 should have a realism mode where getting shot once or shooting and enemy once can equal death?
if it doesn't people can just dl a mod for it

What version of SMOD did you play a while ago? I saw your new Kiplix mods series with HL2 and I know its SMOD, just want to know what version/versions you used? - Morehouse928
Redux 8 I do believe

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