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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The new XBOX + the poll

Welp the new xbox was shown and my thoughts on it aren't too good.

I am a gamer, that is what I buy systems for, I do not buy them for the other crap.

XBOX ONE is all about the other crap, it's focus is less and less on gaming.

speaking of, the games that were shown were sports games and COD, there was one promising looking game by Remedy but that's it.  I guess they're waiting for the game showing for E3.

speaking of the new COD, it doesn't even look as good as BF3 does which is on a last gen console, wtf?

The ps4 looks way more promising than this system imo.

I could go on about my opinions but I exhausted them in real time on my twitter

So now that it's been shown vote on the poll! EXCITED FOR IT?? EH?  me? I'm sure I'll get one eventually, but many years after it's released when I find it discounted.


  1. I was expecting a lot more from Microsoft with the NextBox (Xbox One). The whole flipping through things and multitasking functions would of been nice little extras that they could of added in to say they have these and Sony doesn't, but I think they forgot what the Xbox's main purpose is.

    From a gamer's perspective this is all they talked about:

    - A new controller that should be easier to use and faster to respond to the player's inputs.

    - Improved and more accurate Kinect system that now works like it should of on the Xbox 360.

    - Updated hardware that should be up to par with the PS4 (more or less).

    - Gaming updates that will download while your xbox is in use or not (or something along the lines of that, the speaker hardly said a full sentence about the topic).

    I believe they said a bit more, but this is pretty much it; the majority of your gaming updates are here. The PS4 does these (excluding the Kinect) and more.

    In my opinion I wouldn't buy the Xbox One even if it was only 200$, it just doesn't beat the PS4 in the gaming section which is why I buy GAMING consoles in the first place.

  2. I think this reveal was primarily to try to garner excitement from the casual gamer and consumer electronics crowd, and not really the hardcore gamer type. BUT...

    Personally, I'm not looking forward to this incarnation of XBOX until Microsoft can prove the following will come about:
    1.) Top notch exclusive titles that are not just half-baked PC ports (come on, DirectX isn't quite as transparent as many would like you to think).
    2.) No issues with overheating.
    3.) More flexibility and ease of getting files off the XBOX and onto a PC or Laptop.
    4.) Proper user interface (I've never liked the 360's interface at all).

    Until then, I'm focusing on Sony. In light of Windows 8, I'm having a very hard time taking Microsoft seriously about anything right now (I work in IT, and see the problems caused by the Windows 8 travesty on a daily basis). Plus, I've had a very sour taste in my mouth for Microsoft's XBOX ever since my first RROD.

    So, Kilplix, IMHO, your sentiments are pretty much on the right track at this time.

  3. Now I'm one for Xbox. I mean I do purchase the consoles from all three: Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, but I am not impressed by this Xbox One. The video I saw up on your blog just a minute ago basically sums up what it's about. TV, sports, TV, Call of Duty, TV, and TV.

    I kind of wanted to be there so I could ask them "Will it be able to play games?...other than Call of Duty?"

    1. Edward,

      When I saw your name, for a second I thought you were messing with me. My middle name is Stone, and I often go by it in casual circles (ie: Stone Edwards).

      LOL! :)