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Monday, October 31, 2011

Hidden: Source - Fun Game #5

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Me and Tate got our own BF3 server.

So we're trying out a BF3 server, I announced it tonight and a bunch of fans joined in and we played a few good hours, I streamed it too. mostly good games but it got a bit too laggy later on for some reason.

anyway the server is up at all times, so if you got BF3 click the link to join the server, you'll most likely be seeing us in there often.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amnesia: Justine - Kilplix freaks the FRICK OUT

This was from my stream a billion years ago, should get it up for Halloweeeeen.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

60K subscribers! Meet Jed salvaged footage #1!

Meet Jed pretty much went to crap and never came to be. But I/we put a ton of effort into the footage that we did do so I'm finally going to be releasing all the footage I have over time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First full day here..

I went to The Thing this morning, then went and got a few groceries, then went to Hooters to get some food and came back "home". took my whole day, got home at like 5.

ate dinner on this air mattress.

I'm really, really miserable right now, it's too freaking hot and humid in my room.. this is like THE BIGGEST FREAKING REASON I want my own place, so I can turn the AC on whenever the frick I want. I'm drenched right now in sweat, and all I did was hang my clothes up, I don't even want to move.

I need to set my PC up and crap so I can edit my trip and stuff, and play PC games, have SOMETHING to do while here..

Monday, October 17, 2011

So who actually lives in the Orlando area???

Any of ya'll live in or around Orlando?

Day 4 over, finally here.

Pretty much the same as yesterday, I got up at 6:30AM and I arrived here at 5:40ish

Long freaking drive yet again, but I'm finally here.

The room is bigger than my old one so that's good, the air mattress I bought is way too freaking big though, It's for like 2 people.

I brought in all my important and valuable stuff today, i'll get the rest through out the days.

The guy and his son are very nice people, I like them. I don't really like this place though, they have 3 dogs that never stop yapping outside, they're nice and all, but they stink bad and yap yapyapyapouapouap

He also told me the bathroom is pretty much mine except for in the early mornings when his son gets up for work, other than that they both use a different bathroom, plus I have a full sized fridge of my own.

But again, I don't like it for one fact: it's not MY place, I have this little room and that's it, I want my own place where it's just me and I can do whatever the crap I want.

I'll be looking for a place now to move, an apartment, so I shouldn't have to be here long, there's a problem with that though, Tate is moving here in January... so I wonder what apartment would even let me rent out a place for 2 months, most require a lease, I'll just look around I guess..

Tomorrow I'm going out to get groceries, going to see THE THING as well, will be the first time I went to a movie by myself, guess I better get used to it... hope I can make some friends soon to hang out with though..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 2 and 3 ugh

Saturday October 15th 2011
6:50 PM

I sure hope today was the worst day I'm going to have..

It started off just fine, drove for a few hours.

I'd been using my signal the entire time when switching lanes etc, but then I decided hey, I'm in the middle of nowhere, I can get lazy.

On top of that I was doing 90..

I check my rear view mirror...

cop with lights flashing.

So yeah 124 dollar ticket there, for some reason he decided to search my car for a bit too.

I honestly didn't care much, whatever, worse can happen.

So sometime later one of the roads the GPS said to go on was closed, completely closed, I tried going another way, GPS just led me back to that road, I drove for like 15 mins, turned, gps took me onto a dirt road, drove that for a while

I end up at the same blocked road.

I end up just driving blind for an hour or so, I come to a bridge crossing the Missouri river.

The bridge is under construction..

another good hour wasting time driving about there.

I drive a good 30 mins blindly yet again, GPS leads me to..

another blocked road..

I drove a long long time, finally took a path the GPS told me to go, finally finally was on the right path.

A good 3 hours wasted there, freaking destroyed me mentally and physically.

I tell myself I'll stop at the next motel.

This motel sucks.. so.. bad..

no wireless..

bathroom is like the size of a shower.


It's just crap, and I NEED the freaking internet.. I wanted to check maps and email people.

If I move my phone JUUUST right I can get my 3g... better than nothing I guess.

I really hope tomorrow is better than today

Sunday October 16th 2011
6:49 PM

Today was completely uneventful which is much, much better than yesterday. I drove 12 freaking hours today though, my hands hurt from holding the steering wheel, I had to hold my leg down with my hand to keep pressing the gas, I was going crazy

drove through a lot, Chicago, Tennessee, Illinois, others...

I'm so freaking exhausted, tomorrow I have only 9 ½ hours of driving so says mapquest, almost there, one more day.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 1 done

Man Wyoming is the most boring, depressing, crap state in the world, Nebraska isn't really any better, at least it's green though, had some awesome rolling hills too.

Wyoming was nothing but plains, deserts, hills. No towns, no cities, just nothingness, for hours and hours and hundreds of miles it was nothing, abandoned and boarded up gas stations littered the side of the roads, there were countless pull off areas for truckers, just pull offs with nothing there.

Nebraska was awesome at first, awesome looking rolling hills, reminded me of pics of China.

Then it got boring, flat green farm lands, then night came and I couldn't see a freaking thing.. for a few hours I drove at night, I ended up doing 90-95 for a long while because I just wanted to get to the hotel.

It took 11 hours to get there, freaking 11 hours... two more hours than google maps estimated. I'm seriously going to stop at a Hotel the second I get tired now, I don't care how many days it takes, don't care how many hotels I have to stay at.

The Hotel is awesome though, 54 bucks for tonight? Epic. I wont want to leave in the morning, I'm so comfy and at peace.

While my car made it just fine, I was paranoid the entire time, every sounds or thunk or jerk would immediately trigger my paranoia mode and I'd stress out for a good 50 miles over if there was something wrong with the car.

Going to be getting up as early as I can tomorrow so I don't have to drive at night again, it's not fun driving in like pitch blackness in unfamiliar territory, especially since there's like NO towns or cities around for hundreds of miles, no lights to guide you.

One AWESOME thing about that area though, it's so high up, clouds are like so low, and at night I was completely blown away by the moon.

the moon at this altitude, it looked like it was like hovering above the ground in the distance, and it was blood red..i t was intense, I kept thinking it was fake or something, like someone had a big moon sign or something, freaking awesome, I recorded it but you cant even tell at all on the video gosh dang it.

Sobis been in hibernation mode, I tried giving him water just now and he's just bluhh, I put him under the laptop right now to warm him up.

My body aaaches, can't wait to sleep, gonna hate waking up.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busy day

Only up until a few hours ago I've been completely busy and on the move.

Day started out with me taking down all my posters and packing them up.

I then went to walmart and bought fluids for my car.

Came home and vacuumed and cleaned my car all nice and good, looks great.

Sorted out what I'm going to be doing with Sobi, He's gonna be in a box in the front passenger side floor with a screen top thingy. I cleaned his giant 80 gallon tank out and had my dad help me carry it downstairs and put it into my car, I found out that boxes fit nicely in the tank, so it wont be just taking up room, it'll be a nice chest.

I put some boxes in, mostly games and dvds, also my swords and figurines, mini vacuum etc etc

I disassembled my shelf and laptop table and put them in the car.

Got all the consoles unplugged, got a huge bag of freaking cords and wires.

Counted change I've had in this jar where I throw all my change in, was about 22 bucks since I emptied it out last year for my trip to visit Jonna, was like 150 bucks in change then haha.

My room is such a mess now, I have Sobi in a giant plastic tub thingy, he's giving me the stink eye for that.

All of my crap should fit, but barely, I'll take apart my computer desk Thursday and pack in my giant PC, monitor, keyboard etc etc. So we'll see how things fit then.

My car is going to be so freaking weighed down, more gas to spend.. bluh..

Dunno what I'm going to do tomorrow, maybe just relax a bit, maybe move more crap, dunno yet.

All I know is I have a feakin headache =/

BF3 Beta Funny Moments N Highlights

Monday, October 10, 2011

4 days left

Well, I have 4 days left here before I take the big trek across the country to Florida.

A few days ago some friends came over to play some smash bros, sort of a going away thingy for me.

I didn't expect much but for some reason I had an absolute blast that whole night, it was great.  And now I'm realizing stuff I'll be missing when I'm gone.

I also met up with my boss for the second time a week ago, he's a great guy and he really really likes me and the work i've done, he jokingly begged me not to leave haha.

I also just now realized that I'm not going to have a freaking chair when I move, I'll have to buy some cheap lawn chair or some crap for my computer when I get there for a temporary chair. has this 260 dollar computer chair on sale for 130! ugh! want!  someone get it for me for my birthday (which is thursday by the way).


I'm trying to just wrack my brain over things to NOT forget, trying to decide what to leave behind and have mailed to me when I get an apartment and what all to take with me in my car.

I'm honestly looking forward to the drive, I love driving honestly, and I love going out for a drive all the time.  and I've been in the mood to do it so this should be pretty pleasant, just a man and his thoughts.

the only thing that makes me nervous is my car breaking down or some crap, if I didn't have that to worry about I'd be completely stress free about it all.

A few other things bother me too, living with strangers for one (but i'm going to find a place of my own asap), and I'm going to be pretty gosh dang alone/lonely out there, here I at least have family to talk to.  There I'll pretty much have no one other than a few online friends.  hopefully it'll get better over time though.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some nice games tonight

Here's a pic of some of my scores from tonight, 23/1? that's my best yet.

BF3 Beta - Awesome game

Friday, October 7, 2011

How to play and how NOT to play BF3 Beta

There's a very lovely part that I had fun editing, I bet you can guess which =P

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So how are you guys doing?

I got me a little carrying cage for Sobi for when I stop at hotels on the trip, I also got him some mealworms, gave him some today and he loooves them.

I asked the guy to take the big bed out of my room I'm moving into so that I can use my air mattress and lean it up against the wall during the day, that way I hopefully will have room to work out.

Been prepping for the move quite a bit, I got a new bank account today, since the one I've been using my whole life is only based in Utah, I need one that's international. I also applied for a credit card so I can finally start building credit.

Got a USB wireless hub for internet when I'm there, works dang good too.

started boxing up my movies and games, I really wont be able to take everything with me, I'm going to box everything and see what will fit and what I want to bring with, when I get an apartment of my own I'll have my family mail the other boxes to me.

been dling a lot of music for the drive, will need it.

Mapping out my route, finding what Hotels I'll be staying at.

Updated my GPS.

Edited parts 2 and 3 of Dead Rising Funny Moments (they're way better than part one)

spent most the day the other day editing this video "How to play and how NOT to play BF3 Beta" I think it's great.

Been watching Cinemassacres monster madness, That's James Rolfes website aka the angry video game nerd, I highly recommend watching that series, and watch last years too, it's gold.

Need to get motivation to finish up Deus Ex already.. I hate that I do that.. just haven't been feeling all that great lately unfortunately and that always affects motivation to do anything.

I try to keep as busy as I can but when night time comes I just lose all motivation to do anything and I sit here and just feel like crap, I drew a picture the other day to represent how much I just don't like night time now Night used to be my favorite time but now it's just a bunch of thinking and thinking, it's pretty lonely lately.

I'm very glad I have you guys to motivate me to continue to do what I do though.

Hopefully things will get better sooner than later. I'll keep climbing that hill, don't you doubt. No matter how many times I fall down it, I wont give up.

Speaking of, I'm going to share this music video. It has been one of my favorite songs AND videos of all time because of just what it represents, it hits me personally on so very many levels, and the thing about the video is I'm sure it does the same for majority of you out there too. I love this song and video, and again as it shows, don't stop climbing.

Kilplix Plays Minecraft Episode 6

Monday, October 3, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Movin for sure this time!! Also a new Poll!

I settled things with a guy, I even paid him in advance. So it's pretty settled that I'm moving now.

Going to be leaving the 14th, the day after my birthday.

Again wish me luck on the drive, that's what worries me most!

what sucks about this place though is I'm renting some guys room in his house, but it'll do for now, at least I can actively GO OUT and search for places when I'm there and prove I'm legit to everyone, so it should be much easier finding a place of my own.

I really REALLLY appreciate the donations SO SO much guys, it will seriously pay for my entire drive there (gonna be like freaking 1K dollars in gas and hotel stays). I'll try and record as much crap as I can to make a video to document the whole thing, and I'll be able to officially thank all you wonderful people for the donations in the video too.

Love you guys! I seriously am blessed to have such wonderful people as fans, and I'm not JUST talking about those who donated either, I mean ALL OF YOU! I love you!

ALSO! as for the new Poll, you dressing up for Halloween? If so then say what you're dressing up as in the comments!