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Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 4 over, finally here.

Pretty much the same as yesterday, I got up at 6:30AM and I arrived here at 5:40ish

Long freaking drive yet again, but I'm finally here.

The room is bigger than my old one so that's good, the air mattress I bought is way too freaking big though, It's for like 2 people.

I brought in all my important and valuable stuff today, i'll get the rest through out the days.

The guy and his son are very nice people, I like them. I don't really like this place though, they have 3 dogs that never stop yapping outside, they're nice and all, but they stink bad and yap yapyapyapouapouap

He also told me the bathroom is pretty much mine except for in the early mornings when his son gets up for work, other than that they both use a different bathroom, plus I have a full sized fridge of my own.

But again, I don't like it for one fact: it's not MY place, I have this little room and that's it, I want my own place where it's just me and I can do whatever the crap I want.

I'll be looking for a place now to move, an apartment, so I shouldn't have to be here long, there's a problem with that though, Tate is moving here in January... so I wonder what apartment would even let me rent out a place for 2 months, most require a lease, I'll just look around I guess..

Tomorrow I'm going out to get groceries, going to see THE THING as well, will be the first time I went to a movie by myself, guess I better get used to it... hope I can make some friends soon to hang out with though..


  1. ya i was wrong thank have fun at the thing

  2. Where in Florida are you, Austin? I would like to be your friend before I go on my mission. :O

  3. I'm glad you made it one piece, and I'm pretty sure you'll find something and if not 2 months goes by real fast. So, I hope your time will be alright there and just keep your chin up. <3

  4. I'm glad to hear you finally made it there okay. Good luck with the apartment hunting!

  5. Grats on getting there safely! Don't worry, things will work out. They already are, seeing as you made it there. ^_^

  6. Congrats on getting to Florida safely don't worry from what i hear from my family its pretty nice and friendly over there

  7. Alone? o.o Doesn't Jonna live there?

  8. Congratulations on successfully navigating one of the worst kinds of traffic in america! Glad to see you made it safely and hey why not tweet which theater your going to? perhaps some of us Florida fans can meet up with you and help show you a good time.

  9. go to sci fi city its fun and sooner or later you can find a group to play with and it can be fun Sci-Fi City 6006 E Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32807