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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So how are you guys doing?

I got me a little carrying cage for Sobi for when I stop at hotels on the trip, I also got him some mealworms, gave him some today and he loooves them.

I asked the guy to take the big bed out of my room I'm moving into so that I can use my air mattress and lean it up against the wall during the day, that way I hopefully will have room to work out.

Been prepping for the move quite a bit, I got a new bank account today, since the one I've been using my whole life is only based in Utah, I need one that's international. I also applied for a credit card so I can finally start building credit.

Got a USB wireless hub for internet when I'm there, works dang good too.

started boxing up my movies and games, I really wont be able to take everything with me, I'm going to box everything and see what will fit and what I want to bring with, when I get an apartment of my own I'll have my family mail the other boxes to me.

been dling a lot of music for the drive, will need it.

Mapping out my route, finding what Hotels I'll be staying at.

Updated my GPS.

Edited parts 2 and 3 of Dead Rising Funny Moments (they're way better than part one)

spent most the day the other day editing this video "How to play and how NOT to play BF3 Beta" I think it's great.

Been watching Cinemassacres monster madness, That's James Rolfes website aka the angry video game nerd, I highly recommend watching that series, and watch last years too, it's gold.

Need to get motivation to finish up Deus Ex already.. I hate that I do that.. just haven't been feeling all that great lately unfortunately and that always affects motivation to do anything.

I try to keep as busy as I can but when night time comes I just lose all motivation to do anything and I sit here and just feel like crap, I drew a picture the other day to represent how much I just don't like night time now Night used to be my favorite time but now it's just a bunch of thinking and thinking, it's pretty lonely lately.

I'm very glad I have you guys to motivate me to continue to do what I do though.

Hopefully things will get better sooner than later. I'll keep climbing that hill, don't you doubt. No matter how many times I fall down it, I wont give up.

Speaking of, I'm going to share this music video. It has been one of my favorite songs AND videos of all time because of just what it represents, it hits me personally on so very many levels, and the thing about the video is I'm sure it does the same for majority of you out there too. I love this song and video, and again as it shows, don't stop climbing.


  1. I'm doing okay, thanks fer asking.
    I hope you have a Loverly travel :)
    to get yur spirits more up, here's a Travel Song!

  2. Happy Trails Austin!
    its finally starting to get cold down here, so you decided to move in the nick of time :D
    and i dunno why, im feeling poetic tonight, so here's a little something...
    Night, the grueling end
    Day, the horrid start
    in each event, the words are the same
    the only difference, is being put to shame by them. when in great distress, try to laugh and not lose the light of day,and when happy, let the distress come back stronger, and harden your feelings. This is the true strength of a man's mind. This, is life

  3. Im in the exactsame boat as you austin.. i hate night, i dont want to do anything just cause my girlfriend cant wait for me to come home...

    Its terrible.. And im also in a similar boat about the move, im moving home for my girlfriend.. in 7 months, but i cant really find a place to stay nor can i find work.. so i really dont know what to do..

    Lifes just sucks when everything comes agaisnt you doesnt it? Well, im happy your fans are here for you, im syre that really helps, your lucky dude, wish i had a fan base to make me happy

  4. Good luck Austin! Hope you have fun over there. Don't worry about people making fun of you or leaving comments like that. Words are like Weapons... they always wound some times..