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Monday, February 28, 2011

I just destroyed my tongue

I never thought of this consequence to getting my tooth removed, my tongue isn't used to the hole being gone, so it slips in there sometimes and I bite it while eating, i've done it a few times and it hurts beyond words.

just now however.. I did it so bad, so hard, that there's a huge hole in my tongue, a big piece hanging... I wont be able to eat for days with this

Kilplix craps himself playing amnesia part 5 FINALE!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


So this week alone i've submitted resumes to 3 different jobs.

The first two fell flat fast, but this last one is looking ridiculously promising.

Cross your fingers for me guys.

Been a while since I got out

A few years ago when smash bros melee was boomin, The store game crazy here would have smash tournaments nearly every saturday. Those were very very memorable fun memories, I'd win nearly every tourny and I became KIND of the stores celebrity, I even had kids asking for my freaking autograph.

I made a lot of friends there, I hardly ever see them now because no more gamecrazy, the day they went out of business I nearly cried, I was in florida with Jonna when i'd heard the news they were all closing down.

Anyway on very rare occasions we get together and play games.

One of them is getting married so had a sort of bachelors party, it was a small group, 7 people or so and it was awesome. one of the people owned a friggin lodge/resturaunt and we had the whole dang place to ourselves, we could go behind the counter and fill up any drink we wanted, had pizza and chicken wings, played lots of games (including melee and brawl), it was just a nice time and i'd like to get out more and do crap like that.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Streamed some more FEAR tonight, whatever the expansion is called.. something mandate or other..

fun like the others, not many scares yet, but it's coming... it's coming..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My PS1 Game List


My list of games I've played and/or beaten

X represents a beaten game

Games that never end (IE tetris, pinball etc) and I've played a lot are marked as beaten.

I don't list games that I've played for just a few minutes or so, this list is games I've spent at least a few hours playing. and sports games, they're all the same! I generally will leave them out unless I remember them specifically.

now I KNOW i'm missing quite a few games because I was younger and don't remember what all I played. also I did this list through wikipedia, and since it isn't perfect I've spotted PLENTY of missing games from the lists.

And here's the list, I'll put up the other systems in the future, the link to all of them will be on the left for quicker access

(if you don't wanna see all the games and my personal notes just scroll to the bottom to see how many games i've played and beaten total)

DA PS1, I got one of these very VERY late in the game, I got it right when ps1s went dirt cheap, me and my brother were nintendo fanboys our whole lives, and didn't have a butt ton of money to spend on all consoles, so when PS1 got cheap we went crazy, bought the PS1 and a lot of games that were all discounted.

while this list is pretty small, I still really enjoyed the ps1, it was awesome having a new system so cheap and with a gigantic library.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Beat FEAR Extraction Point!

WHOOOEEE that one scared the freakin crap out of me! epic EPIC moment where I turned around and this cloaking enemys face is right in my face, I screamed, I screamed lots.

next up is Perseus Mandate, i'm told it's even scarier, wooooo!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Minecraft first cave dive Part 2

this is the second part of my first cave dive

edit: Do I seriously need to remind some of you that this was recorded ages ago and it was MY FIRST TIME PLAYING? do I REALLY have to remind you that? that I didn't know hardly a thing about the game? that if you look it says ALPHA BUILD?

well, guess what, it was my first cave dive, the end.

Friday, February 18, 2011

frickin minecraft + FEAR extraction scary

Tate and I had been talking about more ways to give us incentive to play minecraft, we decided to build a city, and hot freaking holy dang, we've been playing it for like literally 3 days straight, we sleep, eat, play. it's crazy. Tate usually streams it at his livestream at:

I'd stream too but my internet is just too crappy to handle online play + streaming.

I did find time to tear away last night to play fear extraction.


that game has some freaking crazy scary enemies, SHADOWS, SHADOWS ATTACK ME, I screamed like a freaking girl at that part.

games a lot scarier than the original game thats for sure.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

well this has certainly caught my eye

I know it's just a cgi trailer, IE not in game engine or real gameplay, but the trailer is amazingly well done, very very engaging.

Watch the game end up being total crap, though I hope it doesn't

games called Dead Island

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun facts about Kilplix #2

I love ragdoll physics, heck, physics in general, have loved it since I played games, and when the havok engine was made, its literally the greatest advancement in gaming to me, not new spiffy graphics, but actual improvement upon environment/gameplay. The havok engine led to the endorphin engine which makes ragdoll all the more amazing (see GTA 4).

ragdoll physics has brought hundreds of hours of fun that I wouldn't have had if it didn't exist.

Max payne 2, I spent hours, literally hours on one room, its a room where the whole floor will explode and fall, taking enemies (and me) with it, but yeah, I spent nearly a whole day in that room just to see all the different and crazy ways I could die, and the enemies could die.

In fact I had uploaded a video of max payne 2, of a different part where i'd kill Mona by getting crushed by this beam, I spent hours there too, guess I deleted the video, ho well.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fear streamin

Watch live streaming video from kilplix at


I uploaded a new vid on youtube, basically advertising the blog, the stream, my twitter etc.  so I figured there was no need to treat it like a real vid upload, especially considering you guys that visit my blog are already aware of everything.

I did however add some nice highlights from my streams, heres da vid

What valentines has been to me my whole life

Sunday, February 13, 2011


outdated link =(

Streamed FEAR

now i'm streamin FEAR, lots of issues with this game with compatibilities, first off, the game chokes up to 19 FPS if you're using a logitech device, just like condemned did (same game engine),
second, for some reason podcaster wasn't letting me even stream, i'd push the button and nothing, so I tried desktop mode, and it was disastrous.

THIRD, after figuring out that I have to start the game FIRST then start podcaster, I discover the game freezes up when I fire my gun, it was unplayable.

friend suggested I lower the res for the stream, and amazingly it solved it.

I was about to give up on the game, wasnt enjoying it at all, but after the fix, the games really dang fun! highly enjoyable.

so weird because I ran dead space 2, a brand new spanking game at higher res and it ran like a champ, FEAR engine is picky.

anyway look forward to more streams, probably will tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dead Space 2 BEATEN

Thanks for those who watched, Great game, really.

The final "BOSS FIGHT" put me off so bad though, I HATE when games do that crap.

I played through the whole game on survivalist, no major problems, but that boss fight was just ANNOYING, being hard is one thing, but when you're annoying I don't put up with it, after a half hour or more I just turned the difficulty down.

SURE I could have kept at it for another hour to master it, but there was too much cheap crap that kills you at random.

I also could have just reloaded a save and stocked the heck up on ammo and health, but I didn't really care to.

despite that crap I loved the game. was fun streaming it.

streamin dat dead space 2

oudated link =(

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

may as well be 56k

My net has been atrocious:

yesterday I called my ISP and they tried fixing it, it seemed to work, for about 10 mins.

so today I call again and after some crap he tells me there's maintenance in my area and NOT TO FRET, MY NET WILL BE BACK TO NORMAL EVENTUALLY, but of course he has no idea when!

so tomorrow i'm calling the business line of the ISP and demanding a free month or SOME sort of compensation for this crap.

playing online is a nightmare, crap sucks

Monday, February 7, 2011

on da road

Last night was good stuff with the stream, dead space 2 is scaring me more than 1 ever did for some reason. 1 never scared me, this one ones making me scream like crazy. I have the webcam show my face along with the gameplay so its loool. I can't wait to make a montage of this for youtube.

I'm doing the mail right now (My brothers a mailman, I drive him). Decided to take this pic, very pretty place where I live:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

l4d2 custom campaign - Indiana Jones ride

Just a heads up I made another post today so scroll down a bit more to catch it.

Help Jonna get to E3!!

Jonna is with a podcast called the nerdyshow.

Usually, they're able to go to E3 no problem (and this would be Jonnas first time going), but this year the people in charge of giving permission used a site that displayed the websites hits incorrectly. So when analyzing the sites popularity and it showed they don't get many hits (which they actually do).

They can apply again, I think they have until April, so lets help these guys get some hits and hopefully the website they use will display these hits you guys give em.

the website is maybe check out the podcasts too, Jonnas in them!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


After reading some retards comment (which I highly considered for a dumb comment of the moment) saying like
"Nice to see all of the fame you've attained hasn't turned you into a raging egomaniac... Oh wait."

I guess i'll have to spell it out

the forums would have sections discussing videos, upcoming videos, possible videos/custom campaigns.

Then there'd be a video game section, a community board where you can talk about anything.


stuff like that.

time 4 new poll

guess it's time for a new poll, since my other one is kinda obsolete.

just wonderin, a kilplix forum, yay or nay? would you post there?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

good steamin

Streamed for a good 2 and a half hours, I even had my webcam on so everyone could see my reactions to the game.

May stream tomorrow night as well.

Dead Space TWO

I'll be streaming Dead Space 2 today, or tonight... I dunno when exactly, I'll TWEEEEEEET it when I start the stream, I'll also post the announcement on the kilplix fan group on STEAM, so if you're not in that group.. then wtf you doing? JOIN IT. i'll also embed the stream right HERE:

outdated =(

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Minecraft - My very first cave dive

This was recorded before all of my funny moments clips, it was the very first time I found a cave, I was getting really bored of the game and was about to quit until I came upon this cave.

so yeah, i'm extremely noob in this video, I don't know hardly anything about the game in this: