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Monday, February 21, 2011

Beat FEAR Extraction Point!

WHOOOEEE that one scared the freakin crap out of me! epic EPIC moment where I turned around and this cloaking enemys face is right in my face, I screamed, I screamed lots.

next up is Perseus Mandate, i'm told it's even scarier, wooooo!


  1. was good to watch... sadly I got limited bandwidth and had to close window before filling it up >.<...

    What really is annoying as just as I closed it something happen as Kilplix jumped over a hole... I think he fell in lol... a fear I had each time he leapt over those broken walkways...

  2. It's fun watching you play and freak out over the SHADOWS. xD

  3. It scared the crap out of me seeing that thing come out of no where. and you screaming made it worse.

  4. Man, that some Hee-Haw-Larious stuff x33
    loved every minute <3

  5. I am playing Perseus Mandate half of my gameplay was shooting now it is terrible horror and SHADOWS hahahaha........ and new things

    and btw this is not my name or is it?