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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Help Jonna get to E3!!

Jonna is with a podcast called the nerdyshow.

Usually, they're able to go to E3 no problem (and this would be Jonnas first time going), but this year the people in charge of giving permission used a site that displayed the websites hits incorrectly. So when analyzing the sites popularity and it showed they don't get many hits (which they actually do).

They can apply again, I think they have until April, so lets help these guys get some hits and hopefully the website they use will display these hits you guys give em.

the website is maybe check out the podcasts too, Jonnas in them!


  1. Will do... Would be neat to see E3 from her point of view.

  2. Their show is pretty good. I'd suggest listing to it to others. Only if they have a good amount of time though. The shows are quite long.