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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Experience with Surgeon Sim 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kilplix Plays The Walking Dead #7


Holy crap I'm remembering my dream last night.. it was SO weird

I was playing a game, I don't know what game it was. And like the original survivors from l4d suddenly just show up and all start following me creepy like. I remember even hitting RECORD with fraps because i was like WTF THIS ISNT EVEN A L4D GAME

Over time their appearances start to change all creepy like, like zoeys head started growing and anothers facial features started disappearing altogether.  And they'd start like approaching me as if they were going to do me harm or something and I'd just keep moving so they couldn't touch me.

Eventually they just looked all freaky as piss, all deformed and scary and the next time I looked they had knives in their hands and were smiling evil like and they started chasing me with the knives.

Funnily enough in the dream though I was thinking it was just some easter egg in the game I was playing or something.

Pretty dang weird regardless

Friday, April 26, 2013

Q&A Batch #206

I saw a while back where you posted about an infestation. Has that lightened up a bit? The ants and what not?
oh they're gone

Are you going to get trials evolution when it comes out on steam?

If you ever choose to stream L4D2 w/ Tate and Lavren again, might I suggest checking out the Kokiri Forest campaign?
it's been suggested many times, I dunno, I'm more into original stuff lately

what would you say your favorite game is
Chrono Trigger

u like marvel comics?
I used to read wolverine but don't read anything anymore

when is your birthday :3!?
oct 13

I've recently seen that you've been playing L.A. Noire in one of your streams. I don't know if you played through it and that makes me wonder if you are going to upload any footage of it on youtube?
Wasn't recent at all, was in MAY of 2012 or something like that, I didn't finish it, not my kind of game

Is tate basically ur best friend?

Do you watch roosterteeth's rage quit videos? They are funny as hell.
I've seen a few I think

Are You Gonna play Battlefield 4 ?
Prooobably eventually

When you started off on YouTube did you get people messaging you and being like if i subscribe to you will you do the same for me? and how can you get around that where they sub to you but you don't want to sub back?
I get sub 4 sub plz sometimes, they're dumb

So do u have skype *o*? hahahha ok no :(  Nikki R. Castro
I have skype, do you have skype? better yet, do you have a webcam? ;ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

hey kilplix, are you going to make any castle crashers videos?
I doubt it

What are your thoughts on the Fox Engine?
Looks pretty solid... LOL

What do you think of the occulus rift?
I hope to own one some day

Has Jinjo ever pooped on your head?
when he was very young, he hasn't for a long while

Battlefield 4 is coming, Are you going to pre-order it Austin?
I don't want to, I'm waiting for more details to come to light before I think about it

Was the Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain being the same game much of a surprise to you?
As of right now when answering this, Konami claims it's a separate game while Kojima says it's the same game, I don't think they're on the same page

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kilplix Plays Dark Souls #5 - Deaths 28

Jinjo meet Jonna

Q&A Batch 205

What happened with all the subscribers you have? You have the same amount and yet you get a fraction of the views! I've been around watching your videos since before the old BF2 videos and I don't understand why no one watches anymore.
That's just how it goes sometimes, most people with lots of subs don't get even half the views of the subs they have.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 4 with all the reveals and stuff coming along?
I think the "reveals" are retarded

What you think about Duke Nukem 3D?
great game

Which game do you think you will purchase next?
Probably bioshock infinite

Hi Kilplix! Have you ever considered playing The Darkness 1 (and 2)? Or have you played it already?
I might in the future

Are you going to buy Bioshock Infinite before Yakuza 4 and MG Rising Revengeance or after?
probably before

Any "celebration" plans when you reach 200 Q&A batches?
nothing planned really

Are you going to play Dead Space 3 co-op with Tate soon?
doubtful I will soon, maybe sometime in the future though

Can you drive a manual/stick-shift car?
I honestly don't think I've ever tried, I've driven a 4 wheeler that used a clutch so I'm sure I could

Here is my question/What's your favorite haiku?/Thanks for your answer
I don't have one =x

What is the song you use in your "Kilplix is streaming!!" video ? (You know, the Dead Space crashing alien one.)
It's from Chrono Chross, I forget which track

have you ever seen your lizard look at you and jinjo and you imagine the old days before jinjo
lol what

have you tried pissing upside down? cause i did and it ended up badly
sorry, I'm not as adventurous as you

What was that Japanese song that you were playing at the start of your stream on March 19th, as well as the one in Jinjo wants out? They're pretty catchy.
Black Mill lucid truth

Think you'll ever be getting to 90,001 subscribers? heck, maybe even 900,001?
lol no, 90K maybe in a few years but no way 900

I have stolen all the peanut butter in the world except for what you have in your pantry.....
No you haven't

Just for curious, do you have a relationship? :o  Nikki R. Castro
no, forever alone etc

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Q&A Batch #204

Do you remember your first day at school?

How many hours a day do you listen to music?
probably like 2

2 oranges + one banana or 2 meatballs + 1 sausage
eating an orange and banana with each other sounds kinda gross

Are you excited about the new movie of DBZ?
No, I'm honestly seriously all sick about it and dreading it, I wish it wouldn't have been made. Let the series remain a classic and quit milking it to complete annihilation

Hey Austin you need to edit that profile pic >.< Do you have battlefield 3 premium?
I don't have premium, too much imo

have you ever played the ship
I haven't but it looks really interesting

Have you played 'The House'

Can you eat spicy food?
I eat spicy food nearly every single day, yes

Have you built anything impressive? (other than a computer)
Not that I can think of, I really am terrible at building things, I hate it

What happened to THE EPIC ZONE? You're first minecraft recording world?
it's gone son, it's gone

Will KILPLOX ever return?

are there more amnesia vids to come in the future
Possibly though the new one may come out before I try more custom stuff

How's Florida?
It's alright but I never leave the apartment

Why are there hackers and why do they feel the need to hack?
simply to feel better than others

This probably won't get to you in time for the release, but you DO know that the L4D x RE6 is gonna be available in both games, right? Supposedly they're gonna add 3 of the zombies from resi to l4d as well as survivor mods, but that's just what I heard.
Yes I know it's in both games

Do you think that there'll be a Kilplix Plays Yakuza 3, since you played that game for like half a month?
I really doubt many people would want to watch that

The word you most shout when you're playing?
jam man dan cran pan

Which is your favorite ''Funny moments'' you ever made?
That's a tough one, I couldn't tell you honestly, too many that I like

Friday, April 19, 2013

Kilplix Plays Minecraft #21 - BOOTY SHAKIN

Favorite Songs #23

I just tweeted that the only albums I'm ever excited for are either Gorillaz, Weird Al or friggin DAFT PUNK.

And unless you've been under a rock, the new Daft Punk Album is coming out soon. They've already released their GET LUCKY song which  has started to destroy my brain because it's been stuck in there for like a week now.

Tate just showed me an EPIC remix of it today:

Also another remix from their Tron soundtrack of Derezzed, probably the best track on that OST other than the credits track.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Funny Moments #2

Q&A Batch #203

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
honestly, no freaking idea

on a scaleto 1 to 10 how much does jinjo poop on you

have you ever played any other gta gmesbesdesgta4
this made me lol

Just curious, will you ever upload your play through of Grey?
I don't have any plans to but I may reconsider

Would you want a dog or a cat?
I'd like both really but not in an apartment

Will you buy the new Walking Dead game (the one that looks like trash)?
Will u eat poop

Hello Austin, Which Dragonball Z Movie do you think is your favorite (EX: Broly, Revenge of Cooler, ect.)
Movie 12 with Janenmba I think is my fav, that or 13 with Tabion

Are you excited to see the new DBZ movie?
It makes me sick to my stomach and I wish it was never made but I'll watch it eventually

You've uploaded a good amount of videos lately about Jinjo, how about doing some for Sobi?
Cause he's BORING

kilplox where did you buy your keyboard?
I bought mine from some asian site since they dont sell this anymore, I got lucky and found one

Do you and Tate hope to one day actually meet in real life?
It'd be cool sure

Do you sometimes watch the Japanese version of DBZ and now you know the script pretty much off by heart think as you watch ''I understand what is being said'' Much curiosity, Curely
I don't know the script by heart no

What do you think of the return of the Nostalgia Critic?
I'm glad he did it

Does it bother you when people misspell words or use horrible grammar?
Pretty much since every single thing on the net now will show you if you misspell something

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hidden: Source Fun Game #25

Q&A Batch #202

Will you play more Amnesia?

How are doing?
eh kinda crappy

What game could you play for hours upon hours without getting bored?
depends on the mood

What would your reaction be if they made a sequel to Battlefield 2142 (considering you've already played that)?
wat, I never played 2142 lol, just BF2

What is your vision of the ideal Metal Gear game?
I don't know what I enjoyed the most, Loved all of them

Do you think that you'll ever visit Tate, or vice versa?
I don't know

Get many troll/retard questions?
Not TOO many but they're there for sure

Will you ever play OFF?

Do you know the best way to get rid of a fever quickly?
Google, no idea

I heard you mention being against DLC, but do you think that reverting to the old ways of Expansions would be better? My two cents: DLCs nowadays add only around 1 to 3 hours of gameplay whereas most expansions way back when added around 6+ hours of gameplay. I felt like my $10 was well spent that w
DLC is poop now, buy a shirt for 10 dollas

Hi Austin! Me and my boyfriend would like to know that if there are any games in the future that you are looking forward to? I mean like, some games that may be based of novels or movies. :)

what is your thoughts on life. Other than it sucks/is wasteful/not worth living in/pr anything related. Tell us what you've been up to dude.
I'm in a huge apathetic rut right now, not a good time to share thoughts on this

Have you seen Game Grumps, JonTron, or Continue? What is your opinion on them?
I like em

what is your opinium on: GTX 660/670, Battlefield 3 and the upcoming Battlefield 4?
670 is awesome, BF3 is cool, BF4 is wat

Hey Austin can you do more recording of Fatal Frame 2
I should, need a controller though

Awhile back you posted your most anticipated games of 2013 and I noticed there are no RTS games on there. Even with games like Company of Heroes 2 and Rome 2 Total war coming out. Are you a fan of any RTS games or are they not really your thing?
I am not a fan of RTS AT ALL, zero ZERO interest in that genre. the only RTS I ever played was Warcraft 2 and I had fun because of cheats itisagooddaytodie

What is the 8-bit song you use for when you upload a "Kilplix is Streaming" video? Or did Tate make it, if he made it, is there a link?
It's a megaman track

Earlier, in the chat, there was a bit of controversy over the fact of if you made money from Livestream ads, and, I'm curious, do you? I know you profit from YouTube ads on your videos, but, I'm still confused about Livestream.
I don't make money from livestream, I do on my blog though so it's always nice if you'd at least go to the blog link to direct to the website =d

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Q&A Batch #201

Will you try Dead Space 3 dlc Awakened? -Jab
Nah, at least not now, maybe way in the future. I don't like to support DLC, I've never accepted DLC from day one and rarely will I ever ever pay for it

If you could make a game of any company what would it be?
make a game OF a company? wat

who's that pokemon?

How long have you been a dbz fan
Since I was like 14

Whose your favorite Dynasty Warriors Character?
Def Xiaou Dun

You exited about Dark Souls 2?
Oh yes

What are a couple games that you believe deserve a sequel?

Have you played the updated version of Suicide Blitz on L4D2? It's completely different from when you played it on L4D1.
I think I did

Can i be your friend...? =(
you already are ;o

If Solid Snake and Batman fought, who do you think wouls win and why?

Was there any Call of Duty game that you actually enjoyed ?
I enjoyed long past ones and I enjoyed the MW ones fine enough

Do you like Nutella?
I.. don't even know what that is

Hey,did you want us fans to call ya kilplix as your username or just by your real name Austin?
Either is fine

I'm pretty sure you and tate have had some arguments and what have you.Is it the weirdest fight you ever had?Does he just doop derp flerfalhdab or something?
WE haven't had arguments, maybe a few disagreements but that's it

How good is your eyesight?
Not that great at all, need glasses when driving

Would you play Team Fortress 2?
I have