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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Q&A Batch #196

I should, just been lazy

It was an alright game, pretty average but okay

I own it

What have you been tweeting me? I usually check everything I'm tweeted

I used to when I had more friends, not so much now since Tate just swears lol

I have tried them

They can be

Maybe Bender

Name a few movies you can watch over and over?
Back to the Future series, Indiana Jones, Hellboy 2, Star Wars

What country's foods do you like the most?
Mexico, Japan

Are you good at drawing?
Used to be, not so sure anymore

Can you recommend anything to read?
Haven't read in ages, I suck

Heyyyy Kilplix, now that you're using a new website to answer questions, may I start you off? How are you enjoying Dead Space? Would you want to play it again but with a co-op buddy at any point?
I'm sure in the future I'll replay it with a friend

What is your favorite salad?
Chicken salad at subway mmmmmmmmmmmmm

I recently got into the closed beta from Warframe. Any tips?
shoot tings and swing sworded

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