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Friday, April 12, 2013

Q&A Batch #200

200.. WOW, that's a LOT of questions asked and answered!

Here's a vid of Sobi dancing

Do you have a playlist for your little random videos you do for example I hate crane machines,the batman rage one and the small gta ones you do when you fail at the races, oh the riddick one with the button mashing. I just wondered if you made a playlist for them?
No I haven't, I dunno what I'd call the playlist if I made one like that

If you could change one game, which would it be and how?
The game of life, I'd change it so I could be loved =(

Which do you prefer? An open world game like Skyrim? Or a FPS like COD or Battlefield. (Or maybe both :P) - Hellreaver
Both are fine, I prefer the openess more though

Do you go on 4chan? If so, which boards?
/v/ often and /adv/ when i'm on the toilet lol

Was wondering how/where you came across the apartment your in? Reason i ask is i have to move from my place and its driving me nuts. So far used craiglist, realtor, Century21, and those free books at the supermarkets. Thanks for any help/ideas
Craigslist is what I used

I'm starting to release my own gaming videos like you, how can I get myself noticed?
be original, entertaining, that's about all the advice I can give

Do you think you'll ever get around to finishing Peace Walker, then? Hope you had a nice day.
hope so

I have been bullied countless times at school and yet i'm 19 how the fuck do i handle this stress.They pick on me just cause i play games and draw and freaking be myself...I watch your vids and i like your style man.I bet you try hard everyday.So it gives me inspiration to try hard everyday.
whenever I was bullied in school I'd do my best to completely ignore them, if they don't get a reaction out of you they'll get bored of you and move on

You said you liked star wars and I was wondering if you would play any of their latest games.Or any old ones.
I'm sure I will


remember...If you are ever alone you can always suck your own dick :D
I aint that flexible

How are you enjoying that new GTX 670?!?! I imagine it's pretty nice.
pretty dang awesome yeah

Have you play the original devil may cry 1, 2, 3, 4? Will you be playing in live stream?
Played 1, 3 and a little of 4, I'll probably stream 4 sometime

Hey Mr. Austin, I think you already know about dead space 3 awakaned. Will you be playing in live-stream or playing in private?
don't really care about dlc

Terve (Hello), Austin. How are you? I'd like to ask, what do you think about Finland? As a side note: Max Payne 1&2 and Alan Wake were developed by Finnish game houses (Not even gonna mention Angry Birds)... I'd like to thank you from making such entertaining videos, they really shined my mood after
never thought about finland

Have you watched the anime tengen toppa gurren laggan. Or seen Negima or negima?! yes their different one has more action and funny but they are good ones if you have not yet watched them,
I've seen gurren laggan, it's not bad

Have you ever played any of the older Tomb Raider games and have you thought about streaming them if you played them again?
I honestly haven't really played any of the previous tomb raiders, I've seen friends and brother play them though

What do you prefer: walking or riding a bike?
I haven't ridden a bike in so long, I miss it, I guess I'd prefer that

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