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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Q&A Batch 205

What happened with all the subscribers you have? You have the same amount and yet you get a fraction of the views! I've been around watching your videos since before the old BF2 videos and I don't understand why no one watches anymore.
That's just how it goes sometimes, most people with lots of subs don't get even half the views of the subs they have.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 4 with all the reveals and stuff coming along?
I think the "reveals" are retarded

What you think about Duke Nukem 3D?
great game

Which game do you think you will purchase next?
Probably bioshock infinite

Hi Kilplix! Have you ever considered playing The Darkness 1 (and 2)? Or have you played it already?
I might in the future

Are you going to buy Bioshock Infinite before Yakuza 4 and MG Rising Revengeance or after?
probably before

Any "celebration" plans when you reach 200 Q&A batches?
nothing planned really

Are you going to play Dead Space 3 co-op with Tate soon?
doubtful I will soon, maybe sometime in the future though

Can you drive a manual/stick-shift car?
I honestly don't think I've ever tried, I've driven a 4 wheeler that used a clutch so I'm sure I could

Here is my question/What's your favorite haiku?/Thanks for your answer
I don't have one =x

What is the song you use in your "Kilplix is streaming!!" video ? (You know, the Dead Space crashing alien one.)
It's from Chrono Chross, I forget which track

have you ever seen your lizard look at you and jinjo and you imagine the old days before jinjo
lol what

have you tried pissing upside down? cause i did and it ended up badly
sorry, I'm not as adventurous as you

What was that Japanese song that you were playing at the start of your stream on March 19th, as well as the one in Jinjo wants out? They're pretty catchy.
Black Mill lucid truth

Think you'll ever be getting to 90,001 subscribers? heck, maybe even 900,001?
lol no, 90K maybe in a few years but no way 900

I have stolen all the peanut butter in the world except for what you have in your pantry.....
No you haven't

Just for curious, do you have a relationship? :o  Nikki R. Castro
no, forever alone etc

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