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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Q&A Batch #204

Do you remember your first day at school?

How many hours a day do you listen to music?
probably like 2

2 oranges + one banana or 2 meatballs + 1 sausage
eating an orange and banana with each other sounds kinda gross

Are you excited about the new movie of DBZ?
No, I'm honestly seriously all sick about it and dreading it, I wish it wouldn't have been made. Let the series remain a classic and quit milking it to complete annihilation

Hey Austin you need to edit that profile pic >.< Do you have battlefield 3 premium?
I don't have premium, too much imo

have you ever played the ship
I haven't but it looks really interesting

Have you played 'The House'

Can you eat spicy food?
I eat spicy food nearly every single day, yes

Have you built anything impressive? (other than a computer)
Not that I can think of, I really am terrible at building things, I hate it

What happened to THE EPIC ZONE? You're first minecraft recording world?
it's gone son, it's gone

Will KILPLOX ever return?

are there more amnesia vids to come in the future
Possibly though the new one may come out before I try more custom stuff

How's Florida?
It's alright but I never leave the apartment

Why are there hackers and why do they feel the need to hack?
simply to feel better than others

This probably won't get to you in time for the release, but you DO know that the L4D x RE6 is gonna be available in both games, right? Supposedly they're gonna add 3 of the zombies from resi to l4d as well as survivor mods, but that's just what I heard.
Yes I know it's in both games

Do you think that there'll be a Kilplix Plays Yakuza 3, since you played that game for like half a month?
I really doubt many people would want to watch that

The word you most shout when you're playing?
jam man dan cran pan

Which is your favorite ''Funny moments'' you ever made?
That's a tough one, I couldn't tell you honestly, too many that I like

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