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Friday, April 26, 2013

Q&A Batch #206

I saw a while back where you posted about an infestation. Has that lightened up a bit? The ants and what not?
oh they're gone

Are you going to get trials evolution when it comes out on steam?

If you ever choose to stream L4D2 w/ Tate and Lavren again, might I suggest checking out the Kokiri Forest campaign?
it's been suggested many times, I dunno, I'm more into original stuff lately

what would you say your favorite game is
Chrono Trigger

u like marvel comics?
I used to read wolverine but don't read anything anymore

when is your birthday :3!?
oct 13

I've recently seen that you've been playing L.A. Noire in one of your streams. I don't know if you played through it and that makes me wonder if you are going to upload any footage of it on youtube?
Wasn't recent at all, was in MAY of 2012 or something like that, I didn't finish it, not my kind of game

Is tate basically ur best friend?

Do you watch roosterteeth's rage quit videos? They are funny as hell.
I've seen a few I think

Are You Gonna play Battlefield 4 ?
Prooobably eventually

When you started off on YouTube did you get people messaging you and being like if i subscribe to you will you do the same for me? and how can you get around that where they sub to you but you don't want to sub back?
I get sub 4 sub plz sometimes, they're dumb

So do u have skype *o*? hahahha ok no :(  Nikki R. Castro
I have skype, do you have skype? better yet, do you have a webcam? ;ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

hey kilplix, are you going to make any castle crashers videos?
I doubt it

What are your thoughts on the Fox Engine?
Looks pretty solid... LOL

What do you think of the occulus rift?
I hope to own one some day

Has Jinjo ever pooped on your head?
when he was very young, he hasn't for a long while

Battlefield 4 is coming, Are you going to pre-order it Austin?
I don't want to, I'm waiting for more details to come to light before I think about it

Was the Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain being the same game much of a surprise to you?
As of right now when answering this, Konami claims it's a separate game while Kojima says it's the same game, I don't think they're on the same page

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