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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Q&A Batch #199

Are you planning on playing any Ginal Fantasy games? If so, I suggest you play Final Fantasy X (for the PS2, though).
If I do it'll be 9

Does Dead Space scare you?
Not really just surprise me with jump scares

Did you see wreck it ralph?
Yeah it was pretty good

What is your favorite part of the day?
Probably dinner time

Which games need to take a break from releases, in your opinion?
the annual crap like CoD and Assassins Creed

Will you ever play Metroid Fusion on your stream? I personally love the game and I would love to see how you would do.
maybe some day

do u hate gays?
lol no wtf

What is you're favorite Star Wars movie and game?
Fav movie... hm.. maybe return of the jedi, game? uhhh wow.. I have no idea.. Shadows of the Empire, Jedi knight Jedi Academy, republic commando.. probably others I cant think of

Austin are you a fan of the Star Wars franchise?
Of course

Have your neighbors ever complained about your screaming?
Not yet

What's your opinion on the Kingdom Hearts series?
I enjoyed what I played of 1 but never played them all the way through

Do you believe that what ever happens to a fan effect you?
I sure hope not else I'd be like =D D= =O =d =l randomly through out the day

Do you own any handheld game systems?
owned most the gameboys but don't have a 3DS

Do you plan on watching The Hobbit at some point?
yeah of course

What's the next scary game you plan on playing after Dead Space 3?
Dead Space 3 is far from scary, I don't know what horror games I'll play in the future

Would you ever consider playing games like qwop,impossible game,surgeon simulator or do you not care for those little games as much? i think they're called flash games.
I've played plenty of flash games, I'm sure i'll stream some again in the future

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