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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kilplix Plays Minecraft #9 - Build dat house


I'm not going to go into detail but 2011 was the absolute worst year of my entire life bar none. It's hard to reflect upon it because of how absolutely horrid it was.

The only good I can say about the year is that it made me progress as a person more than I have in the course of 10 years. I got jobs that make great income, I made the decision to move to Florida, with hardly any support from family and friends I did it all by myself, I drove across the country by myself, learned countless new things about being an independent person. I lived in a small room with fleas biting me all over for a month and went out and found an apartment by myself.

Pretty much in the course of a few months I went from living at home with my parents, not knowing how to even do my own laundry to living across the country and supporting myself alone.

Alone... that's been the real kicker. I'm so alone guys, I know I have the support of all of my fans, and I do not ignore you guys in the least, but I would like real life friends to spend time with, to hang out with and go to movies with, play games at my apartment.

I have never in my entire life been this alone, been this lonely. Christmas day was misery, worst christmas of my life.

My biggest enemy is simply myself, I haven't been happy in a long, long time, I've struggled with depression pretty much my entire life and it affects everything, it hinders so much and pushes many people away. Despite my many accomplishments I tend to ignore it all and just focus on all of the bad, my mind tends to have self destructive behaviors.

No more.

I've missed out on a lot of life because of it, this move to Florida was the biggest step of my life, I'm not any happier, hardly. But it's a step.

2012 cannot be any worse than 2011, that's for certain. I have recognized and identified my many shortcomings and I am taking the steps to change them.

I really think 2012 is the year my life takes a turn for the better.

Thank you all for your constant support and love, I get a lot (and I mean A LOT) of hate on youtube anymore and it will always bother me, but I absolutely adore the close group of fans that continue to support me.

I promise you, but mostly I promise myself, next Christmas, next new year I will be surrounded by friends and loved ones and I will not be this alone again.

What did you guys do for new years? I spent it here in the apartment watching mythbusters in my underwear.

Friday, December 30, 2011

top freakouts dec 2011

Magfest is a no go...

My buddy who was going to go can't, and that means I'd have to pay for nearly everything, I took my car to a shop to get inspected to see if it's alright with making the trip, save some money from renting a car. I dropped my car off and walked an hour to home, when I got home I realized they had the keys to the house, so I turned right back and walked another hour back. He showed me some cracks in the belts and hoses, replacement would cost like 300, which is pretty much what renting a car would cost.

I've been pretty dead set on going to this, so excited to see all these amazing people, meet new people, finally have Harleigh moving in.

It's just too much on my wallet though, I've come to the decision it's best not to go.

I'm more than a little disappointed.

Shouldn't have made the magfest post to begin with, sorry about that.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kilplix Plays Skyrim #27 - Ceiling bear watches you hyperventilate


So there's this convention that happens every year called Magfest, I've always wanted to go, it's a convention all about video game MUSIC, all the big named video game bands will be there. but the show stealer this year...

OBOU UEMATSU IS GOING, if you don't know who that is, he is the man that has done pretty much every Final Fantasy track WORTH listening to, man is a legend.

Other mention-able people that are going to be there is The Angry Video Game Nerd along with Egorapter.

So I've been just dying to go pretty much. I finally came up with a crazy quick plan, the convention is next Thursday. I'm going to drive to get Tate, we're then going to Magfest and then coming back home where Tate can finally move in.

I really don't want to take my car because the poor thing's been through enough so I'm going to look into renting a car, the prices are actually pretty reasonable. A buddy of mine (A friend of Jonna's that I've become friends with) is most likely going along with too, so it should be a really enjoyable experience.

Money is always an issue with crap like this, especially after dumping SOOO much into moving into this apartment. I actually got a very generous donation today which will DEF help with this trip, thank you David!

Of course I plan on recording as much as I can, should be a lot more entertaining with other people.

it takes 14 hours to get to Tates place, then 10 hours to get to Magfest, then it'll be another 13 or 14 to get back to Florida, eugh! will be sooo nice to have company this time though.

Wish us luck peeps, anyone else in that area that are going to be going??

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kilplix Plays Skyrim #24 - So THAT'S why nobody see's the Greybeards

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a good Christmas.

Not gonna sugarcoat it, I'm completely alone on Christmas this year, I don't have anyone to spend it with. In fact the last few days have been the loneliest days of my life and it's been really hard, I really miss my loved ones.

I really should have waited until around the time Tate was ready to move, I really can't say anything all that great about being here up to this point, it's been nothing but an uphill battle mentally, though on the flip-side I'd have probably been just as bad back home.

I'm not going to ignore you guys though, back in the day when I'd get a message of someone saying I inspire them or something similar to that I'd shrug it off, not that I didn't appreciate it or anything but I'd look at it as them idolizing the Kilplix of youtube, not Austin. If they knew the real me then they wouldn't be saying it, so I'd sort of shrug off all inspirational and complimenting messages.

Now though I really take notice of such messages and appreciate them a lot more, it's good to see that I'm making whatever little differences I may be making while I'm sitting here alone in this apartment.

Truly, thank you guys. Your support and kind words help comfort this lonely heart. I promise this will be the loneliest Christmas of my life, all future ones will be better than this.

Now, what did you all get for Christmas?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kilplix Plays Skyrim #21 - I HATE SWITCHES!!

Random Favorite Songs #12

Just found this amazing artist DJ Okawari, I'm completely in love with his stuff. I've always been a sucker for piano + awesome beats (see Gorillaz Clint Eastwood).

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kilplix's Top Freak-Outs November 2011

A new series I want to do, at the end of every month I'll do a top freak outs video, should be a good series I think


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kilplix Plays Skyrim #15 - OH YEAH!! THERE'S DRAGONS IN THIS GAME!

Dumb comment of the moment Dec 8 2011

I don't know why but I get these fairly often... where they ask me to gift them a game... like what the heck goes through someones head to think "O DIS GUY HAS YOOTOOB VIDEOZ SO DAT MEANZ HE'LL GIFT ME GAMEZ"

hey kilplix i was wondering if u could gift me l4d to my steam so i could actually meet you in real life .please would u gift me the game please u could get the l4d 4 pack and send 1 to me please i am am your biggest fan ive even seen all your youtube vids. so if u could gift me this game . i will give u my

account name: CENSORED
please dont hack my emails: CENSORED
if there r any probs send a message back to me if u dont want 2 its k

Freaking frick... some people

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Random Favorite song #11

This jem is sung by none other than the legendary man whom every person adores: Jackie Chan.

sung at the end of Armor of god/operation condor

Kilplix Plays Minecraft #7 - MINECRAFT ONE POINT OHHHHHhhHH

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Apartment in T minus 8 days

Today I did a lot of crap regarding the apartment, I called the electric company and internet company to schedule them to get set up the day I move in, I mailed the first months rent (760) and I went and got my copy of the lease as well.

I'm buying a few more things from the lady too: a desk, TV stand and some lamps. Turns out the living room doesn't have a ceiling light so I figured 5 bucks for some lamps would be nice to illuminate the place. She gave me a freebie since I've bought so much from her: a nice air mattress that sits off the ground, coolio.

So far I've dumped 1750 dollars into the apartment with the deposit, rent, and the furniture and what not that I bought from the lady.

I've spent so so much money recently it makes me sick, with the car bill (575) and all the apartment stuff, this youtube partnership couldn't have come at a better time, it's really helping and I hope it stays consistent along with the transcription work.

The transcription work was getting so heavy that I got my boss to hire Tate and my sister to transcribe as well, there were like 10 files to do for days and days, I made a nice amount doing a bunch then but it's been pretty barren lately so I hope it picks up again.

8 more days of this little hot room and I'll finally have my own place, my own kitchen, bathroom, living room, 40 MB DL 5 MB UP internet, cannot wait.

Sure will be lonely though, especially around Christmas time, will be all by myself.

Kilplix Plays Elder Scrolls Skyrim #8 - Bleak Faaaallllls

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hidden: Source - Fun Game #6

Car problems... again...

feel like I'm about to vomit.. My car has been having issues starting lately so I took it to a mechanic, the distributor is bad apparently and the price to fix it is 525 dollars...


I'm almost paying as much as I paid for the actual car itself (600)

And I have to pay rent in a few days for the new apartment, 760... got to activate electricity and internet too..

money gods help me now

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dumb comment of the moment Nov 9 2011

Message on facebook:

"Hey austin do you know kilplix?"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Favorite Song #10

Loving this song, hits me quite personally.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Found a great apartment

I found an awesome apartment a few weeks ago, I knew it was the one for some reason the moment I saw it on craigslist.

After communicating with the current person living there, then talking to the landlord and all that, I signed the lease and paid the deposit, so it's all settled.

I'll be moving in on December 1st, so I have to stick with this place for a whole month which I'm not too happy about, but I guess that'll make the apartment all the sweeter when I finally get to move in.

It's a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment with a nice sized living room, the bedrooms are well sized too.

The lady living there currently is selling me her couches, microwave and dressers for nice prices.

Tate will be moving here sometime in January.

Can't wait to finally have my own place, let's just hope my income stays consistent, splitting all the bills between us should make it way easier on our wallets though.

Call Of Duty MW 2 - Spec Ops FAIL

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Me and Tate got our own BF3 server.

So we're trying out a BF3 server, I announced it tonight and a bunch of fans joined in and we played a few good hours, I streamed it too. mostly good games but it got a bit too laggy later on for some reason.

anyway the server is up at all times, so if you got BF3 click the link to join the server, you'll most likely be seeing us in there often.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amnesia: Justine - Kilplix freaks the FRICK OUT

This was from my stream a billion years ago, should get it up for Halloweeeeen.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

60K subscribers! Meet Jed salvaged footage #1!

Meet Jed pretty much went to crap and never came to be. But I/we put a ton of effort into the footage that we did do so I'm finally going to be releasing all the footage I have over time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First full day here..

I went to The Thing this morning, then went and got a few groceries, then went to Hooters to get some food and came back "home". took my whole day, got home at like 5.

ate dinner on this air mattress.

I'm really, really miserable right now, it's too freaking hot and humid in my room.. this is like THE BIGGEST FREAKING REASON I want my own place, so I can turn the AC on whenever the frick I want. I'm drenched right now in sweat, and all I did was hang my clothes up, I don't even want to move.

I need to set my PC up and crap so I can edit my trip and stuff, and play PC games, have SOMETHING to do while here..

Monday, October 17, 2011

So who actually lives in the Orlando area???

Any of ya'll live in or around Orlando?

Day 4 over, finally here.

Pretty much the same as yesterday, I got up at 6:30AM and I arrived here at 5:40ish

Long freaking drive yet again, but I'm finally here.

The room is bigger than my old one so that's good, the air mattress I bought is way too freaking big though, It's for like 2 people.

I brought in all my important and valuable stuff today, i'll get the rest through out the days.

The guy and his son are very nice people, I like them. I don't really like this place though, they have 3 dogs that never stop yapping outside, they're nice and all, but they stink bad and yap yapyapyapouapouap

He also told me the bathroom is pretty much mine except for in the early mornings when his son gets up for work, other than that they both use a different bathroom, plus I have a full sized fridge of my own.

But again, I don't like it for one fact: it's not MY place, I have this little room and that's it, I want my own place where it's just me and I can do whatever the crap I want.

I'll be looking for a place now to move, an apartment, so I shouldn't have to be here long, there's a problem with that though, Tate is moving here in January... so I wonder what apartment would even let me rent out a place for 2 months, most require a lease, I'll just look around I guess..

Tomorrow I'm going out to get groceries, going to see THE THING as well, will be the first time I went to a movie by myself, guess I better get used to it... hope I can make some friends soon to hang out with though..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 2 and 3 ugh

Saturday October 15th 2011
6:50 PM

I sure hope today was the worst day I'm going to have..

It started off just fine, drove for a few hours.

I'd been using my signal the entire time when switching lanes etc, but then I decided hey, I'm in the middle of nowhere, I can get lazy.

On top of that I was doing 90..

I check my rear view mirror...

cop with lights flashing.

So yeah 124 dollar ticket there, for some reason he decided to search my car for a bit too.

I honestly didn't care much, whatever, worse can happen.

So sometime later one of the roads the GPS said to go on was closed, completely closed, I tried going another way, GPS just led me back to that road, I drove for like 15 mins, turned, gps took me onto a dirt road, drove that for a while

I end up at the same blocked road.

I end up just driving blind for an hour or so, I come to a bridge crossing the Missouri river.

The bridge is under construction..

another good hour wasting time driving about there.

I drive a good 30 mins blindly yet again, GPS leads me to..

another blocked road..

I drove a long long time, finally took a path the GPS told me to go, finally finally was on the right path.

A good 3 hours wasted there, freaking destroyed me mentally and physically.

I tell myself I'll stop at the next motel.

This motel sucks.. so.. bad..

no wireless..

bathroom is like the size of a shower.


It's just crap, and I NEED the freaking internet.. I wanted to check maps and email people.

If I move my phone JUUUST right I can get my 3g... better than nothing I guess.

I really hope tomorrow is better than today

Sunday October 16th 2011
6:49 PM

Today was completely uneventful which is much, much better than yesterday. I drove 12 freaking hours today though, my hands hurt from holding the steering wheel, I had to hold my leg down with my hand to keep pressing the gas, I was going crazy

drove through a lot, Chicago, Tennessee, Illinois, others...

I'm so freaking exhausted, tomorrow I have only 9 ½ hours of driving so says mapquest, almost there, one more day.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 1 done

Man Wyoming is the most boring, depressing, crap state in the world, Nebraska isn't really any better, at least it's green though, had some awesome rolling hills too.

Wyoming was nothing but plains, deserts, hills. No towns, no cities, just nothingness, for hours and hours and hundreds of miles it was nothing, abandoned and boarded up gas stations littered the side of the roads, there were countless pull off areas for truckers, just pull offs with nothing there.

Nebraska was awesome at first, awesome looking rolling hills, reminded me of pics of China.

Then it got boring, flat green farm lands, then night came and I couldn't see a freaking thing.. for a few hours I drove at night, I ended up doing 90-95 for a long while because I just wanted to get to the hotel.

It took 11 hours to get there, freaking 11 hours... two more hours than google maps estimated. I'm seriously going to stop at a Hotel the second I get tired now, I don't care how many days it takes, don't care how many hotels I have to stay at.

The Hotel is awesome though, 54 bucks for tonight? Epic. I wont want to leave in the morning, I'm so comfy and at peace.

While my car made it just fine, I was paranoid the entire time, every sounds or thunk or jerk would immediately trigger my paranoia mode and I'd stress out for a good 50 miles over if there was something wrong with the car.

Going to be getting up as early as I can tomorrow so I don't have to drive at night again, it's not fun driving in like pitch blackness in unfamiliar territory, especially since there's like NO towns or cities around for hundreds of miles, no lights to guide you.

One AWESOME thing about that area though, it's so high up, clouds are like so low, and at night I was completely blown away by the moon.

the moon at this altitude, it looked like it was like hovering above the ground in the distance, and it was blood red..i t was intense, I kept thinking it was fake or something, like someone had a big moon sign or something, freaking awesome, I recorded it but you cant even tell at all on the video gosh dang it.

Sobis been in hibernation mode, I tried giving him water just now and he's just bluhh, I put him under the laptop right now to warm him up.

My body aaaches, can't wait to sleep, gonna hate waking up.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busy day

Only up until a few hours ago I've been completely busy and on the move.

Day started out with me taking down all my posters and packing them up.

I then went to walmart and bought fluids for my car.

Came home and vacuumed and cleaned my car all nice and good, looks great.

Sorted out what I'm going to be doing with Sobi, He's gonna be in a box in the front passenger side floor with a screen top thingy. I cleaned his giant 80 gallon tank out and had my dad help me carry it downstairs and put it into my car, I found out that boxes fit nicely in the tank, so it wont be just taking up room, it'll be a nice chest.

I put some boxes in, mostly games and dvds, also my swords and figurines, mini vacuum etc etc

I disassembled my shelf and laptop table and put them in the car.

Got all the consoles unplugged, got a huge bag of freaking cords and wires.

Counted change I've had in this jar where I throw all my change in, was about 22 bucks since I emptied it out last year for my trip to visit Jonna, was like 150 bucks in change then haha.

My room is such a mess now, I have Sobi in a giant plastic tub thingy, he's giving me the stink eye for that.

All of my crap should fit, but barely, I'll take apart my computer desk Thursday and pack in my giant PC, monitor, keyboard etc etc. So we'll see how things fit then.

My car is going to be so freaking weighed down, more gas to spend.. bluh..

Dunno what I'm going to do tomorrow, maybe just relax a bit, maybe move more crap, dunno yet.

All I know is I have a feakin headache =/

BF3 Beta Funny Moments N Highlights

Monday, October 10, 2011

4 days left

Well, I have 4 days left here before I take the big trek across the country to Florida.

A few days ago some friends came over to play some smash bros, sort of a going away thingy for me.

I didn't expect much but for some reason I had an absolute blast that whole night, it was great.  And now I'm realizing stuff I'll be missing when I'm gone.

I also met up with my boss for the second time a week ago, he's a great guy and he really really likes me and the work i've done, he jokingly begged me not to leave haha.

I also just now realized that I'm not going to have a freaking chair when I move, I'll have to buy some cheap lawn chair or some crap for my computer when I get there for a temporary chair. has this 260 dollar computer chair on sale for 130! ugh! want!  someone get it for me for my birthday (which is thursday by the way).


I'm trying to just wrack my brain over things to NOT forget, trying to decide what to leave behind and have mailed to me when I get an apartment and what all to take with me in my car.

I'm honestly looking forward to the drive, I love driving honestly, and I love going out for a drive all the time.  and I've been in the mood to do it so this should be pretty pleasant, just a man and his thoughts.

the only thing that makes me nervous is my car breaking down or some crap, if I didn't have that to worry about I'd be completely stress free about it all.

A few other things bother me too, living with strangers for one (but i'm going to find a place of my own asap), and I'm going to be pretty gosh dang alone/lonely out there, here I at least have family to talk to.  There I'll pretty much have no one other than a few online friends.  hopefully it'll get better over time though.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some nice games tonight

Here's a pic of some of my scores from tonight, 23/1? that's my best yet.

BF3 Beta - Awesome game

Friday, October 7, 2011

How to play and how NOT to play BF3 Beta

There's a very lovely part that I had fun editing, I bet you can guess which =P

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So how are you guys doing?

I got me a little carrying cage for Sobi for when I stop at hotels on the trip, I also got him some mealworms, gave him some today and he loooves them.

I asked the guy to take the big bed out of my room I'm moving into so that I can use my air mattress and lean it up against the wall during the day, that way I hopefully will have room to work out.

Been prepping for the move quite a bit, I got a new bank account today, since the one I've been using my whole life is only based in Utah, I need one that's international. I also applied for a credit card so I can finally start building credit.

Got a USB wireless hub for internet when I'm there, works dang good too.

started boxing up my movies and games, I really wont be able to take everything with me, I'm going to box everything and see what will fit and what I want to bring with, when I get an apartment of my own I'll have my family mail the other boxes to me.

been dling a lot of music for the drive, will need it.

Mapping out my route, finding what Hotels I'll be staying at.

Updated my GPS.

Edited parts 2 and 3 of Dead Rising Funny Moments (they're way better than part one)

spent most the day the other day editing this video "How to play and how NOT to play BF3 Beta" I think it's great.

Been watching Cinemassacres monster madness, That's James Rolfes website aka the angry video game nerd, I highly recommend watching that series, and watch last years too, it's gold.

Need to get motivation to finish up Deus Ex already.. I hate that I do that.. just haven't been feeling all that great lately unfortunately and that always affects motivation to do anything.

I try to keep as busy as I can but when night time comes I just lose all motivation to do anything and I sit here and just feel like crap, I drew a picture the other day to represent how much I just don't like night time now Night used to be my favorite time but now it's just a bunch of thinking and thinking, it's pretty lonely lately.

I'm very glad I have you guys to motivate me to continue to do what I do though.

Hopefully things will get better sooner than later. I'll keep climbing that hill, don't you doubt. No matter how many times I fall down it, I wont give up.

Speaking of, I'm going to share this music video. It has been one of my favorite songs AND videos of all time because of just what it represents, it hits me personally on so very many levels, and the thing about the video is I'm sure it does the same for majority of you out there too. I love this song and video, and again as it shows, don't stop climbing.

Kilplix Plays Minecraft Episode 6

Monday, October 3, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Movin for sure this time!! Also a new Poll!

I settled things with a guy, I even paid him in advance. So it's pretty settled that I'm moving now.

Going to be leaving the 14th, the day after my birthday.

Again wish me luck on the drive, that's what worries me most!

what sucks about this place though is I'm renting some guys room in his house, but it'll do for now, at least I can actively GO OUT and search for places when I'm there and prove I'm legit to everyone, so it should be much easier finding a place of my own.

I really REALLLY appreciate the donations SO SO much guys, it will seriously pay for my entire drive there (gonna be like freaking 1K dollars in gas and hotel stays). I'll try and record as much crap as I can to make a video to document the whole thing, and I'll be able to officially thank all you wonderful people for the donations in the video too.

Love you guys! I seriously am blessed to have such wonderful people as fans, and I'm not JUST talking about those who donated either, I mean ALL OF YOU! I love you!

ALSO! as for the new Poll, you dressing up for Halloween? If so then say what you're dressing up as in the comments!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta - Caspian Border Match

should be up in a few hours, currently uploading

and holy crap this is simply amazing, this is what battlefield games are about right here: 64 player chaos

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta- Kilplix's First Game

This is currently uploading, going to bed, should be done in an hour or so.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Everyone playing BF3 Beta but me..

So there's a super early Beta access for people who bought BF3 through the stupid ORIGIN..

WHICH I DID... along with Tate..

So tates been playing the beta all day, I haven't received my beta code yet..

thanks, EA.. thanks.

BC2 Fun Game #22

Kill Spree music in Fun Game #21

Tis a good ol OC remix

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dumb comment of the moment SEPT 25 2011

There's a comment on my BC2 Funny Moments video, says:

"This is so much funnier than your other BC2 videos."

It has like 10 thumbs up..

I don't think I can facepalm enough from that one...

Let's see here... A bunch of videos of Fun and cool games with kill sprees and what not, orrrrr a collection of FUNNY MOMENTS mashed together into a montage called FUNNY MOMENTS...


Bad Company 2 Fun Game #21

Thursday, September 22, 2011

BF Bad Company 2 Funny Moments

lets add some icing to that crap

so on top of the lovely news of the whole no apartment thing, it looks like my video card might be dying. wasnt working with any games,i unplugged it and plugged it back in, seems to be working for now.. lets hope that 6 month old 350 dollar thing doesn't die on me..

So I'm not moving after all...

I just got a call today, the stupid lady rented the place out to someone else... so I'm now back to square one.

I'm pretty upset.. I was mentally prepared to move next week, I was making plans, I was ready.. I thought I had a decent place.. now it's nothing..

back to nothing

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

well.. it's settled.. I'm moving next week

I found a place finally, contacted the person and we worked it out, I'm moving there Friday, I'll probably leave Tuesday or Wed (Since it takes like three days to get there..)

Obviously second thoughts are bombarding me: You sure you want to? Will my car make it? Can I really afford it and support myself?

But I push em aside, I NEED this, I need the energy, the positivity of complete independence to rejuvenate me. I need to be in an active area, where I can go to many places.

I just need it.

Wish me luck heartily guys, mostly that my car makes the drive..

Bad Company 2 Fun Game #20

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Youtube Partnership

People are always asking WHY NOT PARTNER WITH YOUTUBE or MACHINIMA and etc etc... well here's the thing.

I've had machinima contact me many times, to partner with them would require me however to remove all videos with copyrighted content.. such as music... like my kilplix killsprees, montages etc etc.

And I simply refused to be limited to that, so I never accepted any partership.

a month or so ago though, I got an offer from a company, advertising one I think, something like that.

I told them my videos are all video game content, and that I'd refuse to remove vids with copyrighted material.

Well.. they said that's okay! Just don't place ads on those videos, and all of my videogame videos are OKAY!

So today, officially I am now partnered with FullScreen. I'm very excited and hope this can help out a lot in my move to Florida, bills and expenses etc, we'll see.

Now I need to make a banner and a new background.. hmm...

Monday, September 19, 2011

BC2 Fun Game #19!

3 kill sprees in one game!! FRIIICK!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gosh frickin dang it...

I'm getting really freaking upset here, I need a place NOW to move to in Florida, I've contacted like 10 people in the last 2 days in regards to renting a room or apartment or whatever there, no one's giving me a chance.

The part that's upsetting me the most though.. It's nearing winter.. I canNOT drive across the country in the winter time.. I just couldn't.. so I'm running out of time here..

Anyone got any ideas? anyone in florida GOT A HOUSE TO GIVE ME?!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Song in my BC2 Sneak Peak video

The music in the BC2 sneak peak vid is a DOOM remix of the E1M9 level, I don't remember where I got the track, long ago I went all around the net getting doom remixes so I have no idea.

I'll upload the track though, Download it here:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random Favorite Song #9

How have I not put this one in here yet!? I can listen to this sucker on repeat for hours, I love love love the feeling it gives me

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Try this demo, you wont regret it

This new game coming out called Warhammer 40K: Space marines is an absolute blast. Try it out, it's on steam!

Here's clips of my first play of the demo

Hidden fun game #4

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some of the wisest and most inspirational words I've ever been given.

When you are physically strong and brave, when your convictions and morals are unwavering, when you are respectful and hold honor, when your heart is compassionate and your hand open. You have accomplished more than most men. What more is fate to test you with?
but to take away that which is most precious to you.
and then all of your virtues will be truly tested.
The honest man fights the hardest fight.

If your other virtues were any weaker, there would be no need to be tested in such a cruel way.
It disappoints me to see you break. To see you fall during this test.
I can only encourage you so much.
to stand and hold your head up.
To think of them being away should bring you longing, to think of them no longer caring should break your heart, to think that they are being defiled should cause you to burn with insatiable rage. It's what will temper you.
But you can't let it overtake your ENTIRE life
like you're doing now.

Thank you so much, Angelo.. I'll be re reading this a lot in the future to push forward.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BC 2 fun game 14

gonna start dishing these out a lot more frequently since bf3 comes out soon

Friday, August 19, 2011

What a day.

Before I begin, I'll just let you know I posted a random fav song today, so it'll be below this wall of text.

Anyway today me and my brother were going to go see the movie FRIGHT NIGHT, I also wanted to get my car stereo installed, so we both took our own cars to the mall theater, good movie btw! loved it.

Anyway after the movie I go and get my car stereo installed, took a bit but I had my phone to keep me occupied.

Afterwards I was pretty dang happy, had my car stereo, and finally my car was legal again after passing inspection, I just got my stickers the other day.

so I was like WOO and drove to the other mall to check out a few stores, was being social as crap when people talked to me, cheery, being my new self which I'm loving. Was noticing I was getting checked out by tons of girls, I guess cause it's Friday and they were everywhere.

So after that mom texts me saying that my dads work is having a dinner outing thingy at a public swimming place and that I should come, so I said I'd stop by and left the mall.

On my way to the freeway entry I was noticing this little badump badump badump sound from my front tire, I'm just figuring it's a little pebble stuck in the tire treadings or something, I'm over thinking too much, being my typical paranoid self, then I'm thinking "Maybe I should just turn here into the walmart parking lot before getting on the freeway to check if it's anything." Then I didn't really hear the noise anymore so I'm like nahh whatever, and in my head I'm just thinking all clearly "I'm going to regret not doing that, you watch Austin, somethings going to happen, I should probably have trusted my instincts."

So I get on the freeway, enjoying my new stereo and all that. And the lovely thing about this area is that there's a 2-3 year planned construction process going on to make a bigger laned freeway, so it's utter cluster butt, there's no emergency lanes, concrete walls on both sides. the speed limit is 55, but no one does below 70.

So of course, my tire goes flat, I'm like oh.. great, and I "pull over to the side" which there in fact, is no side, so I just have to hug the wall, and be completely in the lane still, freaking cars and giant semi's are zooming aside to avoid hitting me as I'm like WTF DO I DO OMG

I couldn't get out obviously, I'd get taken the heck out, so I noticed a little ways behind me I had passed an off ramp, so I gritted my teeth, threw it in reverse and slowly started making my way back towards it, emergency lights on of course, my cars practicaly grinding against the concrete wall as I'm backing up, I literally did grind against it a few times, finally I made it to this little pocket where I was safe of traffic for the moment, getting out to fix it was still risky as heck and I could get taken out easily.

some construction worker came over to me and said I'd better find a better spot to fix the tire, he told me to drive onto the finished road part that was still blocked off, and he helped me by telling me to go when the coast was clear to that area.  here's a very crude map of the whole situation:

Funny thing is, the old me would have been like, end of the world, doom, everythings over, raging, giving up.

But not the new me, as soon as I made it to that little pocket safe spot I was completely fine, positive and outgoing about the whole thing, no probs, just put on the spare and be on my way.  I was even whistling as I was going through it all, smiling and chatting with that construction guy about how crazy the drivers are, a policeman stopped while I replacing the tire to ask if I need help, gave him a thumbs up and said I was alright, thanked him.

So I got the spare on and all that jolly good stuff, drove to that dinner pool party thingy and ate a yummy pulled pork sandwhich.  A bit later they started to open the pool area up, but eh, it's not like I knew anyone there, I mean I REALLY REALLY miss swimming and would loved to have cooled off after that ordeal but it would have been awkward swimming alone while everyone was swimming around.  It would have been nice to finally show my hot bod off but that just wasn't the place to do it, I'll get the chance like crazy in Florida I'm sure, all this hard work I put into sculpting this body (been working out for 7+ years now)  and no one sees it! travesty!

So yeah I left that and went to walmart to get a few things I needed, got home and dad was able to plug the hole in the tire, I can't BELIEVE I didn't ruin the thing driving on the rim like that.  I tell you what driving a car on a rim is so agonizing to me, like a million finger nails going across a chalkboard, and knowing it's probably doing damage to the tire and rim just make it ugh.

But all's well, I'm exhausted after changing the tire, that dang jack I have is a workout to use.

So the best part about all of this?  I find out my brother on his way home...

Got a flat tire too.

What the crap are the odds of that?!  Lucky him he got it where there was no construction, he got off easy!

So a silly and yet enjoyable day over all, It's crazy how close I came to getting killed, but all's well like I said, that's what counts. I'm just happy to finally have a stereo in my car!  Florida drive will be a lot more enjoyable!  Unless I get another flat =[

Lesson Learned for the day: Trust your instincts, I'm sorry for doubting you Peppy.  Also stay positive, it's insane the difference it makes when you do.

Random Favorite Song #8

I've been listening to this track on repeat for like 2 days now, freaking love Earthbound music

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

RE 5 highlights #15 FINAL

Last one

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My... lord...

I... I... I...

I... oh.. my... gosh

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh you, luck. Oh you.

So last night my smash bros friends all came over, they wanted to do a get together one last time before I move. so yeah, they all get here and before we even start playing the power goes out...


we sat in the dark talking for like.. hours...

when the power finally came back one of them had to leave, and we didn't even play games. we just watched youtube videos. but in all honesty it was a good time, I absolutely love sharing youtube vids with groups of people, it's like right up there with my top things to do when hanging out.

We plan to do it again as soon as possible, my move has been delayed after all so there should be another opportunity.

I can honestly say those guys are what I'll miss most when I move (aside from family of course). They're some good friends, it's just too bad how rare they're all available.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good news on my car!

Remember how that Auto place told me it'd cost 800 dollars in repairs to get it to pass inspection??


well I took it to the local guy in town and he passed it, he also said he doesn't see any reason why it couldn't make the drive to Florida.

so up yours scammy auto place, up yours.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hidden Fun Game 3

Random Favorite Videos #1

Another new category! I think this was an obvious must.

Just gonna throw up some random videos I love

Some could be in favorite songs but I like the videos just as much

Thursday, August 4, 2011


At this current time that I'm typing this I have 666 followers on my blog.

..What could it mean???!?

The move is delayed..

The place that I want to move to, which is perfect for me price wise might not be available now until like.. who knows.. end of september, maybe even october..

I guess I'll keep an eye out for another place but that one is too perfect, I may just have to wait for it.

I really don't want to be here for more months to come.. I guess I have no choice but to be patient

I guess on the bright side is I'll be able to have more money saved up by that time

Monday, August 1, 2011

Gosh, thank you so much guys

Again I'm shocked at your generosity and kind words people. I don't think I can even express my gratitude properly. For all those that donated, seriously I'm on my knees hugging your legs saying "thank you thank you", you have no idea how much this helps me out, and just how much it means to me.

I'm going to try and get back to some sort of normality and start uploading videos regularly again. I haven't played a video game in 3 weeks now (longest I've ever gone in my life without playing a game.), but hopefully I'll start getting somewhat motivated to do so. Mostly, lately I've been doing transcriptions which has been nice to just keep busy. I've done two in the past 3 weeks so I really hope that becomes a consistent and reliable job. Things ARE looking up and I'm trying my hardest to stay positive and to learn how to just be plain old happy on my own, inner happiness. But It's hard as heck, I'm beaten to a pulp emotionally daily by feelings and thoughts and trying to withstand it is just hard, it eventually beats me down to breaking points where I just fall into the bottomless pit of despair, and night time is when that crap hits the best, I try to get to bed as early as possible anymore.

I've been typing a story since I was like.. geez.. 16 years old? And I would love to one day publish the book, but man I always get stuck and it's hard to motivate myself to type in it, especially right now.

Today I'm going to try and get my car to pass emissions and ask the mechanic what he thinks about driving it to Florida, if he thinks it will even make it or not. If I have no way of driving there then I'll fly and hope for the best, sell my car here and hope that a great priced car becomes available in Florida.

I just can't wait to get all this crap behind me and be able to just be normal, smile laugh all that great crap, but who knows how long it will take and who knows if Florida will even help, it may even make it worse, but I wont know until I try.

Well I got a bit off my chest there, thanks for reading and again thank you from the bottom of my heart for the donations, kind words, advice and love.

Love you guys

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ready for a new life, could use some help.

Alright guys, I'm not going to sit here in my room being a miserable mess anymore, I've made a huge decision, I'm moving to Florida next month, Mid august or end of August, this is it, I'm sick of sitting here in my room being the most depressed I've ever been, I'm sick of sitting here hurting and hurting.

It's time, time to start a new life, time to try and get this crap behind me, to move on to (hopefully) better things.

I have some money saved up, enough to hopefully get me by for a few months while I try and either find a better job or hope that the transcription job picks up more.

Tate plans on moving there with me but he needs to stay with his family for a while and will move there in January.

So guys.. if you've ever.. EVER thought of donating me ANYTHING then NOW is the time, any tiny little dollar will help me at this point.

I'm freaking scared but I NEED to do this, it will either be the best or worst decision of my life but I NEED to find out ASAP, I need my life to change NOW.

If you can't spare me anything or don't want to then please, please visit my blog as much as you can, it actually helps out a lot for me.

Most of all wish me luck guys, I'll try and document it and upload it all to youtube, I just hope something will end up going my way for once, I'll need all the luck I can get.

FEAR funny moments

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sobi licks plastic leaves to unfitting music

I just cleaned out and put in fresh bedding in his cage, I had music playing on my PC and was resting in the chair when I saw him start doing this.

Random Favorite Song #7

Donkey Kong Country games have some of the best tracks from the 90's, here is one of my many favs:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thank you, guys.

I just want to let you guys (and girls) know that your comments from my last post has not gone unnoticed on the blog, youtube and facebook, and I am stunned at your compassion and sympathy. I read every comment and I took most of them to heart. And most of all I have to say thank you, thank you so, so much for your kindness. I have gained a completely new view of my fans and feel much, much closer to you guys now.

Love you guys, thanks again.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I may not be around for a while

Just a heads up to let you guys know, there'll probably be a lot less activity from me for a while.

I'm at my lowest emotional level I can be in, I just had my heart broken for the umpteenth time, but this time it's much, much worse than the last ones. Because I know without a doubt that she was the one, she was absolutely the one for me, she is my other half, our souls were fused together, having it ripped apart has left me permanently damaged.

Knowing i'll be alone and never truly happy for the rest of my life makes it a bit hard to get out of bed in the morning. And knowing she's with someone else will haunt my dreams for years to come.

Please don't pry and ask the whole story, who it is, etc.

Just know that that's why there's going to be a lack of activity from me.

Please pray for me, I'll need all the help I can get.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Sounds of Minecraft

Download the MP3! links below the video
Some parts may look a bit off because of youtubes lower fps

Download the mp3!

This is my first project which is still pretty cool:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally have a My Video section

I just went through and tagged all of my blog posts and re embedded the videos in them, you can now view all the videos i've posted on my blog by clicking the MY VIDEOS section in the categories.

For some reason though it mucked up the order of my posts, like why the heck is RE5 highlights #11 below this post? blah

Resident evil 5 highlights #11

Hidden fun game #2

This gave me a good lol

Theres this site where you upload a picture of yourself and it'll show you what you'll look like in 20 years, well I uploaded the pic that's in my podcast ep 1 video and this is apparantly me in 20 years:

my lord.. if that's me in 20 years then I hope I die before then!

Now your guys' turn, if you get silly results such as this then share the lols with us in the comments

Monday, July 4, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Money money money

so my car expired this month, the muffler was broke so I took it to a shop to get it repaired, I had to get a brand new muffler which was 200 according to them. So I bit the bullet and said go ahead, and I also asked them to inspect it for safety and emissions and all that, well the next day they call me and tell me the muffler is fixed, but it failed the inspection, they told me all this crap that's supposedly wrong with it, and said the final total to fix it all would be 800.

I of course said uh no, and went and paid for the muffler, which was 364 bucks... how it got that effing high is beyond me.

So they pretty much ripped me off and are trying to further with all that bull crap they tell me is wrong with it, my dad did a price check on all the things that are "wrong" with it and he said every part costs like 15-20 bucks each, which would be like 40-60 bucks. but 800 dollars?

fair warning guys, auto places scam you BAD.

so now I have to get all this crap fixed before they'll pass inspection, and according to my dad I can't take it to anyone else because they failed it and they have to pass it because they listed all the "problems" with it.

On a bit of a brighter note I FINALLY, FINALLY snagged me an audio file to transcribe, I got a call after I snagged it and they told me that the file has a lot of medical terms in it, and if i'm uncomfortable with doing it to let them know and they'll get a medical transcriptionist to do it. I said i'll give it a shot.

my gosh, the file was 1 hour and 48 minutes, it took me 15-20 hours to transcribe, that doesn't even sound possible but it seriously took that long.

I hope to crap I get quicker and more efficient with it. It got me a nice 98 dollars at least, hopefully i'll be able to catch more files.

so in the last few days I was down 500 bucks, because of my bills were due and the freakin car.

my gosh money is just like water, try holding it in your hand and see what happens, that's money.

Kilplix N Tate Play Portal 2 #7 and #8

Friday, July 1, 2011


Just testing my waters here, I'll probably do more.


So I have officially made me a KILPLIX CHATROOM, scroll all the way down to the bottom of my blog and THAR SHE IS! you can also click the link to the left to open it up in a separate window.

I'll probably be needing mods for this sometime, thankfully I have trusty CHANSERV which auto kicks people who spam.

I'll probably be in there most of the time, I'll try and chat it up if i'm not busy playing or anything.

see ya there!

oh and Jonna has one too! at her blog HERE

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here's a chance for some more Q&A with me and Jonna

Jonna want's to do a Q&A like Tate and I did so she's asking people to fire away questions on her blog, facebook or youtube account, I'll be in the video as well so if you want fire me some questions, or a question we can both answer.

here's her blog link: Jonna's blog

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Tate has been doing Q&A videos lately and a lot of questions have been coming up regarding me, so I joined in on this one, and for some reason i've been talkative as heck today, so I blahblah a lot:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My 20K Outtakes

I figured since I put Jed N Codys up I may as well go dig up the footage I had of this epic fail.. This is horrible... I can't believe I kept this footage =[

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dead Before Dawn #2

for some freaking FRICKIN FRICK reason there's nothing but black screen around 8 mins in for 30 seconds or so... I had no idea =/

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

left 4 dead custom map review - dead before dawn

I tried uploading all the parts over night but my internet sucks too much. so its gonna have to be one part per day

Monday, June 20, 2011

Outtake from the 20K sub video

This is a vid Jed sent me and i've had wasting away on the ol hard drive, it's pretty funny so here's one of their outtakes:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hidden fun game #1

this was long ago so I'm not that great at the game in this

Friday, June 10, 2011

A message from Jonna

Also now that the E3 hububs over with i'm going to upload a video tonight

Thursday, June 9, 2011

E3 ends, final thoughts

This was a decent E3 I think, pretty good stuff that got me excited and giddy.

I saw the new tomb raider game demo'd today, it's so interesting looking, after the demo there was a pretty big applause which NONE of the games that were demo'd on gamespot got.

Here's the vid:

I'm pretty dissapointed at the lack of BF3 Multiplayer footage, there was like zero save for a 30 second clip that showed hardly anything, multi is what BF games are about after all.

The new Mario on 3DS is looking great! Tanooki suit ftw!

Darkness 2 is looking awesome.

Zelda Skyward sword is actually looking good

psvita, wiiu, tons of crap.

overall decent E3, makes me sad it's over, I loved streaming the liveshow on gamespot all day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Zelda

So Zelda is 25 now, 1 year younger than me, that's just insane to me.

So yeah I grew up with Zelda from the very beginning, the game means quite a lot to me because of it.

I started from the very start, played em all hardcore back in the day. I probably played zelda 2 the most simply because of how huge and hard that game is, I'd play it all day and make no progress, and I just played and played away.

I think Ocarina of Time is my favorite, not surprisingly, that game revolutionized 3D adventure games, like Mario 64 before it.

I want a 3DS for the sole purpose of playing OoT again, 60 FPS revamped graphics, 3D, I am so excited for that game (need a 3DS though).

Links awakening was another I played for 100s of hours, Link to the past was amazing.. I just could talk forever about each game and how amazing they all are.

I love Zelda games, it's too bad i've become a bit jaded towards the series since Wind Waker, the thing is Wind Waker is a great game, but it's too tedius for my ADD self, I got really bored with Twilight princess as well. I didn't play the new DS ones either.

I blame myself for that though, i've become really bad with games period and completing and even playing them, and I hate that. i'm all over the place with billions of different things.

Anyway Zelda games will forever be stamped into my very way of life, along with a ton of other games that I'm too lazy to sit and mark off.


So if you have been reading my tweets you can get a feeling as to what I was thinking during todays E3, freaking WiiU, that thing had me yelling OMG out loud, the thing that had me taken most was that it's going to be beefy enough for all current gen games, including BF3, the controls are insane and the possibilities with it are endless.

Another feature that had me going was the segment where they were drawing on the Tekken characters to customize them, that is just AWESOME, drawing big eyebrows or pictures on the shirts or whatever! so cool!

The name... is retarded.. but that's becoming expected anymore with names... IE KINECT, PS VITA etc.

The upcoming 3DS games look great, star fox, mario, mario kart, yes yes yes.

Kid icarus reminds me of kingdom hearts, the animation or art or something, ehh.

Lara crofts boobs are still yumm, so i'm happy.

That's all I can think of right now since i'm freaking tired at the moment, i've been thinking of doing either video blogs of my opinions, also i'm strongly considering starting a podcast for all the stuff i'm into: games, game music, music, anime, manga, latest topical issues and more.

Jonnas on board to join in on it, as is Tate, I'd snag Jed and cody whenever I could as well. I think it could be really cool, i'm going to work on the idea more.

Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 Day one thoughts

So despite it saying everywhere 7-9, E3 started TODAY and I was lucky to catch it early.

My opinions:

Pretty cool we get to see what happens to master chief, but another trilogy? sheesh.

Elder Scrolls skyrim looks fantastic, I bet I spend 342352345 hours in that beauty.

I don't like they're forcing Catwoman on you in Arkham city, I want to play as batman, and just batman.

Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning The game is being developed at Schilling’s 38 Studios by Elder Scrolls: Oblivion director Ken Ralston. With art by Spawn creator Todd MacFarlene and a story by legendary D&D writer R.A. SALVATORE!! he's one of my favorite authors ever who writes the Drizzt books, I love that guy.

Minecraft on 360, with kinect, how is that going to work? Swing your arms for 5 hours breaking blocks?

BF3 demo, ommg this game looks amazing, and thats just the single player, multiplayer crap is showing early tomorrow before nintendos conference.

Darkness 2 has awesome dismemberments, ripping guys in two and slicing them up, yum.

the new Sony handheld, PSVITA has won me over, the system looks on par with PS3 in terms of graphics, the controls are unlimited with touch screen stuff optional, smooth framerate, looks great.

all the motion conrol crap always has me rolling my eyes and face palming, blah nintendo what have you unleashed on the world? they look so casual and dumb.

Tomorrow is Nintendos big announcement, showing their new console, lets hope its a bit more beefy in terms of processing.

More tomorrow! I update on twitter my opinions as they happen!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Polleypollpoll

So E3 is Tuesday-thursday, I am going to be in front of my PC the entire time, on multiple websites, watching multiple streams, from the big named conferences, to the on the floor streams with developer interview, sneak peek game play, after hour shows and the like.

I am excited!!

Poll is, are you going to be watching the conferences and everything you can get your grubby little hands on like me? or just the conferences? or just one particular conference?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kilplix Plays Minecraft Episode 3

I've got too many videos to upload!! minecraft RE5 highlights Portal 2 Bad company 2 Hidden L4D Stalker Budoukai 3 AHHHHHH

Thursday, June 2, 2011

E3.. it's coming

E3 is like christmas for kids to me, since gaming is pretty much my life for the most part it's one heck of an event to be hyped for. I'm psyched, I love watching all of the live streams, conferences, on the floor stuff. I would love to go to an E3 one of these days.

It's from the 7th to the 9th I do believe, just keep your eye on, they'll have all of the crap you need, though I try checking other sites too and see what they're doing and who they're interviewing.

New Nintendo console is going to be announced, rumors say the controllers will have LCD displays on them.

The new PSP is going to be announced, rumors said its almost on par with the PS3.

Zelda, Rage, Elder Scrolls Skyrim, BATTLEFIELD FREAKIN THREE, Batman Arkham city. Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect 3, Ninja Gaiden 3, Prey 2, and a billion others!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Favorite Song #5

This song has taken complete control over my life, I can't stop listening to it, and I can't stop watching the music video, it's been days now and it still continues going in my head, my head... MY HEAAAAD:

And then I decided to see what other songs they have, and I come across this which has freaking also raped my brain, I love it, I can't get enough, and now I have We Come Together and this song going in my head like at the SAME TIME, MY BRAIN OMG I LOVE THIS

Monday, May 30, 2011


I really, REALLY didn't want to do this but i'm feeling inclined to at the moment because i'm just so sick of it. so i'm going to type this out.

It all started one day checking facebook, Facebook posts recent activity and what not on your main page as everyone knows, I see con saying something regarding me, it didn't look pleasant, so I check it, it's all complete disrespectful and hurtful crap being said about me. I'm completely shocked and obviously hurt, I hadn't spoken to him in ages, literally almost a year because he had a job and what not, and he just shows up out of the blue talking such horrible crap about me, to complete STRANGERS no less.

So NATURALLY, I removed his link from my blog, would you guys link to someones blog saying such bad things about you?

So I silenty remove the link and just try and hope he stops with the "smack talk". Well removing the link seemed to cause more crap, and i'm told by some friends that he's talking even more crap about me on his youtube profile, and then his blog even.

And the crap said literally had my jaw hanging open, some of it was absolutely and completely untrue, I have NO idea why he decided to spout such untrue crap, and good LORD it was plain old HURTFUL.

I'm not calling him a liar, i'm here to say he's just wrong about most of it.

The biggest problem I had with all of this was that he just randomly decided to start spreading crap around the internet to thousands of complete strangers, it's such high school girl gossip crap.

I tried to just ignore it all, to hope it blowed over because I felt I didn't need to explain myself, it's not like the fanboys/girls would believe me one way or another anyway if I tried to present my case. I felt that it was the best to just not retaliate and have a big crap storm.

But the crap persists and i'm sick of it, it's uncalled for and I don't deserve this crap.

So here's the story, A lot of what he said is just completely wrong and uncalled for, the main thing that bothered the piss out of me was him saying it became all about the videos and subscribers, rush to the end or whatever, take the fun out of it. Uh no.. If you guys watched my videos from day one, i'm the same yelling over the top screaming demanding Kilplix/Austin i've always been.

What REALLY happened is he just got sick of me, and I don't blame him in ANY WAY for that, I am a hard person to deal with and over time it obviously wore on him, me screaming at him and everything never changed from the start. he simply got sick of it, and it's completely understandable, I'd get fed up with me too, and a lot quicker.

FUN FACT is Con HATES left 4 Dead 2 (cept vs mode), like completely LOATHS the game, and because of that he raged a LOT while we played L4D 2, and I'd raged back, and it just got to the point where it was crap.

Through out the years we'd been planning MEET JED, and I tried my best to match their ideas (mostly cons ideas) with the video. Let me tell you this, I did my best work on Meet Jed, I worked my butt off, A year of recording, editing, planning, etc. I was completely proud of what I'd done with the video. After showing Con a very very rough draft i'm completely shot down and learn later he's saying how crap it is to my other friends. That devastated me, I was hit hard by it and I raged and argued with Con about like the whole video, so there's something that may have fueled his fire for the hating to come.

So con falls out because we continued playing L4D2, some time later we played THE FORGOTTEN on L4D 1 and it was one of the most enjoyable times i've ever had playing a game, I loved that play through and it was all smiles and joy, just watch the play through, it's so great. That was the last game we'd played (other than a small game of modnation racers on PS3)

And then we come to the point where he just emerges saying all that crap about me that was just simply untrue, I don't know why he decided to say what he said, I don't know why he thinks i'm the way he claims, he could have simply said "I got tired of him being a constant asshole." and I would have accepted that completely.

If I was ALL ABOUT THE VIDEOS AND SUBSCRIBERZ then I'd simply just upload L4D videos 24/7. I still have reviews to upload and will get to editing them and what not eventually. The fact that I upload videos like that Witcher 2 video is enough evidence that I don't really care about a huge audience, I upload videos that I like or feel like sharing.

I play games, i'm a gamer first and foremost. i'm constantly recording my gameplay because I learned long ago that epic moments happen out of nowhere and I want to cry when its not recorded. If theres something from the footage I feel like I want to share I upload, if there isn't I don't. I do NOT revolve the gaming around recording, I don't make plans or rush or demand ANYTHING for the sake of TEH VIDEOZ AND SUBZ OMG, have you ever, EVER in your entire time being a fan or watching my videos, have you EVER seen me say PLZ SUB AND FAV VIDS PLZ PLZ? You haven't, because I hate those types of people more than anything and would never stoop to that.

I have over 50K subs yeah, and I never asked for one of them, I won't deny that it's really really cool that I have that many, who wouldn't think it cool? all it means to me is that the videos I want to share are seen by more than a few people like in my old BF2 montage days, I used to frown at the views I got because I put so much effort into editing them, so it's just so cool to be able to have many people see my work, and I feel EXTREMELY fortunate for it.

I know a LOT of the subs are because of my friends too, heck most of them, and I don't blame them! I play with my friends at every single oppurtunity I get, Jed and Cody are nearly completely unavailable anymore, Jed from work and Cody from school. When Jed is available we play BC2, and we have good times, I have like 5 million BC2 fun games ready for upload.

So I've had no one to play with other than Tate and sometimes Jonna when she's available. so my video uploads continue, nothings changed other than freind availability.

And so many """FANS""" think I owe them something, well I don't, and you aren't fans if you think so, go away please.

I see people saying I think i'm too good for them now, my dearest and closest friends. I can't tell you how wrong they are, I miss them badly and miss playing games with them consistantly, they are my best friends in the world and I jump at every single opportunity to spend time with them and play games.

It's just a stage in life, we're friends forever, there'll always be nice breaks where we can play games and what not, and you'll see it when that happens.

If a video pops up with Jed or cody in it, Tate or Jonna, and you're interested in watching, then by all means watch away, if a video is uploaded that you don't care for, DONT WATCH IT, let the people who WANT to watch it watch it.

I encourage every one of you that think i'm lying or am a jerk or my videos suck now etc etc, I heartily HAPPILY encourage you to unsubscribe and GO AWAY!

This is all you'll ever see me say on this whole situation, if Con makes a reply post on his blog saying i'm full of crap, I don't care (I won't even see it anyway), if you think i'm full of crap and am lying, I don't care, I said my case and am now done with this.

I mainly did this post in hopes the retards will finally just go away, weed out the crap so to speak.

Another reason was to clear it up to the REAL fans that may be confused and unsure as to what the heck is the deal with me and why i'm not saying anything, many assumptions can be made by me being quiet, so i'm coming out to puke this all out of my mouth.

In the end, I just want to say that I don't HATE con or anything of the sort, I seriously still consider him a friend (albeit a bad one as of late, hoping that will change), I wish things hadn't ended up like this and I miss playing games with him and just all the dang good times, I really really do miss that and am more than sad he thinks the way he does about me currently.

A very important note: I am extremely grateful to those that continued to support me or watch my videos or just not say anything at all during this, some of you really truly move me emotionally by your kindness and words of encouragement. I thank you.

Seriously guys, thank you, I love youuuuuu

Now to get back to witcher 2, this took up too much of my freaking time!

PS COMMENTS DISABLED FOR THIS POST, I just wanted to get this out, no need for discussion

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some good things

First off, a week ago at around midnight I saw that a file popped up on dropbox for transcribing, I was shocked and hurried and snagged it, finally I got a file to do, so I started transcribing it for an hour or so that night.

The next morning I get an email telling me to STOP TRANSCRIPTION and that the file was for someone else who already snagged it but the file was corrupt, so he was resending it.

So I wasn't too happy as you can imagine, he said this has never happened before and he's sorry and all that crap, just my luck I was thinking.

Yesterday though I get an email from him saying how impressed they were from my drive and to keep in there cause there's going to be lots of work coming, he also want's to talk about doing QA work for him as well.

So that was a very pleasant email, and looking forward to actually making consistent money with that, hopefully consistent enough to pay bills when I move to florida.

Another good thing is I've finally PAID OFF MY DEBT for my car, after a year I finally paid the thing off.

I'd like to thank that wonderful woman who lent me the money for it, thank you so much Jonna.

Beacon Looms Austin 56-inch-by-84-inch Single Blackout Panel, Natural

Friday, May 27, 2011

Kilplix Plays Minecraft Episode 1

Some mods got me back into it, so I decided to do a Kilplix Plays series out of it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is cool

I wanna do something like this, I love this kind of crap, like lasseggs videos:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So yeah.. saw the new pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Another stinker.

man movies suck anymore, bleh.

also blogspot is being really retarded, it works on firefox but not on chrome? blogspot is part of google.. who make chrome.. dumbutts

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This movie looked like it could be a hit or miss, I saw it today..

Yeah it's a miss.

when I officially labeled it poo was when the girl priest threw rocks as the other priest was jumping at an enemy, he used the rocks in the air as steps to help him get farther in the air.

seriously, wtf

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Memorable Moments in Gaming: Witcher 2: A stroll through town

This game is amazing, it's gorgeous, the graphics, the attention to detail in every singe texture, the believable town, the combat, the voice acting, the story, the music, the characters.

One of the best games in decades, I am in love with it.

I get into a fight at 7:48

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kilplix N Tate Play Portal Episode 4

I like how youtube totally screwed with this and made it public this morning

Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Favorite Song #4 (Song that was in the BC2 Kill spree)

This is the song that was in my recent Kill spree video, it's called Medusa's Path by The Prodigy

I fell in love with this thing instantly when I first heard it, I was looking for guides on how to use the Source Engines in game recorder, someone did a tutorial on it and they had this music playing in the video, I suddenly didn't give a crap about the tutorial and swiftly went to get Prodigy music.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I can't keep from showing this any longer

Here's my biggest kill streak yet in BC2, I did a lot of editing and am quite proud of the results.

Since i'll be posting the game in like 4 years from now I want to show the spree itself off now for you awesome blog readers.


Friday the 13th indeed.

If you notice I have a new category to the left called MY VIDEOS, I spent a good long time putting all my videos in there from all my blog posts, fixing the embeds since I remove the videos and re upload them for youtube.

so I did every video that I'd posted in the Blog since I started doing so.

And it just so happens that magical day happens to be the one where Blogspot goes complete retard mode and loses like all data for that entire day.

I saw that it had done it to my recent RE5 highlights video, so I'd just made the post again.

I just now noticed that all the videos in the category are gone.

I think i'll make a new poll.

Do you think you get Good luck often or bad luck often?

you know where my votes going

Friday, May 13, 2011

RE5 highlights 11

Lets try this again, thanks blog spot

Friday, May 6, 2011

So much for the job..

So here's how the guy advertised the job:

He throws up multiple audio files per day, and people choose which ones they want according to their availability etc.

How it really is:

He puts up one file per day, multiple people are competing to snatch the file up to transcribe.

So if someone else snatches it, i'm screwed for the day. And that's how it's been every day.

I emailed asking why i'm not seeing any files available, and he tells me that lovely news. He also said that by the end of the year or near the end of the year he's expanding his franchise, and when he does that there'll be multiple files per day to snatch up.

So why was he looking for people to hire right now? When multiple people are already competing for one file per day?

As of now this is an extremely unreliable job, who knows if i'll ever be able to catch a file when he uploads one. I'm beyond upset about this and of course all my hopes were all crushed.

I'm just so disappointed..

root for me for actually getting lucky to snag a file at least a few freaking times... such a retarded system.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hidden extra clip I missed for DroppedaBeat

DroppedaBeat mentioned in my Hidden funny moments n highlights a video that I forgot to add, so i'm throwing it up, it's pretty darned funny and was intending to add it but it totally slipped my mind

Friday, April 29, 2011

Job get?!

I don't want to jinx myself or anything but for the past 3 months or so I've been following up like once a month on this job I REALLY wanted, every month i'd email the guy and asked the status, since he'd always say "WE'RE MOVIN TO A NEW OFFICE I'LL GET BACK TO YOU"

so finally I decided I'd give it one last try, I had no real hope for it but I figured why not.

so I email the guy the other night, and the next day he says "Persistence pays off, you win."

as of now I had just agreed to all the legal mumbo jumbo involved and he's going to get back to me, i'm waiting anxiously for a reply.

but I was stunned, I really couldn't believe it.

The job is transcribing, for those who don't know what that job involves is typing out audio files, in this case company meetings, they record the meeting and send me the audio file, I type the entire meeting out.

This is the absolute perfect job right now because I've been planning to move to florida by the end of the year, and I needed a job that I could have regardless of where I lived.

again i'm shocked that it worked, that emailing him regularly actually paid off. I really hope this is a long term job and that I can finally move out and start a life of my own. I am just ecstatic.

Finally things may be looking up