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Thursday, December 29, 2011


So there's this convention that happens every year called Magfest, I've always wanted to go, it's a convention all about video game MUSIC, all the big named video game bands will be there. but the show stealer this year...

OBOU UEMATSU IS GOING, if you don't know who that is, he is the man that has done pretty much every Final Fantasy track WORTH listening to, man is a legend.

Other mention-able people that are going to be there is The Angry Video Game Nerd along with Egorapter.

So I've been just dying to go pretty much. I finally came up with a crazy quick plan, the convention is next Thursday. I'm going to drive to get Tate, we're then going to Magfest and then coming back home where Tate can finally move in.

I really don't want to take my car because the poor thing's been through enough so I'm going to look into renting a car, the prices are actually pretty reasonable. A buddy of mine (A friend of Jonna's that I've become friends with) is most likely going along with too, so it should be a really enjoyable experience.

Money is always an issue with crap like this, especially after dumping SOOO much into moving into this apartment. I actually got a very generous donation today which will DEF help with this trip, thank you David!

Of course I plan on recording as much as I can, should be a lot more entertaining with other people.

it takes 14 hours to get to Tates place, then 10 hours to get to Magfest, then it'll be another 13 or 14 to get back to Florida, eugh! will be sooo nice to have company this time though.

Wish us luck peeps, anyone else in that area that are going to be going??


  1. That's awesome! Now I wish I was going so I could finally met you and Tate, lol.

  2. Geez, that's a long drive. Make sure you get plenty of food, drink and most importantly.. MUSIC :D

  3. Not only is there video game music, but there are crap tons of video games itself! People from That Guy with the Glasses will be there, Jon St. Jon will be there (Duke Nukem), the voice of GladOs will be there. It is an amazing convention.

    I signed up to go back in August when pre-registering was first available, so you can expect me to be there.

    From experience, bring food and drink (hotel food can get expensive), once you find a parking space, I suggest that you leave your car there until you plan to leave the convention, as parking can get very hectic, I got a parking ticket on my first trip there for parking in a fire lane D:

    I don't know what your sleeping arrangements are, but be sure to get a room quickly (you are looking at $125 a night if you go by the MAGFest rate).

    Either way, drive safely and enjoy yourself!

  4. Also, for those who don't know, Magfest takes place in Washington D.C.

  5. Nobou is an absolute legend! Saw him at a Distant Worlds concert in London back in Novemeber and it was fantastic!! He should really come to Europe more often ..

  6. What! its gonna be in DC!? (I live in Maryland..can get there by metro) Then I must make plans to go. If its at the National Harbor then I can take the bus!! MUST...FIND...FRIENDS...TO COME...WITH......MERE!!!

  7. Just go to for more info. And it is at the National Harbor, at the Gaylord Hotel.