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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a good Christmas.

Not gonna sugarcoat it, I'm completely alone on Christmas this year, I don't have anyone to spend it with. In fact the last few days have been the loneliest days of my life and it's been really hard, I really miss my loved ones.

I really should have waited until around the time Tate was ready to move, I really can't say anything all that great about being here up to this point, it's been nothing but an uphill battle mentally, though on the flip-side I'd have probably been just as bad back home.

I'm not going to ignore you guys though, back in the day when I'd get a message of someone saying I inspire them or something similar to that I'd shrug it off, not that I didn't appreciate it or anything but I'd look at it as them idolizing the Kilplix of youtube, not Austin. If they knew the real me then they wouldn't be saying it, so I'd sort of shrug off all inspirational and complimenting messages.

Now though I really take notice of such messages and appreciate them a lot more, it's good to see that I'm making whatever little differences I may be making while I'm sitting here alone in this apartment.

Truly, thank you guys. Your support and kind words help comfort this lonely heart. I promise this will be the loneliest Christmas of my life, all future ones will be better than this.

Now, what did you all get for Christmas?


  1. Merry Christmas, Austin!
    you bring the gift of Laughter to the table & we love it!

  2. Kilplix/Austin: I personally think you have great character and you a great person. I've been following you since early L4D1 and late BF2 times. :D

    Continue to keep in mind that your personality is keeping people getting through their hard days all across the world! ;) Even if its just Kilplix side you say they are seeing, its YOU.

    Now enjoy the rest of this festive period !
    Merry Christmas Austin :)
    I got a 24" Monitor, loads of aftershave, clothes !

  3. Due to the nature of this blog, I will tell you that I have recently begun uploading videos because of you. Had I never came across your Left 4 Dead videos 3 years ago, I would have never decided this, because I saw how much joy people got from the back and forth you and your friends had in those videos and wanted to try and bring the same joy to people. Thank you very much, Austin, and Merry Christmas to you sir.

  4. To be quite honest I'm in a similar situation.
    I'm all alone this Christmas with no gifts in sight.
    I'm worried about my housing situation since I plan to move houses soon.
    I have dental bills to take care of as well as contributing money towards my mother's medical bills after she broke her leg, all on my minimum wage that I get paid for working about 2 days a week.
    And I put my cat of 20 years to sleep on the 22nd this month.

    All-in-all it has been a bad Christmas, but I keep powering on with the hope that my life will improve. I wish you the best Austin, as I do for myself!

  5. Merry Christmas to you too, Austin. It disappoints me to hear that things aren't going to well for you. Have you been exploring the city? You could probably meet some really good people in certain places. It might help improve your situation, even a little.

    Oh, and I got a laptop for Christmas, so I can follow the happenings of your life from the comfort of my bedroom! :D

  6. Merry Christmas Austin i would celebrate it with you but i live in New York So if i get money i'll give it to you deal that your present.

  7. You know what Austin. You should just enjoy life. I realize you might feel lonely with your decision to move to Florida but it is a decision that you came up with.

    I grew up being alone without any siblings and just family. At times they even drive me crazy but only later in life do I realize that I personally and mentally have things that I need to learn. As I continue through this path it has come to the point where being lonely only bothers me a little and at most times it doesn't bother me at all.

    Having a life encompassing goal is what you need. Inspiration to do more with your life. The feeling that you have control with your life which makes all the great things in life come to you.

    Merry Christmas, I know you will have a great one.

  8. Austin, you have been one of the very few people I've ever seen to be so successful on youtube and to be also very honest about your current situations in life, just that fact alone makes you such an amazing individual because you know that others will relate to your current problems in life because you share whats going on. I'm sure that you will get through whatever challenge your life will throw at you, and I'm sure all your friends, fans and family will support you.

    Merry Christmas man.

  9. Merry Christmas Austin, I haven't done a whole lot this Christmas. This is the first year I'm celebrating Christmas after my father has past. So it's kinda a sad Christmas.. but I'm still trying to be positive and going to be around my family. I still haven't celebrated Christmas yet, but it's not going to be a lot to talk about.

    Just hanging with the family. I hope that even tho you are alone you know that we still care for you and you are never truely alone. Merry Christmas again and have a great day man. :)

  10. I`d like to get to know the real Austin one day. From what journals I`ve read and what few things I have learnt about you and your life, you seem like a lovely, genuine guy.

    As for Christmas I`m working all the way through to New Years (January 2nd I believe.) And I got money which is the best thing to have in these times.

  11. Merry Christmas Austin. You have my support as my gift to you.

    For Christmas, I received a brand new graphics card, Battlefield 3 Limited Edition, some solder kits (electronics class at school. My teacher's nuts) and some silly putty for my family to share. Plus loads of candy from my stocking. Ever had Astronaut ice cream? The stuff's amazing. It's ice cream dried out and molded into a bar. It's quite tasty.

  12. Merry Christmas, Austin. You've been one of my favorite YouTube channels ever since I first discovered your L4D funny moments videos. No matter how many times I've seen them I still laugh at them. :)

    For Christmas I received a 4GB MP3 player, two hats, a $10 iTunes gift card, and an eye exam and new pair of glasses.

  13. Merry X-Mas, Austin.

    I got a copy of Just Cause 2 for the Xbox and the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.

    'Round when is Tate getting down there? And what's the plan: keep producing videos even once you get a good job?

  14. yes Austin Merry Frickmas to you...again...:P


    2 dvds
    and my girlfriend said ill get my present tonight O.o

  16. -A headset (but it's more like ear muffs cross a helmet with a microphone)
    -A new mouse
    -2 extra gig of RAM
    -And BattleField 3 (PS3)
    All in all a good christmas- too bad i'm going camping tomorrow :P
    Merry Christmas Austin, remember, you're never completely alone, so long as you have power and the internet (landline, wireless or even dial up) we are with you.

  17. I didn't really get anything memorable except a T-Shirt from my brother with the most awesome crossover picture ever: Che Guevara + Chewbacca = Che bacca

    It gave long lasting good laugh xD

  18. Austin, you are a great you tuber and your never alone because you've got us. Merry Christmas to you as well Austin :)

  19. Austin, from what I've seen from the vlogs and blogs, you are a great guy who WILL get the girl in the end. I wish I could know the real you, but that probably won't happen.

  20. I'm afraid to do this, since I was called a rich elitist jew last time, but whatever.
    So far:
    Battlefield 3 Limited Edition (360)
    Borderlands GOTY (360)
    Oblivion GOTY (360)
    Battlefield Bad Company (360)
    Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (360)
    Pokemon Red (GB)

    Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special (for some reason...)
    Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution
    The Hangover Part II

    Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals
    Marilyn Manson - Last Tour on Earth

    Nike Sweatshirt
    Angry Birds T-Shirt

    105 Bucks.
    I'll edit/add later. Going to buy stuff tomorrow.

  21. By the way, I don't mean in the comments. There was an ammusing Obama's relative joke towards me there :D

  22. hang in there Austin good things happen to those who wait, been through some tough times too, people may say to look for hope but that isn't that helpful at this time, everyone goes through a drop in their metal state, just hang in there.

  23. In all seriousness hope Christmas was a little better than you had expected and I hope the rest of them are much more enjoyable. Unless the world really does end in a year...

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  25. Hell, reading this post made me say this:

    My first Left 4 Dead machinima started mainly because of the Meet Con video and from one video became a very long series. Can say I was inspired by Kilplix/Austin.

  26. Merry Christmas Austin,

    I had a wonderful Christmas with only my mom because of a series of circumstances have made my friends unavailable and my family distant. Not only that, but there was a chance of this being my last Christmas with her. So my Christmas was kinda like yours, but enough about sad stuff.

    I got a wired keyboard and mouse set and some Riot Points. Might have gotten more, except your not the only one with hard times... Damnit! I said no more sad stuff! lol

    Anyway, I got to say, if it wasn't for you, I probably would be into pc gaming if it wasn't for the fact that you showed me how awesome it is, and if you hadn't gotten me into more pc gaming, I probably wouldn't be as close with my friends as I am now. Thanks Austin. I can sincerely say that you have made my life better and brighter, even if you hadn't meant to.

    Hope you ring in the new year with friends at your side and cheer in your heart.


  27. Hi Kilplix/Austin,
    My brother and I have been watching your videos ever since you began uploading them to YouTube four years ago. We were 16 at the time, now we are 20 and we still never tire of your videos and your friends. I can see your discomfort in being viewed as the 'Kilplix persona' as you say, but we don't watch you because of that, we like YOU as a person, we can see a lot of ourselves in you and believe me, your videos have kept us laughing through some tough times. Have a very merry christmas and never give up, no matter how dark things get. And good luck in everything you do!

  28. When tate gets there,you should both celebrate a late christmas together with a couple of cans of beer! :D

  29. I got BF3 and a 1920x1080 23 inch monitor! I also got 50 dollars from my grandma.

  30. Well Austin we've been with you for quite a while.we've read your journals,watched your videos,donate to you...well I didn't cause I'm a bit low on cash as well.But,you know what I mean when I say it.Another thing some of us are having a christmas as well I mean I never put up the damn tree We've mostly lost the christmas spirit,there is no snow,no chimney,but, there is eggnog.

    All I got for christmas was $550.00
    and i used it to get:
    Saints row the third
    Dead island
    Sonic generation
    a knife with a swatstika
    a new computer mic

    and what I end up with like $158.00 left
    the games I got for ps3
    the knife was for a movie at school and yeah Austin enjoy the silence you've got there cause when tate comes its all over and when the stalkers come around as well.

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