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Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Last Jedi thoughts/ramblings

wahey, only 3 years later I'm making a blog post, I have many thoughts on this movie, so I thought I'd shove them on here, obviously this is like, SPOILING NEARLY THE ENTIRE MOVIE, so if you haven't seen it yet, don't read this, read it after you've seen it, you've been warned.

I am a pretty big Star Wars fan, I grew up watching 4 5 and 6 nearly every single week, I'd sit down and whatever I was in the mood for, pop in the VHS, they're some of my fav movies ever.


but other than that the movie was pretty dang good, except.. how was there was a RESISTANCE if there was the REPUBLIC? the resistance fought to restore the republic which was a thing already... so like-

no shut up, anyway, 7 is alright, not a fav or anything, but holy crap did I get emotional, who wouldnt being a big star wars fan? Hans death legit chokes me up every single time. just watched it the other day to prep for ep 8, my gosh it hits the feels.

So here we go with EP 8, I saw it yesterday and again, the feels were hard, I got emotional, but after the credits.. I had no idea what I really thought about it, I couldn't tell, I still am unsure completely, I need to see it again I think, but man after sleeping on it, things started pissing me off even more about this movie, I had TONS of problems with it, like.. TONS, and they add up so much that I don't even know if I like this movie now... or do I? man I DONT KNOW, there's parts I loved, there's parts I HATE.  here's some of my thoughts I spewed out, they range from nitpicky to outright universe breaking complaints.

Heavy make-up for Rey, why? she didn't have that much makeup in the previous film, don't get me wrong, she's gorgeous, but it seemed way out of place considering she had little make-up in the previous film.

weird/boring crap like the casino part: Talk about coming to a halt so badly its almost like slamming into a wall.  This whole segment was so out of place, so boring and so unnecessary, and good lord the Rose character is the worst (so was the code breaker dude, whatever his stupid stuttering name is), for someone who doesn't talk a lot her voice was like, professional voice actress levels, it was so off and she's just straight up miscast.

killed snoke already? what? who was snoke? really?? we get no backstory? no explanation? he's DEAD already in the SECOND movie??? WHO WAS HE? just a STUPID plot device and nothing more? how shallow and transparent and lame can you be about this character? holy frick I'm getting more pissed the more I type about this. 

Chewie flying the falcon like an ace all by himself with no co pilot, this irked me so bad.

holy crap that was literally Yoda, like, every bit Yoda back from Empire/Return, was that the exact puppet they used? the voice, the mannerisms, oh my gosh it was so good, the feels that brought I cant even describe.

If ships going light speed does THAT much damage to ships, why didn't the RESISTANCE just have robots taking ships like crazy and doing light speed? if it does THAT much damage wouldn't it just have destroyed the DEATHSTAR outright if they threw multiple ships at it at light speed in the previous movies? that light speed destroying a whole armada of ships scene really f'd the star wars universe up and makes you ask why did they struggle so much in previous movies if LIGHT SPEED is the ultimate weapon? every ship can do light speed, that scene was stupid, this is stupid, STUPID.

Lukes character, just ugh, it's no wonder Hamill was quoted as saying "I fundamentally disagree with everything you decided about Luke"  he's such a defeated, grumpy, non luke like character, I couldn't even connect the two Lukes from the previous films, he seemed like a totally different character from them, gosh dang it it's LUKE, the kid that grew up in the films and became the Jedi, the kid I grew up with in the films, the films I watched over and over and over as a kid, and he's this character now? this shaken, faltering, weak minded luke?   I can see some of his actions sure, some of his decisions made sense, but as a whole? I just can't accept that being Luke Skywalker.  Also the way luke died bugged me to no end, he wasn't even there the whole time, and that killed him? why? if exerting that much force is gonna kill you why kill yourself? you could be REALLY USEFUL YA KNOW you DONT NEED TO DIE DUDE.
"Father, I know you're a psychotic mass murderer that has done unspeakable things and you've killed millions, but there's still good in you. I know it."


If you liked the movie it's fine, I have no issue with that, maybe over time i'll like it more, who knows, I'm still undecided completely. 

And like, to me, the Star Wars universe was done after Return of The Jedi anyway, these are like what if stories in my mind.

Looking online it looks like the user reviews are split pretty 50/50, so I guess i'm not the only one that has an issue with it.

I also just saw on facebook that my friend, who's one of the biggest Star Wars nerds in the world, (read all the books in the 90s etc)  absolutely HATES this movie, so maybe I'm not just crazy.

thanks for reading, now agree with me or rage at me for having a differing opinion, this is the internet after all.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Shenmue 3

If you know me well enough, you know I like the Shenmue games.

No, I love them, dearly, 1&2 have such a very very special place in my heart that I couldn't even describe it to you, they were, at the time, such special games, I'd never played a game so full of heart and soul like the Shenmue games.

But it was dead, too expensive to make, didn't sell well enough.

To me this is almost like the equivalent of a dead loved one coming back to life 15 years later.  I am shocked, I am stunned.

I wasn't even expecting it, who was? It showed, and that music played, and I freaking lost it, through shock, happiness, I don't know, I freakin cried from a KICKSTARTER ANNOUNCEMENT.

No game has ever made me cry, let alone an announcement, the closest I came to crying was (one of) Chrono Triggers endings.

I was shaking the entire rest of the conference, I'm still shocked as I type this...

like... holy frick you guys...

Monday, March 31, 2014


Those that watch my stream already know this but for those who don't:: I'm going to Japan this week, from the 3rd to the 17th. I'll be traveling the friggin country pretty much, going to Osaka, Kyoto and finally Tokyo. This literally is one of the most wished things I've ever wanted to do in my life and I'm so so so glad I get to do it. I'm going with my sister and a few of her friends.

I'm having to borrow money from my parents to make this possible but it's worth it, I'll be dead broke when I get home but it'll be worth it.

SO as for my videos? I put them on a schedule for April, they'll still upload daily BUT they'll only be tweeted to my twitter and not posted to my facebook or on Steam like I usually do, so if you depend on those to see when my vids go up you'll have to either just check your sub box on youtube or my twitter.

Wish me luck on this trip, hope I have fun and hope nothing bad happens!

Friday, January 10, 2014