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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kilplix Plays Skyrim #50 - FAENDAL WANTS TO DIE

Kilplix's Top Freakouts!! February 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BF3 Fun Game #4

Random Favorite Videos #5

I love this video so much, good memories with it, and it's plain ol hilarious, if you don't laugh at this (the guys laugh is intoxicating enough) then you aren't human.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jason: Prologue

This is the beginning to my story, a story I've been creating since I was around 10 years old, literally. It has developed into a gigantic story that I'm unsure if I'll ever even be able to finish (mostly because of my lack of motivation and story telling skills). Chapter one is STILL in revision and I'll release that when I finally feel like it's worthy of being read. I'd always fantasized of this becoming a cartoon series, anime like in terms of maturity. More realistically though I'd like to at least try and do a comic series of it. I in fact started this story as a comic and have quite a bit drawn, but that was when I was 16 and it's really bad art. Anyway I hope this is entertaining enough and that it can get fan base going some day.

He hovered above in the reddened sky, taking in the horrible scene before him. Through the thick smoke he could see bodies, hundreds of them laying lifeless all across the village, the ground stained with their drying blood.  Most of the buildings were in flames.  A great castle atop a distant hill Billowed dark smoke.
      Wiz panted heavily as he surveyed the scene, he had come out of his few thousand years of hibernation for this.  It was far too soon, his powers were far from returned, but what choice did he have?  Being the only surviving light lord left it was his duty to finish the job.
      He decided to stop flying and slowly drifted to the ground, he needed as much stored powers as he could have for the coming fight.
      He wiped his brow, already feeling out of breath.  How did it come to this? He thought as he began slowly making his way through the ruined village.  He thought back on the events that had led up to this.  Despite being in a state of hibernation as he stored his powers he could still watch over the universe.  Watch helplessly as those foolish Clions tried harnessing the powers of the Shadow Lord piece.
      A Shadow Lord piece! How could one even exist? When the light lords finally managed to exterminated the shadow lords they made sure to disintegrate every single piece.  Then again Wiz reminded himself, at the end only few light lords remained, it took everything they had to wipe the darkness from the universe, and those that had survived died later from either injuries or from using all of their powers. 
      Yes... at the end they couldn’t be as careful, as efficient in destroying the shadow lords.  A mistake (or even a few mistakes wiz thought to his horror) could have been made in the war for the universe those trillions of years ago.
      And those foolish Clions!  A very highly advanced race that had found the shadow lord piece: a fully intact hand.  They’d discovered the powers it held and tried harnessing it.
      And they succeeded.
      Wiz recalled the moment as he watched in horror when they successfully fused the hand to a small orphaned boy they had captured from the streets.  At first nothing happened, for weeks as they did more experiments on the poor boy.  But during those weeks the Xertias began to move...
      Those foul Xertias, Wiz spat, knowing they were near, knowing they were the cause of most of the destruction before him.  The Xertias were the insane fanatic followers of the shadow lords, heeding every beck and call.  Throwing themselves at whatever the shadow lords pointed them to.
      With a thought Wiz conjured a sword in his hand, unremarkable and plain, he needn’t waste anymore powers creating a better one.
      It was enough to get the job done.
      He stalked cautiously through the streets, stepping over the poor villagers that had been slain and eaten.
      Those foul creatures survived these trillions of years, waiting for the day their gods would return.  And once that hand was fused to the boy, it became active, and those horrible Xertias heard its call.  As they attacked the Clion planet the boy killed the scientists in the confusion and used a teleportation device in the labs to escape the ultimate destruction of the planet. 
      The Xertias never found their god that day.
For the boy ended up on this planet called Proll, the teleportation device which was far from finished threw him on this planet where the boy grew up on the streets.  Soon though the Xertias began attacking the planet in search of their god.  However the Prollians were mighty warriors, and they fought off the Xertias for years and years.
      Even the boy who was now called Daltain joined the army when he got older to defend the planet.  Unknowingly defending the planet from those that were searching for him.
      Over time the fused hand began to overtake Daltain, though.  And soon it took over his mind completely.  That’s when it all fell apart, mentally he commanded the Xertias to attack the weak points of the planet, they overtook it within a day.
      And that day was today.
      And Wiz knew his purpose, knew from watching closely the events that had been taking place the past 20 or so years since the fist was discovered.
      He knew what shadow lord was after on this planet.
      Suddenly a Xertia appeared from an alleyway, It stared at wiz with it’s giant bug eyes, it’s insect like pincer mouth dripping blood from it's most recent victim as it regarded the light lord. 
      Suddenly it screeched a high gurgling noise and charged Wiz, six arms each wielding crude swords.
      Wiz simply stepped aside as it dived at him, swords leading the way.  It overbalanced, hitting nothing but air.  Wiz chopped downward, taking the wretches head off it’s shoulders.
      However it was a Xertia, which amazingly could regrow lost limbs, including heads. Knowing this Wiz cut at a support beam of an awning that was in flames.  It fell over the monster, instantly engulfing it in flames.  A hundred screeches emitted from the horrible thing at once as it quickly burned to a crisp.
      Wiz wasted no time, dashing towards the Castle in the distance, knowing he’d find shadow lord there.                                                  

Jescana sat in her room waiting for the inevitable.  Her blue eyes fixed on the door.  She moved her short red hair out of her face as she sat in fear.  Her father was out in the main hall of the castle, trying to defend her against Daltain, or rather... more recognized now as Shadow Lord.  Shadow Lord was after her unborn child.  He wanted it dead because it posed a threat to him.
      Because the child was his.
      The fighting was nearing its climax when suddenly a man burst through the window surprising Jescana greatly and nearly making her jump out of her seat.  She stared up at the man in shock as he fixed his dark sunglasses and brushed off glass shards, her eyes widened all the more when she realized he was floating in mid air.       
      "Don't be afraid."  Wiz said, exhaustion in his voice as he breathed heavily.  He pulled more glass out of his long blonde hair that was pulled back into a ponytail and brushed some off the shoulder of his long black trench coat which dangled below his floating feet. 
      Another loud boom outside rang out. 
      "I know this may be hard to believe."  He said quickly in desperation as he eyed the door, suddenly abandoning his initial plan of fighting Shadow Lord, knowing he stood no chance.  "But I am a...”  He shook his head as he tried to find the right word.  “A protector of sorts.  And this child you bear may be the key to destroying shadow lord just as he fears.  Please allow me to take this child to a safe planet where he can be trained to defeat Shadow Lord?"
      Jescana let the words sink in, and then slowly nodded her head without really thinking it through, If this man was really able to save her child then she'd agree no matter what. 
      "Good."  WIZ breathed.  "Then I'll be on my way.  I'm sorry I couldn't do anything more to help." 
      "Treat him well..."  Jescana pleaded in a hoarse voice.  "And... train him well."  WIZ nodded, and with a swift movement with his hand, he was gone. 
      Jescana could feel that the child was gone, no longer inside her, she hugged her stomach in dread, not even clear of what had just happened, if it was even real. 
      "AUUUGH!"  She heard her father yell.  “Do it, then.. DO IT!”  He roared in a gurgling and obviously blood filled voice. 
      “Oh, I will.”  Shadow lord said in his booming voice.  “With IMMENSE satisfaction.”
      Her father coughed.  “I... WILL...”
      “Die.”  Shadow Lord finished for him.
      There was a loud explosion.
      Then Silence... 
      "It’s over..."  Jescana whispered  "My father is dead."  She squeezed her eyes shut as the tears began to flow.  "Goodbye father, Goodbye my son."  The door suddenly burst open and Shadow Lord Stood in the doorway.
One year later, millions of light years from Proll is Earth.  It loomed in the distance as WIZ studied it from afar.  The planet was so far out of the way that Shadow Lord would never find it.  He had been searching for over a year without success.  Finally, this child could be born.  WIZ sighed in relief as he drifted towards the planet.

Kilplix Gets trolled by GTA 4 - Air Hockey Hilarity

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kilplix Plays Skyrim #43 - Dragon got your tongue?

When the fam visited

I guess I didn't say much about it but yeah, my mom, dad and brother visited for two days as I said they were going to.

The first day we went to Disney walk/downtown Disney or whatever it's called, It was a decent enough time and it was cool visiting the place again, love the lego store so much. We ate at Red Lobster that day and I got a lobster tail which costs an arm and a leg but it's sooo worth it.

The second day we just went to a movie, The Grey, I didn't like it at all pretty much but for some reason it's had a pretty long lasting effect on me and I keep thinking about it.. maybe I like it after all? Very odd, very depressing movie.

I got Hooters to go and brought it back cause I wanted them to taste the amazingness of their wings, we ate it and watched LOTR and Indiana Jones.

After I dropped them off at the airport and drove home I didn't really know how to feel, it was a pretty empty crappy feeling though.

Here's a pic of me and my mom at Disney walk, she forced me into the picture. I'm pretty jolly looking but I always am!

 I don't know why my face looks so freaking fat lol 

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Pretty crazy I have that many followers on here especially considering how much more popular TUMBLR is. I wish I'd started my blog there honestly, it's a much more active and interactive site and community, ho well.

I streamed some batman arkham city tonight, I had one of the most frustrating rage inducing and epicly hilarious (for the viewers) moments EVER, I will be uploading that to youtube sometime soon. I raged so much in the video that I got carpet burn on my leg and hand from my tirade, look forward to that.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kilplix Plays Skyrim #42 - Best trap ever

This has a part that I forgot to add to the funny moments!

Skyrim shyness

The reason I'm so quiet and untalkative in my early Skyrim videos is because I was renting that guys room out at the time and was all conscious about being heard.

After I move I get a lot more talkative and crap though and since I'm cutting out so much snore in the play throughs now it should come soon enough. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Epic MW3 Rage

The Avengers trailer

Yes yes and YES

"We have a Hulk" > all arguments


I just want to thank you guys for the kind comments in my last blog post, I really appreciate them a lot.

I didn't think there were that many fans that lived in Florida, if you are one speak up! I think some sort of meet up type thing would be cool. I don't know how exactly to go about it, I figure at some sort of festival thingy or convention, I don't know though.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kilplix Plays Skyrim #41 - FAAAAAALLL

Random Favorite Songs #15

I found this artist on youtube and I love like everything he does, his name is FANTOMENK and I listen to his stuff like daily now

Friday, February 3, 2012

BF3 Fun Game #3


Well, family went home, alone again, I enjoyed their time here but it was dampened by all my retard issues

A few days ago a member of the nerdyshow (A podcast group that Jonna is a part of and I'm becoming involved in) got hit by a car and was killed.

His name was Triforce Mike.

I never really met the guy but it saddened me a lot, death is simply never a good thing.

I learned in the next few days just how big of an impact his death was.

Hundreds of people showed up to the hospital to say goodbye, so many people that the hospital had to kick them out eventually.

After he died they did a podcast, a tribute to Triforce Mike.

People flew from all across the country, even from other countries to pay respects. The podcast can be heard here

A few days later they had a huge celebration at the comic shop he worked at, a celebration of his life.

Again, hundreds of people showed up, there was an open mic and countless people stood up to it and told their personal stories about him, how they were touched by him, how he changed and molded their lives as it is today, how they became closest of friends, songs were written about him.

It was moving, it was horribly moving, this man did not deserve to die, too many people were affected by it, he shouldn't have been taken.

I can't help but sit here and think, alone in my apartment. Alone.. as I've been for a very long time wondering just who would even show up to my funeral, wondering if there'd be a celebration of my life. I can't imagine there being one, for I have no real close friends anymore who would do it.

I have Tate, he is an amazing friend, he's my best friend and without him I'd surely be as good as dead at this point. But I can't and do NOT want him to be my only exclusive friend, he has many other friends too, and I want others as well.

Honestly though.. I just want my old friends back.

Yes, I know.. I have thousands of fans who enjoy watching me rage and freak out at video games. I know there's a lot of you who'd be sad if I did somehow die, I know this. And I am grateful to have that, I am grateful to have people to make laugh, to entertain.

But that's just it.. I'm an entertainer, a clown, a silly guy who over reacts.

I no longer have the closeness, the personal intimate friendships that I hold most important of all in this world. People who know my darkest secrets and greatest desires, fears and wishes, hopes and dreams. Share my latest thoughts, my day to day occurences, my triumphs and trials.

If I were to drop dead today there would be no one to show up at the hospital, there would be no one to set up a party in celebration of my life, there wouldn't be hundreds of people to be able to tell personal accounts and stories they had with me, funny moments, life changing experiences and the like.

My body would be shipped back home and my family would mourn my death. I love my family, I appreaciate my family, I know they love me.

But there's more to life than family, yes it's necessity.. But so is friendship, so is love outside of family.

And I don't have that anymore.

They all faded away from me. I love them all just as much as I ever did, and they don't feel the same way.

My heart was once the fullest a mans heart could ever be, I had my best friends in the whole world who I loved as much as family, I had the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I had thousands of fans who at the time I could do them no wrong.

And now my heart is as empty and as alone as a mans can ever be. I went from having everything to nothing.

I'm unstable, I'm explosive, I'm too easily offended, I know this.. but I thought that friendship lasts through thick and thin, I thought that no matter the problems, things work out as long as the friendship and love is there.

I have a gift and a horrible curse which I cannot relate to with anyone with, which has made me feel like an outcast, not normal: Once I meet a person, once I find out who they truly are to their core then my feelings for that person will not ever change. If they commit a crime, if they do something horrible or uncalled for, if they do something really bad... I'll be upset with them yeah, but in the long run it doesn't matter.. my feelings for them won't change. Everyone does things they regret, everyone does bad things at one point or another, every person gets consumed by emotions.

Every human being has flaws.

And I've been gifted and cursed with the ability to not ever be affected by that, to look past that and know they are who they are.

Because of this gift/curse it's led me to this.. being alone because everyone around me is always changing and moving while I remain here, rock solid and unmovable. Feelings I've learned the hard way are fleeting... No matter who it seems to be, the feelings will always go away over time.

And that's just not how it is with me, so through out my whole life I've always been left behind by people who've moved on to other things, other people, other lives while I am devastated by their abandonment, their change of feelings for me.

It's never been the other way around, I know not what it's like to have my feelings for someone to change. I have to cope and mourn and grief for years afterwards because I miss them and I love them.

The only people who know what I'm ever doing is those who watch my stream. I yearn for the days of talking with friends, with my significant other about day to day life. Her telling me "I went to the store today and this guy was acting weird and I saw a pen I really liked it had this cool thing to it."

I miss the simple things of interaction, socializing, communication. I miss being asked questions such as "How are you?" "What are you up to?" "What have you done today?" "I have to tell you about my day." "There's this show we have to watch together."

I miss having my company welcomed and wanted.

I'll shut up now, death just always makes you contemplate and reflect on crap.. And I already do that too much as it is.