My dumb tweets

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Pretty crazy I have that many followers on here especially considering how much more popular TUMBLR is. I wish I'd started my blog there honestly, it's a much more active and interactive site and community, ho well.

I streamed some batman arkham city tonight, I had one of the most frustrating rage inducing and epicly hilarious (for the viewers) moments EVER, I will be uploading that to youtube sometime soon. I raged so much in the video that I got carpet burn on my leg and hand from my tirade, look forward to that.


  1. you raged on Batman: AC? must have been a Riddler Challenge. :P

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  3. lol i think i was the 800th follower :)

  4. On top of that you have over 1,900 followers on your Twitter.

    And that rage moment was scary and funny at the same time. I think I and everyone else in the chat almost hurt our fingers by franticly typing "OPEN THE DOOR!" before you started throwing the remote controlled batarang around, lol.