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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kilplix Plays Minecraft #11


  1. Hey kilplix, i like you but you need to start giving a shit about your fans, Without them your blog would be pointless. Its hard to subscribe to someone who gives off the impression fans are annoying, and im talking about things you've said in previous videos.

  2. Kids trying to troll. How cute.

  3. Austin please play this it will make us happy and hopefully you will be too

  4. @porksausage

    You're implying that he's saying that about ALL of his fans. You should finish the comprehension course in your 5th grade English before commenting about whether he cares about his fans because of a few things he's said in previous videos.

    He's said plenty of times how much he actually cares about his fans, and mentions the few that are annoying. Ever hear of the "Adoring Fan" in Oblivion? Yeah, tends to get annoying after a while.