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Monday, February 13, 2012

When the fam visited

I guess I didn't say much about it but yeah, my mom, dad and brother visited for two days as I said they were going to.

The first day we went to Disney walk/downtown Disney or whatever it's called, It was a decent enough time and it was cool visiting the place again, love the lego store so much. We ate at Red Lobster that day and I got a lobster tail which costs an arm and a leg but it's sooo worth it.

The second day we just went to a movie, The Grey, I didn't like it at all pretty much but for some reason it's had a pretty long lasting effect on me and I keep thinking about it.. maybe I like it after all? Very odd, very depressing movie.

I got Hooters to go and brought it back cause I wanted them to taste the amazingness of their wings, we ate it and watched LOTR and Indiana Jones.

After I dropped them off at the airport and drove home I didn't really know how to feel, it was a pretty empty crappy feeling though.

Here's a pic of me and my mom at Disney walk, she forced me into the picture. I'm pretty jolly looking but I always am!

 I don't know why my face looks so freaking fat lol 


  1. Haha austin you don't looked pleased in the picture.

  2. I know what you mean. Some days your face just feels like being fat

  3. I wish I was there and not freezing my butt off here in Pennsylvania.

    I hate winter.

    1. at least you get snow its always hot here on guam

  4. Hey austin how did you set up your house and whatever happened to all the stuff you had in your old room?