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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kilplix Plays Demon's Souls #14 - Use arrows they said

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Fun Game #8 - A Killing Montage

Music used: Borderlands 2 - Dam Top (Bloodshot Ramparts)  Fist of the North Star Ken's Rage 2 OST New World Extended

GTA V Trolls Kilplix - The bike race

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Just a week away, almost there. a new GTA game, these are like historical events in gaming here, so excited.

Of course I'm disappointed there hasn't even been a PC announcement yet, I'm sure there will be soon though, we'll get it in like 6 months or some crap.

In the meantime I'm going to get it on the 7 year old consoles and try to tolerate the low LOD, draw distance, resolution, stinky analog aiming controls and 28-15 FPS (shudder)

but for this game? I'll take it however I can.

Thing is I'm pretty torn on which version to get, PS3 or 360?

I want to wait to see comparison reviews or videos showing the performance and which runs and looks the best, but I don't know if I can wait, this is one of those rare occasions where waiting will be hard as heck, I want the game asap.

I decided to make a poll, which version are YOU going to get? I'm pretty sure majority will be 360 and honestly my instincts tell me the 360 version will run the best, but then I don't want to deal with XBLIVE crap, I don't have a gold and don't really want to pay for one, on PS3 it'd be free online goodness.  BLEH WHICH DO I DO

which you doin? vote!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kilplix Plays Dead Space 2 #10 - I don't want to recall this

back home bluhbluh

Got home on Monday, the ride home was safe and smooth for the most part.

Today I went  to the canyons with the family for breakfast, was cool.

Yesterday I bought a fishing license, it's been over 10 years since I've been fishing and when I was young I used to fish like crazy with my dad, my craving for fishing has gotten so bad I've been dreaming about it.

So after the canyons me, my dad  and uncle went fishing to Utah lake, had a great time.

Caught 7 fish, funnily enough my FIRST CATCH was 2 fish at ONCE, we were using two hooks and I caught 2 at once on both hooks, was so awesome, my dad caught 2 and my uncle 2, the two my uncle caught were pretty big, here's one.

On the other side of the lake we saw this HUGE dust devil, sucker looked like a tornado

The highlight was the two fish I MISSED, I'd trade in the 7 I caught for at least ONE of these two monsters.

The first one I fought for about 10 minutes, sucker got away and we all nearly cried because we wanted to see how big it was so bad, I was worn out.

The second one BROKE the hook off and I fought this beast for 15 minutes, it was one heck of a fight, I was completely exhausted afterwards, it felt like I'd just lifted weights, sucker had to have weighed at least 15 pounds, never have fought that big of a fish in my life. we were so sooo sad that it got away.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I think I need to apologize for the lack of interaction with people and updates to my blog lately.

I've been pretty sick the last 3 or 4  months which has taken away a lot of motivation to do much.

I haven't been feeling up to streaming a lot lately because no games seem to tickle my fancy currently, that'll change soon though, summer drought is near it's end.

Another reason is because I'm moving back home this week so I've been prepping for that and have been pretty depressed about it as well.  I would have liked to have tried sticking with it here for at least another year or so but I can't afford it anymore.

Though to be fair I've been lonely as piss here with no friends other than Jonna who I can't spend all my time with since she has a busy life and boyfriend.

I just felt like I had more potential here in Florida I guess, I just never knew how to utilize that potential and stayed in my apartment 99.9 percent of the time here, afraid of going out because my windshield wipers don't work and I'm unfamiliar with the area still. That and I hate going places by myself.

I'll still stream when I get back home but the quality is going to go to absolute crap (I'll be going from 5 MEGABYTES of upload to 500 KILOBYTES, and that's max speed for the area), I also wont be able to stream any multiplayer games because of it (though really, I have no friends to play multiplayer games with anyway)

My first priority when getting back home is to build up enough money to move out and get better internet. don't know where I'm going to go from there, I'm just really tired of being alone all the time, I'm not getting any younger here. tfw no gf etc

wish me luck on the move, going to be using a moving truck this time and for some reason my parents volunteered to fly down here and take the drive with me, so that'll be a lot better than doing it alone, at least I got family.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kilplix Plays Dark Souls #18 - Bathroom break accident

My streams and lag, are you affected?

I'm not entirely sure how many of you are affected by this but it seems that at least a good amount experience laggy stuttery issues with my streams. here's WHY IT POSSIBLY HAPPENS:

I stream at 720P at 3000 KBPS, quite a high resolution at quite a high bitrate, lower end computers may have issues with this and it sucks. The problem is that if I lower the resolution and bitrate then my recorded video files on my computer would be the same quality. The program I use (Open Broadcaster) which BOTH streams AND records does so at the same settings. I don't want to lower the settings and lose video quality of my videos. Freaking twitch lets PARTNERS ONLY have the video able to select multiple resolutions like youtube does but I'm not a partner and they wont accept me as one cause I'm just not special enough.

You may say but hey Austin I watch youtube vids at 1080P or 720 and it doesn't lag. well streaming is different, it's live and it doesn't preload like youtube does. Also youtube is just all around better compatibility wise with tons of different devices, youtube never ceases to impress me with how well it works, I wish everyone used similar methods.

To those that want me to switch  back to livestream I say NAY, never again. the reason? livestream doesn't allow streaming above 500 KBPS without paying for their premium (which is over 1000, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER MONTH)

I will never go back to livestream, the quality is just unacceptable for my recorded videos. to go from 3000 KBPS to 500 is ridiculous.


Here's some suggestions to fix the lagging if you do get it:

Make your browser window smaller, twitch's video will get smaller to adjust to your window size, smaller video = less stress on your computer.

Right click the stream video and select quality, switch it to low quality.

Try another web browser, chrome, firefox, opera, maybe one will work better than the other.

Update flash, it may help.

Close background programs or other tabs, browsers surprisingly suck up a TON of PC resources when you have a lot of tabs or windows open, close as many as you can.

GET GAMEBOOSTER this program really works well and frees up your computer of a lot of resources making it run faster.

Hopefully this'll help stuttery lag issues


Bootleg Monday #25

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kilplix Plays Scribblenauts Unlimited #10 - WINGS ARE EATING ME

Q&A Batch #216

will you be uploading your playthrough of bioshock infinite?
Noooo, game was too dull

What if a girl wraps her legs around your neck and starts to squeeze?
then I'd stare at her thighs

Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
good question

What do you personally think of Warframe?
it's pre fun

Please sleep with me and marry me.

If you had to choose between going to E3 or PAX (East or West), which would you go to?

Have you tried any asian instant noodles (ones that are actually imported i.e not the Top Ramen ones) they taste much better.
Dunno, I've had noodles at restaurants though, good stuff

How much do you trust Tate on driving?
I don't

Have you tried playing Trouble in Terrorist Town? you can play this game with fans.
I haven't, I should though

When you return home, are you going to make some vlogs? Or just some posts on your blog? I really hope you wont have troubles with your car btw...
using a moving van

do you want a girlfriend? and what kind?
The good kind

Hey Austin, i was just wondering if you would accept Fan Art. -Nate
I always accept fan art

Do you like the beatles, les pual or gueen.
Beatles are cool

When I was building my computer I mostly favored Nvidia, AMD, and Corsiar products. Are there any companies you particularly favor or does it not really matter to you?
There's plenty of good brands out there, just read up on reviews pretty much. I usually go with Intel, Nvidia, Asus, Gigabyte

What's the worst thing someone can do on a first date?
show me their penis

is it wrong that the funniest part of the second peacewalker, was when Tate almost made you choke to death
It's the rightest

Does Tate have a blog?

What did you think of the soundtracks in Dark Souls?
I enjoyed the FEW actual music tracks that I heard

Hi Austin, I had that problem with the pentagram and tomato sauce problem. Using the noodles as an offering helped! Thanks.

hey kilplix have you ever played Street Fighter? If you did what do you think about it?
I've played it, not a huge fan though

What do you think of a game called Guacamelee? think you might play it one day?
never heard of it

If you had the ability to fly, would you race Jinjo?
that's like the very last thing I'd think of doing if I could freaking FLY

I know this is a sore subject, but did you ever finish Bioshock: Infinite? If you did, did your brain blow up at the ending?
I beat it, think it's highly overrated

What do you think about the allways-on DRM rumors of the XBOX720?
I doubt it's true (LOL GUESS I WAS WRONG)

Would you let Goku eat your Sushi?

Could you maybe just put up your demon souls and dark souls boss fights in one video please as that would be cool to see.
Hey maybe

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey I'm WUT

Gamespot always has a livecam feed of some guy wandering around the show floor at E3 doing random interviews and recording the kiosks

Anyway I had it going along with my dozens of streams during E3 and glanced over right as he passes by these grumps

I lol'd good and here's my tweets about it

  1. it's just hilarious considering there's like 4 thousand people here and he just happens to stop right by them
  2. jon nearly ate the camera as he squeezed through
  3. he doesn't even know
  4. ahahaha the gamespot guy on the floor is just standing casually next to jontron and egorapter

Kilplix Mods the crap out of Half life 2 #7 - Isn't that a- BOOOOOM

My E3 Battlestation

Monday, June 10, 2013

Kilplix Plays Dark Souls #16 - SEN'S FORTRESS

Here is my spam of tweets today during all the press conferences at E3, the bottom is oldest, so scroll up to view it in order.

  1. over 133 tweets today, woopsss, don't worry though, shouldn't be as bad the next few days since the conferences are all done
  2. is there even a reason to get a new xbox? they have a few exclusives sure, but are they worth it?
  3. yeah man, wow. Sony had a great show, and to top it off they owned MS with no online required, no DRM, trade in games and a cheaper price.
  4. annnd it's cheaper too, Sony domination
  5. this game is pretty much borderlands
  6. why does that enemy sound just like elites on halo
  7. Oh these not so subtle jabs slay me
  8. Sony totally just won this gen completely, I'm laughing my head off
  9. ahahahaha Sony just won
  10. hahahaha that looks so bad
  11. paid clappers are like uhh do we clap orrr?? just CLAP
  12. guess it's not an assassins creed without major glitches
  13. game freezes, people applause
  14. I wish I could get excited about kingdom hearts games =P
  15. is this SERIOUSLY another FF13 game? WTF
  16. I wish I could get excited about FF games still
  17. it looks like 2 PS2s tapped together
  18. why do all the new consoles look like old VCRs
  20. this is a pretty good show so far, good job sony
  21. oh good a racing game I can go pee now
  22. I don't get why they're showing it at E3
  23. yes yes I'm buying this game this week
  24. and heeree we go sony
  25. watching an interview for BF4, that building collapsing was AN EVENT, just like the stupid radio tower collapse in BF3