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Monday, June 17, 2013

My streams and lag, are you affected?

I'm not entirely sure how many of you are affected by this but it seems that at least a good amount experience laggy stuttery issues with my streams. here's WHY IT POSSIBLY HAPPENS:

I stream at 720P at 3000 KBPS, quite a high resolution at quite a high bitrate, lower end computers may have issues with this and it sucks. The problem is that if I lower the resolution and bitrate then my recorded video files on my computer would be the same quality. The program I use (Open Broadcaster) which BOTH streams AND records does so at the same settings. I don't want to lower the settings and lose video quality of my videos. Freaking twitch lets PARTNERS ONLY have the video able to select multiple resolutions like youtube does but I'm not a partner and they wont accept me as one cause I'm just not special enough.

You may say but hey Austin I watch youtube vids at 1080P or 720 and it doesn't lag. well streaming is different, it's live and it doesn't preload like youtube does. Also youtube is just all around better compatibility wise with tons of different devices, youtube never ceases to impress me with how well it works, I wish everyone used similar methods.

To those that want me to switch  back to livestream I say NAY, never again. the reason? livestream doesn't allow streaming above 500 KBPS without paying for their premium (which is over 1000, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER MONTH)

I will never go back to livestream, the quality is just unacceptable for my recorded videos. to go from 3000 KBPS to 500 is ridiculous.


Here's some suggestions to fix the lagging if you do get it:

Make your browser window smaller, twitch's video will get smaller to adjust to your window size, smaller video = less stress on your computer.

Right click the stream video and select quality, switch it to low quality.

Try another web browser, chrome, firefox, opera, maybe one will work better than the other.

Update flash, it may help.

Close background programs or other tabs, browsers surprisingly suck up a TON of PC resources when you have a lot of tabs or windows open, close as many as you can.

GET GAMEBOOSTER this program really works well and frees up your computer of a lot of resources making it run faster.

Hopefully this'll help stuttery lag issues



  1. The reason I lag is because my home has really slow internet. it's only 2 Mps during the day, but during the night it goes to about .5 Mps.

  2. thanks i hope im up too see you livestream

  3. Guy from Spain here. I have a relatively good conection (considering that Spain has the worst Internet in the entire freaking Europe) and I only have slight lag in your streams, it overall works fine, with only non important ocassional stuttering.