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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Q&A Batch #215

can you do any magic tricks?
I can count to 3

How many teeth do you have?
a lot minus one

Really love the O & S Boss Theme for your intro to your Darks Souls playthrough, really good choice man.
Probably my fav track from the game, made the boss fight more epic

Harmony is the best right?
the best

During one of your livestreams for Yakuza 3, you played a song and it sounded like a comedy news report about sex being popular with teens in Utah or something. Can you tell me its name and/or provide a downloadable link to the song? - Morehouse928

Hey Austin do you need to update the links to your Facebook account in your youtube channel, here is the question: What do you think about the Lara croft ass?
thanks for that, I think a lot about her butt

Key Kilplix, have you seen any of SmoothMcGroove's Youtube videos? I highly recommend it to you.
subbed to him

Do you have nanomachines, son?
all of them

Are you outgoing or shy?
Totally depends, I can be outgoing as heck when I'm comfortable but when I'm around a bunch of strangers I usually just keep to myself

How are you feeling?

What do you think about Far cry 3: Blood Dragon?
Looks interesting, we'll see

On your stream of 4/10/13, I saw Jonna on the stream chat, and I wanted to ask you if you and Jonna still hang out, and if so, what you usually do together. -Boxinacat
We see each other on very rare occasions, we talk often though

Are you enjoying the recent Tomb Raider game? And do you prefer the old Lara Croft, or the new one? -Boxinacat
Beat the game already, I was never a big fan of the old Lara so I guess I like the new one better

Have you thought of doing a vlog, showing what your daily life is usually like? Even if it's just spent in one place, I'm sure something will make it cool. Sincerely, Boxinacat.
lol, I sit here and do nothing, most entertaining thing ever

Hey Austin, when you post your Q & A, does it start first from the bottom or top? thx
yeah, oldest to newest

Hey Austin, are you planning on getting Dead Island Riptide? If so, will you stream/record it if you play with friends?  Lann Soleaar
I dunno, no friends plan on getting it as far as I know, so i don't have plans either

will you ever stream any other old school games, it be awesome for you to stream conkers bad fur day
I'll always stream old games here and there.

Do you watch the Walking Dead? I know you've played the game.
never seen it

Will you be doing a kilplix plays mass effect?
heeeeck no that game boring

Do you have any more Dead Rising footage with you and Tate left? To be honest those videos are probably my favorite. They always make me laugh. If you have anymore worthwhile or notable footage left would you mind terribly if you uploaded it? Please?
No more footage =[

How much Terraria footage do you have left? Is it at least up to the point you fight Skeletron Prime? Does your footage still include Tate? How many more videos can we expect of Terraria. I'm kind of a completionist when it comes to videos you make.
I don't even know, I need to check

What are your thoughts on the government trying to ban guns? There's also a strong chance they might pull it off.
wont happen

I know you don't like these kind of questions but humor me. Who would win in a fight, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li or Chuck Norris? There doesn't need to be any real thought put behind it. The choice could simply be made for a reason such as favoritism. I don't mind as long as you pick one!

There's a free to play game coming out soon called Age of Wushu. It's been advertised on television. Have you heard of it? If so what are your thoughts? If not, look it up and tell us what you think?
don't think i've heard of it

Is everything ok between you and Tate? I saw your tweet the other day and it was kinda sad to see.
It's fine he's just being a ho with warframe

What tips/advice can you give me about fighting games? so i don't get my ass whooped. I'm kind of new to them (fighting games)
wrong guy to ask, I'm not a competitive fighting game person

In your video "Relaxin" I noticed a green case in the background with that looked exactly like an xbox case. Would that happen to be the case of an Xbox 360 game?

Do you still keep contact with Jonna?
talk regularly

You do know that sometimes your livestreams aren't saved, right? This might just be a redundant question.
I know but it saves to my HDD so whatevs

will you be the woman in the realtionship or is that to much of a problem unless ur gf asked you to be the woman

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