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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Just a week away, almost there. a new GTA game, these are like historical events in gaming here, so excited.

Of course I'm disappointed there hasn't even been a PC announcement yet, I'm sure there will be soon though, we'll get it in like 6 months or some crap.

In the meantime I'm going to get it on the 7 year old consoles and try to tolerate the low LOD, draw distance, resolution, stinky analog aiming controls and 28-15 FPS (shudder)

but for this game? I'll take it however I can.

Thing is I'm pretty torn on which version to get, PS3 or 360?

I want to wait to see comparison reviews or videos showing the performance and which runs and looks the best, but I don't know if I can wait, this is one of those rare occasions where waiting will be hard as heck, I want the game asap.

I decided to make a poll, which version are YOU going to get? I'm pretty sure majority will be 360 and honestly my instincts tell me the 360 version will run the best, but then I don't want to deal with XBLIVE crap, I don't have a gold and don't really want to pay for one, on PS3 it'd be free online goodness.  BLEH WHICH DO I DO

which you doin? vote!


  1. probably not going to get it myself, never been a huge GTA fan, but if I did I would wait for PC, and if I had to pick probably ps3, free multiplayer being the main reason as to why

  2. The thing is, what are you looking forward to the most sir?

  3. I will get it for pc for obvious reasons but since the release for pc is probably so far away my vote will go to PS3. I just don't like xbox no more and the way it's going with xbox one too ugh....

  4. Just play other games to get the PC version out of your mind (For a while). It's much better to wait for the PC version that to play with horrible downgraded everything. Ofc, you can always buy the PS4/Xbox One version if you decide to buy either of the consoles. But by that time the PC version might already be out/announced.

    1. theres no ps4/xbox one version

  5. ps3, no pay for playing online is way better than just low frames "sometimes", the experience will be the same.