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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dumb comment of the moment Dec 8 2011

I don't know why but I get these fairly often... where they ask me to gift them a game... like what the heck goes through someones head to think "O DIS GUY HAS YOOTOOB VIDEOZ SO DAT MEANZ HE'LL GIFT ME GAMEZ"

hey kilplix i was wondering if u could gift me l4d to my steam so i could actually meet you in real life .please would u gift me the game please u could get the l4d 4 pack and send 1 to me please i am am your biggest fan ive even seen all your youtube vids. so if u could gift me this game . i will give u my

account name: CENSORED
please dont hack my emails: CENSORED
if there r any probs send a message back to me if u dont want 2 its k

Freaking frick... some people


  1. Stupidness at it's maximum level.

  2. "hey kilplix i was wondering if u could gift me l4d to my steam so i could actually meet you in real life"

    My Response: What? >.> So gifting to him would magically let him know you in real life.
    Doesn't make much sense.

  3. Also why would he need the four pack? He does know Kilplix has L4D? Right?

  4. speaking of which, I gifted you a 5 buck gift a while back. I guess you changed your steam email

  5. Tate needs to make another comment video. Always hilarious.

  6. "Freaking frick..."

    You can take the boy out of Utah, but you can't take Utah out of the boy.

  7. so r u goin 2 gift me it or not???? plz respond

  8. The stupidity of people amazes and enrages me more and more each day...

  9. it always amuses me when someone says their your biggest fan.

  10. sometimes i wonder why people even bother contacting Austin, he obviously won't answer.

  11. every time i see something like that about a youtuber, especially Austin, where people ask him for stuff, it's like they think Austin doesn't struggle with bills or just to keep a roof over his head, and they ask for a game and claim to be his "biggest fan" if you were his biggest fan i think you would notice on his blog how much money he has to pay, like seriously grow a brain.