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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Memorable Moments in Gaming: Witcher 2: A stroll through town

This game is amazing, it's gorgeous, the graphics, the attention to detail in every singe texture, the believable town, the combat, the voice acting, the story, the music, the characters.

One of the best games in decades, I am in love with it.

I get into a fight at 7:48


  1. Very nice. Kinda makes me want to buy it but I'm not sure if my laptop can handle it.

  2. Eh, I bought the first one and was very disappointed. The combat felt stiff and unintuitive, alchemy was far too complicated right away, I never knew where I was or what I was supposed to be doing.

    At least it looks like they improved the combat in this one.

  3. Dear Kilplix, you said that next 300 videos will be good. Did you lie? :<

  4. The first one requires a bit of patience...especially with the side quest progression structure and the continuity errors. I only finished it few days ago even though I bought it back when it was released.

    I postponed finishing it until now because of an odd bug which messed with my saves. It's particularly annoying when you've spent an entire day plowing through every side-quest, trophy acquisition, and card catching opportunity for two branching saves of a chapter only to have all the saves for that day become corrupt and refuse to load. At that point, it was easier and more enjoyable reading the actual book.

    There is a mod which improves the combat for TW1. I was going give it a try but it requires starting a new game to work properly. Personally, I just used the isometric view. It makes combat feels a bit more akin to old school click-to-run, hack-n-slash rpgs.

    The Witcher 2 seems to be a bit more user friendly since the menu system looks to have been designed specifically for controller use. Combat is still a bit meh, but it is an improvement. Took me a bit of time to figure out that the targeting system is based off of where the center of the screen is the first one. Only the first one had a targeting reticule so it was blatantly obvious. A bit annoying at first when scanning for the next target only to suddenly switch to that target that isn't even close enough for you to attack and then the guy who you wanted to finish off gets a couple hits in that you would have otherwise been able to mitigate had you just finished him off instead of panning the camera for the next potential target. Barefist fighting is pretty much just quick time events now...which I guess is an improvement over the weird clicky mess that was implemented in the first one.

    Hopefully CD Projekt release the construction set so that modders can poke and prod the combat into something a bit more refined. Like the first, it does have a few bugs here and not being able to move Geralt after a cutscene... To be fair, that has only happened to me once and everything else about the game is pretty awesome. Probably the only reason why I even bothered to play through the first one again was because of the environment and that I took a liking to the characters.

  5. Did you read the books of which the games are inspired in?

    If not I suggest to do it, they're awesome.

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