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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This movie looked like it could be a hit or miss, I saw it today..

Yeah it's a miss.

when I officially labeled it poo was when the girl priest threw rocks as the other priest was jumping at an enemy, he used the rocks in the air as steps to help him get farther in the air.

seriously, wtf


  1. yeah I already knew that movie was utter crap just by watching the trailers.

  2. to you it's the day he ran on top of flying rocks.... but to him it was Tuesday...

  3. I believe the World is Done with Films...all we are getting are Sequels, Remakes & Reboots.
    ..thats just my thought though haha.

  4. I loved this movie but being 14 and little stupid im easily impressed with combat movies.
    just saying it had it moments

  5. Haven't seen it yet so ican't really comment i=on this. But it is based off a comic so it is gonna be kinda ridiculous regardless