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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday the 13th indeed.

If you notice I have a new category to the left called MY VIDEOS, I spent a good long time putting all my videos in there from all my blog posts, fixing the embeds since I remove the videos and re upload them for youtube.

so I did every video that I'd posted in the Blog since I started doing so.

And it just so happens that magical day happens to be the one where Blogspot goes complete retard mode and loses like all data for that entire day.

I saw that it had done it to my recent RE5 highlights video, so I'd just made the post again.

I just now noticed that all the videos in the category are gone.

I think i'll make a new poll.

Do you think you get Good luck often or bad luck often?

you know where my votes going


  1. Goodluck happens more often, its just easier to notice badluck.

  2. Every bit of Fun I have, I must pay the price the next day.
    Last night was my Prom, now I have a major cold today OnO
    So yeah, mostly bad luck for moi.

  3. Bus to college got held up for an hour by a major motorway accident. Coincidence???