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Monday, May 30, 2011


I really, REALLY didn't want to do this but i'm feeling inclined to at the moment because i'm just so sick of it. so i'm going to type this out.

It all started one day checking facebook, Facebook posts recent activity and what not on your main page as everyone knows, I see con saying something regarding me, it didn't look pleasant, so I check it, it's all complete disrespectful and hurtful crap being said about me. I'm completely shocked and obviously hurt, I hadn't spoken to him in ages, literally almost a year because he had a job and what not, and he just shows up out of the blue talking such horrible crap about me, to complete STRANGERS no less.

So NATURALLY, I removed his link from my blog, would you guys link to someones blog saying such bad things about you?

So I silenty remove the link and just try and hope he stops with the "smack talk". Well removing the link seemed to cause more crap, and i'm told by some friends that he's talking even more crap about me on his youtube profile, and then his blog even.

And the crap said literally had my jaw hanging open, some of it was absolutely and completely untrue, I have NO idea why he decided to spout such untrue crap, and good LORD it was plain old HURTFUL.

I'm not calling him a liar, i'm here to say he's just wrong about most of it.

The biggest problem I had with all of this was that he just randomly decided to start spreading crap around the internet to thousands of complete strangers, it's such high school girl gossip crap.

I tried to just ignore it all, to hope it blowed over because I felt I didn't need to explain myself, it's not like the fanboys/girls would believe me one way or another anyway if I tried to present my case. I felt that it was the best to just not retaliate and have a big crap storm.

But the crap persists and i'm sick of it, it's uncalled for and I don't deserve this crap.

So here's the story, A lot of what he said is just completely wrong and uncalled for, the main thing that bothered the piss out of me was him saying it became all about the videos and subscribers, rush to the end or whatever, take the fun out of it. Uh no.. If you guys watched my videos from day one, i'm the same yelling over the top screaming demanding Kilplix/Austin i've always been.

What REALLY happened is he just got sick of me, and I don't blame him in ANY WAY for that, I am a hard person to deal with and over time it obviously wore on him, me screaming at him and everything never changed from the start. he simply got sick of it, and it's completely understandable, I'd get fed up with me too, and a lot quicker.

FUN FACT is Con HATES left 4 Dead 2 (cept vs mode), like completely LOATHS the game, and because of that he raged a LOT while we played L4D 2, and I'd raged back, and it just got to the point where it was crap.

Through out the years we'd been planning MEET JED, and I tried my best to match their ideas (mostly cons ideas) with the video. Let me tell you this, I did my best work on Meet Jed, I worked my butt off, A year of recording, editing, planning, etc. I was completely proud of what I'd done with the video. After showing Con a very very rough draft i'm completely shot down and learn later he's saying how crap it is to my other friends. That devastated me, I was hit hard by it and I raged and argued with Con about like the whole video, so there's something that may have fueled his fire for the hating to come.

So con falls out because we continued playing L4D2, some time later we played THE FORGOTTEN on L4D 1 and it was one of the most enjoyable times i've ever had playing a game, I loved that play through and it was all smiles and joy, just watch the play through, it's so great. That was the last game we'd played (other than a small game of modnation racers on PS3)

And then we come to the point where he just emerges saying all that crap about me that was just simply untrue, I don't know why he decided to say what he said, I don't know why he thinks i'm the way he claims, he could have simply said "I got tired of him being a constant asshole." and I would have accepted that completely.

If I was ALL ABOUT THE VIDEOS AND SUBSCRIBERZ then I'd simply just upload L4D videos 24/7. I still have reviews to upload and will get to editing them and what not eventually. The fact that I upload videos like that Witcher 2 video is enough evidence that I don't really care about a huge audience, I upload videos that I like or feel like sharing.

I play games, i'm a gamer first and foremost. i'm constantly recording my gameplay because I learned long ago that epic moments happen out of nowhere and I want to cry when its not recorded. If theres something from the footage I feel like I want to share I upload, if there isn't I don't. I do NOT revolve the gaming around recording, I don't make plans or rush or demand ANYTHING for the sake of TEH VIDEOZ AND SUBZ OMG, have you ever, EVER in your entire time being a fan or watching my videos, have you EVER seen me say PLZ SUB AND FAV VIDS PLZ PLZ? You haven't, because I hate those types of people more than anything and would never stoop to that.

I have over 50K subs yeah, and I never asked for one of them, I won't deny that it's really really cool that I have that many, who wouldn't think it cool? all it means to me is that the videos I want to share are seen by more than a few people like in my old BF2 montage days, I used to frown at the views I got because I put so much effort into editing them, so it's just so cool to be able to have many people see my work, and I feel EXTREMELY fortunate for it.

I know a LOT of the subs are because of my friends too, heck most of them, and I don't blame them! I play with my friends at every single oppurtunity I get, Jed and Cody are nearly completely unavailable anymore, Jed from work and Cody from school. When Jed is available we play BC2, and we have good times, I have like 5 million BC2 fun games ready for upload.

So I've had no one to play with other than Tate and sometimes Jonna when she's available. so my video uploads continue, nothings changed other than freind availability.

And so many """FANS""" think I owe them something, well I don't, and you aren't fans if you think so, go away please.

I see people saying I think i'm too good for them now, my dearest and closest friends. I can't tell you how wrong they are, I miss them badly and miss playing games with them consistantly, they are my best friends in the world and I jump at every single opportunity to spend time with them and play games.

It's just a stage in life, we're friends forever, there'll always be nice breaks where we can play games and what not, and you'll see it when that happens.

If a video pops up with Jed or cody in it, Tate or Jonna, and you're interested in watching, then by all means watch away, if a video is uploaded that you don't care for, DONT WATCH IT, let the people who WANT to watch it watch it.

I encourage every one of you that think i'm lying or am a jerk or my videos suck now etc etc, I heartily HAPPILY encourage you to unsubscribe and GO AWAY!

This is all you'll ever see me say on this whole situation, if Con makes a reply post on his blog saying i'm full of crap, I don't care (I won't even see it anyway), if you think i'm full of crap and am lying, I don't care, I said my case and am now done with this.

I mainly did this post in hopes the retards will finally just go away, weed out the crap so to speak.

Another reason was to clear it up to the REAL fans that may be confused and unsure as to what the heck is the deal with me and why i'm not saying anything, many assumptions can be made by me being quiet, so i'm coming out to puke this all out of my mouth.

In the end, I just want to say that I don't HATE con or anything of the sort, I seriously still consider him a friend (albeit a bad one as of late, hoping that will change), I wish things hadn't ended up like this and I miss playing games with him and just all the dang good times, I really really do miss that and am more than sad he thinks the way he does about me currently.

A very important note: I am extremely grateful to those that continued to support me or watch my videos or just not say anything at all during this, some of you really truly move me emotionally by your kindness and words of encouragement. I thank you.

Seriously guys, thank you, I love youuuuuu

Now to get back to witcher 2, this took up too much of my freaking time!

PS COMMENTS DISABLED FOR THIS POST, I just wanted to get this out, no need for discussion