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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some good things

First off, a week ago at around midnight I saw that a file popped up on dropbox for transcribing, I was shocked and hurried and snagged it, finally I got a file to do, so I started transcribing it for an hour or so that night.

The next morning I get an email telling me to STOP TRANSCRIPTION and that the file was for someone else who already snagged it but the file was corrupt, so he was resending it.

So I wasn't too happy as you can imagine, he said this has never happened before and he's sorry and all that crap, just my luck I was thinking.

Yesterday though I get an email from him saying how impressed they were from my drive and to keep in there cause there's going to be lots of work coming, he also want's to talk about doing QA work for him as well.

So that was a very pleasant email, and looking forward to actually making consistent money with that, hopefully consistent enough to pay bills when I move to florida.

Another good thing is I've finally PAID OFF MY DEBT for my car, after a year I finally paid the thing off.

I'd like to thank that wonderful woman who lent me the money for it, thank you so much Jonna.

Beacon Looms Austin 56-inch-by-84-inch Single Blackout Panel, Natural


  1. should move to Chicago, its safer over here with those tornadoes and flooding out there

  2. Congratz, Austin :) Hope everything works out with that and that no more bad luck comes your way! And to Luismoran, weather doesn't last forever. Personally, I think Florida is an overall safer state than the city of Chicago. But it's up to Austin :P and a thumbs up to Jonna for helping you with ur car :)

  3. Indeed, Jonna is the man -- er, woman.