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Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 Day one thoughts

So despite it saying everywhere 7-9, E3 started TODAY and I was lucky to catch it early.

My opinions:

Pretty cool we get to see what happens to master chief, but another trilogy? sheesh.

Elder Scrolls skyrim looks fantastic, I bet I spend 342352345 hours in that beauty.

I don't like they're forcing Catwoman on you in Arkham city, I want to play as batman, and just batman.

Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning The game is being developed at Schilling’s 38 Studios by Elder Scrolls: Oblivion director Ken Ralston. With art by Spawn creator Todd MacFarlene and a story by legendary D&D writer R.A. SALVATORE!! he's one of my favorite authors ever who writes the Drizzt books, I love that guy.

Minecraft on 360, with kinect, how is that going to work? Swing your arms for 5 hours breaking blocks?

BF3 demo, ommg this game looks amazing, and thats just the single player, multiplayer crap is showing early tomorrow before nintendos conference.

Darkness 2 has awesome dismemberments, ripping guys in two and slicing them up, yum.

the new Sony handheld, PSVITA has won me over, the system looks on par with PS3 in terms of graphics, the controls are unlimited with touch screen stuff optional, smooth framerate, looks great.

all the motion conrol crap always has me rolling my eyes and face palming, blah nintendo what have you unleashed on the world? they look so casual and dumb.

Tomorrow is Nintendos big announcement, showing their new console, lets hope its a bit more beefy in terms of processing.

More tomorrow! I update on twitter my opinions as they happen!


  1. I am willing to spend as much money that a ps3 would cost just to get that new psp.

  2. BF3 was the highlight of day 1 for me. I can't wait for tomorrow's conference. I'm finally able to get caught up in English, though, so I'll be doing schoolwork as I watch. Slight Bummer, but no big deal. :D

  3. I haven't followed these conventions in several years, but I gotta say... the gimmicks being used today are ridiculous.

    Raise of hands, who here wishes to use a Game Gear for a controller?

  4. Really wish i could go but being 14 and do for heart surgery, and game disaproving parents. Don't seem likely

  5. I actually met Curt Schilling at an event at my school. I saw the first trailer for Kingdoms of Amular. It looks really nice. I would not mind working for that studio.

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  7. I am a Mass Effect nerd, so I went ballistic when I saw it was delayed until next year, yet I was happy to see Liara! <3 (There, that's better, my grammar was bad before.)