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Thursday, June 9, 2011

E3 ends, final thoughts

This was a decent E3 I think, pretty good stuff that got me excited and giddy.

I saw the new tomb raider game demo'd today, it's so interesting looking, after the demo there was a pretty big applause which NONE of the games that were demo'd on gamespot got.

Here's the vid:

I'm pretty dissapointed at the lack of BF3 Multiplayer footage, there was like zero save for a 30 second clip that showed hardly anything, multi is what BF games are about after all.

The new Mario on 3DS is looking great! Tanooki suit ftw!

Darkness 2 is looking awesome.

Zelda Skyward sword is actually looking good

psvita, wiiu, tons of crap.

overall decent E3, makes me sad it's over, I loved streaming the liveshow on gamespot all day.


  1. Austin. You have not given any notice to the awesome new game, Payday. I am disappoint.

  2. God damn! I really want that Dark Souls game.

  3. You saved my ass today Kilplix, from reading your days at E3, I learned about the WiiU.
    I got asked a question on my presentation about a competiting company, that was going against XBox...

    The WiiU.
    <3 I love you. Thank's for saving me, even if you never realised.