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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Tate has been doing Q&A videos lately and a lot of questions have been coming up regarding me, so I joined in on this one, and for some reason i've been talkative as heck today, so I blahblah a lot:


  1. "How tall are you?" -random person "5' 9" - Kilplix

    I was shocked to find out That I, a 14 year old kid, am as tall as Kilplix. You're short, man. >_>

  2. The chicken came first because chickens evolved from reptiles, so the 'chicken egg' came second to the chicken.

  3. can u alert ur fans when ur goin on hidden source? :)

  4. I watched Batteries Not Included back when I was a little kid. Damn awesome movie.

    "And that's why your parents got a divorce." I LOL'd.

    The computer question was lulz-worthy.

    Panty & Stocking was meh for me.

    Maybe I should move to Florida too. My hometown sounds just as boring as Kilplix's hometown, lol.

    I'd buy a Kilplix t-shirt, hahaha.