My dumb tweets

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So if you have been reading my tweets you can get a feeling as to what I was thinking during todays E3, freaking WiiU, that thing had me yelling OMG out loud, the thing that had me taken most was that it's going to be beefy enough for all current gen games, including BF3, the controls are insane and the possibilities with it are endless.

Another feature that had me going was the segment where they were drawing on the Tekken characters to customize them, that is just AWESOME, drawing big eyebrows or pictures on the shirts or whatever! so cool!

The name... is retarded.. but that's becoming expected anymore with names... IE KINECT, PS VITA etc.

The upcoming 3DS games look great, star fox, mario, mario kart, yes yes yes.

Kid icarus reminds me of kingdom hearts, the animation or art or something, ehh.

Lara crofts boobs are still yumm, so i'm happy.

That's all I can think of right now since i'm freaking tired at the moment, i've been thinking of doing either video blogs of my opinions, also i'm strongly considering starting a podcast for all the stuff i'm into: games, game music, music, anime, manga, latest topical issues and more.

Jonnas on board to join in on it, as is Tate, I'd snag Jed and cody whenever I could as well. I think it could be really cool, i'm going to work on the idea more.


  1. NGP did sound cooler than PS VITA

  2. Btw, are you thinking of playing RE OP Raccoon City? Seems like something you would be interested in.

  3. good luck with that hope to see your live stream =3

  4. I like the idea of you guys all getting together to talk about what you like and perhaps, didn't like about E3 when its all done and over with.

  5. your podcast idea sounds pretty good :)
    lets if it come to a green light :D