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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Zelda

So Zelda is 25 now, 1 year younger than me, that's just insane to me.

So yeah I grew up with Zelda from the very beginning, the game means quite a lot to me because of it.

I started from the very start, played em all hardcore back in the day. I probably played zelda 2 the most simply because of how huge and hard that game is, I'd play it all day and make no progress, and I just played and played away.

I think Ocarina of Time is my favorite, not surprisingly, that game revolutionized 3D adventure games, like Mario 64 before it.

I want a 3DS for the sole purpose of playing OoT again, 60 FPS revamped graphics, 3D, I am so excited for that game (need a 3DS though).

Links awakening was another I played for 100s of hours, Link to the past was amazing.. I just could talk forever about each game and how amazing they all are.

I love Zelda games, it's too bad i've become a bit jaded towards the series since Wind Waker, the thing is Wind Waker is a great game, but it's too tedius for my ADD self, I got really bored with Twilight princess as well. I didn't play the new DS ones either.

I blame myself for that though, i've become really bad with games period and completing and even playing them, and I hate that. i'm all over the place with billions of different things.

Anyway Zelda games will forever be stamped into my very way of life, along with a ton of other games that I'm too lazy to sit and mark off.


  1. I envy you. I am unfortunately cursed with an irrational hatred of Zelda. I have thought about it, and there is no reason why It should cause me such ire - I loved Twilight Princess - but it's no good. Calling something "Zelda themed" or "Like Zelda" would make me think worse of it. It's like some sort of debilitating condition that I can't cure myself of...... of well :/

  2. BTW when I say "but it's no good" I meant trying to track my dislike of zelda to its source, not the game.

  3. I'm not a Zelda fan...but hey 25 Years! :D And I'm alive to enjoy it!

  4. wow you never played the DS ones? I'd say the phantom hourglass was one of my favorites :P if not the best Zelda I've ever played, you may just be burnt out on Zelda completely :l if that's even possible :P

  5. Twilight Princess is my all-time favorite game ever. Likewise, Midna is my favorite character ever. I REALLY hope she's a playable character in the new Smash Bros. so I can kick Ganondorf's ass with her. How would she play? Most likely as a Zelda clone. No spoilers.

  6. Ocarina of Time is my favorite as well. That's the first Zelda game I ever played, I was about 6 years old, and it will remain my all time favorite video game. Majora's Mask isn't too bad either.
    I actually only want a 3DS just to play OOT also. :P