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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta- Kilplix's First Game

This is currently uploading, going to bed, should be done in an hour or so.


  1. Not bad at all, Austin. Get;s a little boring playing the same map over and over, but I've been grinding away just so I can unlock some proper equipment and weapons...

  2. @everyone your beta progress does not carry over to the original Bf3, its on their website, so grinding is pointless...

    @Austin: this is totally offtopic and i dont even know if you actiually read these comments, but im going through exactly the same that you did whit that girl, and i know exactly how you feel..

    I just wanted to let you knowm your not alone feeling that about someone..

    Enjoy your Bf3

  3. My facial expression throughout this Video:

  4. Tate using gay as an insult... respect lost. :-\

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