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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Youtube Partnership

People are always asking WHY NOT PARTNER WITH YOUTUBE or MACHINIMA and etc etc... well here's the thing.

I've had machinima contact me many times, to partner with them would require me however to remove all videos with copyrighted content.. such as music... like my kilplix killsprees, montages etc etc.

And I simply refused to be limited to that, so I never accepted any partership.

a month or so ago though, I got an offer from a company, advertising one I think, something like that.

I told them my videos are all video game content, and that I'd refuse to remove vids with copyrighted material.

Well.. they said that's okay! Just don't place ads on those videos, and all of my videogame videos are OKAY!

So today, officially I am now partnered with FullScreen. I'm very excited and hope this can help out a lot in my move to Florida, bills and expenses etc, we'll see.

Now I need to make a banner and a new background.. hmm...


  1. Dude, that is fantastic news! After calling all those people and not finding a place in Florida, you needed some good news, and this is just what you needed.

    Hopefully, the luck continues and you get a call about an offer. Best of luck to you!

  2. Congratulations at finding the right partnership and i wish you the best of luck in finding your way in the world

  3. Before everyone starts screaming SELL OUT! Here are three facts.

    1. Austin is desperately trying to get to Florida, and he needs as much help as he can get.

    2. Nothing is going to change, content wise, viewing wise, anything, he is just going to get money from doing things now.

    3. It wouldn't bloody matter if the two above things were not true. Fact is, this is Austin's channel, his decision on things. He respects his fans enough though to make accommodation for them and make it so that as little changes as possible for them. We should respect that decision.

    Let's not explode alright?

  4. CongratZ!!!!! Hoping to see more videos from now on.

  5. Neat! hopefully this will help you achieve your goals.

  6. @Mar There's no reason anyone would call Austin a sellout for becoming a partner. All it's going to do is give him the opportunity to make more videos more often! I'm jealous, I'd love to become a gaming partner. I'm glad this worked out mang.

  7. Gratz! Hope this means more videos :P

  8. @Tate, There's no reason for someone who is mature and reasonable to call Austin a sellout. However, this is the internet, and it tends to view partnerships as, "the man". It's stupid, but true