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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dumb comment of the moment SEPT 25 2011

There's a comment on my BC2 Funny Moments video, says:

"This is so much funnier than your other BC2 videos."

It has like 10 thumbs up..

I don't think I can facepalm enough from that one...

Let's see here... A bunch of videos of Fun and cool games with kill sprees and what not, orrrrr a collection of FUNNY MOMENTS mashed together into a montage called FUNNY MOMENTS...



  1. yeah i read that comment as well......i face desked. (and it hurt alot).

  2. just goes to show how Moronic everyone can be.....still, if someone wasn't so moronic on youtube once in a while, it just wouldnt be youtube.

  3. I worry how much kids these days miss details that are right in front of their face.

    Lift the lid before you piss in the pot, guys.

  4. O ho ho ho so funny.

    Dear austin,

    You are an asshole.

  5. I know, but..

    you mad

    You must have been the one that made that comment on youtube, high five man, thanks for making such a retarded one to make it post worthy

  6. Let me be completely honest. I don't really see why is that comment so dumb.

    True, the person probably stated something which is already obvious due to the video title but then again, that does not justify the need to target him for berating. Heck, that person could probably be praising your video by calling it funny (I've seen many vids with the title Funny Moments but I barely giggled). Or, perhaps it is just an opinion.

    Hate to say it but you seem pretty ungrateful...and a bit of an arse.

    My point: Whatever berating that person's going to get from your kid-fans, he probably doesn't deserve it.

  7. ^LoneWolf

    What if a turtle was driving an 18 wheeler and crashed into a has station, engulfing the entire town in a bellowing cloud of fire?

    Would it be suitable to say the turtle doesn't deserve the ridicule for not noticing the fact that he is in fact a turtle... and shouldn't be driving 18 wheelers?

  8. Look, what I'm trying to say is that the idiocy behind that comment is very minor in comparison to many other dumber comments that probably deserves the ridiculing. No point making something small appear so big.

    Besides, in Kiplix's other Funny Moments video, I bet there are quite a number of people who also said that the video is funnier than his other vids.

    And mark84j, can a turtle even drive in the first place? What are you trying to say and what's the logic behind it?

  9. ^ Birds of a feather. lol. I only kid.

  10. lol alright I see what you mean mark84j. Pretty hard to tell if someone's kidding on the internet.

  11. lone wolf, what you said is entirely opinion. in my opinion it's one of the dumbest dang comments I've dun seen.

    opinions, man!

  12. that reminds me of a comment i got saying im bad at minecraft.

    You can't be bad at a game were you just screw around and build shit.

  13. Ok then. You're right. Opinions are opinions.

  14. This is so much funnier than your other posts. hurr hurr hurr!
    p.s there is fishfood in your mouth

  15. Fan: I think this video is funny!
    Kilplix: Haha you stupid dumb person!

  16. I just made this account and everything to just clear my name I miss read the video titles give me a break guys..

    P.S Still love you and your video's kilpix!!!

  17. ^^^^see that Mr. Trujillo...the man misread.

    oh by the by good luck with w.e it is yur up too now :) finding a new place n what-nots(no sarcasm I do mean it)

  18. hah, well, i can definitly see austin choosing this as a dumb comment.. because its true, the younger generation has no brain like seriously do people not have better things to do than to state the OBVIOUS, which is in the video.. the title.. the descripion.. the comments.. etc, sure im only 18, but for real, im kinda concerned about my generation, seems like 80% of us are genuine retards, anyways, i rofld at the comment! :D

    Austin, sadly i moved from florida two years ago, but if i still lived there id try to hook you up, sorry bro, good luck!

  19. Hey Austin i know this is not part of the post but i just wanna ask sometimes i miss one of you live streams and i wanna ask weather you save the recent streaming cause i wanna see them

  20. comfighter just go to my livestream and click history or library, it has all my streams saved there.

    boobalator, lol see! so even you admit it's a dumb comment, right!?

    Everyone has stupid moments, I have them every day!

  21. Well that is what i did and its still on sep 9 dead island is it because i didn't watch the previous ones that its not saved?'