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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Apartment in T minus 8 days

Today I did a lot of crap regarding the apartment, I called the electric company and internet company to schedule them to get set up the day I move in, I mailed the first months rent (760) and I went and got my copy of the lease as well.

I'm buying a few more things from the lady too: a desk, TV stand and some lamps. Turns out the living room doesn't have a ceiling light so I figured 5 bucks for some lamps would be nice to illuminate the place. She gave me a freebie since I've bought so much from her: a nice air mattress that sits off the ground, coolio.

So far I've dumped 1750 dollars into the apartment with the deposit, rent, and the furniture and what not that I bought from the lady.

I've spent so so much money recently it makes me sick, with the car bill (575) and all the apartment stuff, this youtube partnership couldn't have come at a better time, it's really helping and I hope it stays consistent along with the transcription work.

The transcription work was getting so heavy that I got my boss to hire Tate and my sister to transcribe as well, there were like 10 files to do for days and days, I made a nice amount doing a bunch then but it's been pretty barren lately so I hope it picks up again.

8 more days of this little hot room and I'll finally have my own place, my own kitchen, bathroom, living room, 40 MB DL 5 MB UP internet, cannot wait.

Sure will be lonely though, especially around Christmas time, will be all by myself.


  1. Will you record your first day at your new apartment?

  2. You could sing All By Myself and eat some chocolate at Christmas time. But that might be rather depressing...your family will probably send some money or gifts.

  3. If I recall correctly,you talked SO much shit on youtube and their partnerships,you said you would never do it.

  4. He has a post back when he accepted the partnership, and the reason he accepted it is because they were able to work around the fact that he has primarily video game videos. So with that worry out of the way, he is free to make money off the videos that he is able to.

  5. You should start up a PO Box so your fans can send you cards and letters to keep you company for Christmas - I would say give out your address but we all know what creepers are out there that would do bad things with that kind of information

  6. Christmas is the time of miracles. You might find the one and not be so lonely.There is always a chance make sure not to miss it

  7. Just say the word, and you could have people who live in florida coming over for dinner or something. I live kinda nearby and would make the 2 hour or so drive just to meet you.

  8. I'll be sure to leave a comment on here wishing you a merry Christmas, and if you make a PO box like Kristen said I'll send you a letter too :)

  9. Looks like a tough situation to be in. I wish you good luck.

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