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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Random Favorite Songs #3

Best thing that came from Dragon Ball Kai was the new theme song

And why not since we're on DBZ, I recently got a PS2 emulator and have been playing old favorites, Budokai 3 being one of them, and I must say this again, this is the definitive best DBZ game ever to grace mankind, I adore this game and I wish I could hug it at night before bed like a teddy bear.

Here's my fav tracks from the game, addictive and awesome:


  1. I agree these are some of the good tracks that are on that game,also try the tracks from tenkaichi 3 and just putting this out there dont try rageing blast 2,the trailer is good and movie,but the gameplay is slow you dont get the feeling of excitement and rush you get from the ps2 games.

  2. Hey Austin, Which PS2 emulator do you have, i've been dying to play dark cloud/2 and still can't find it. Hope you can comment back.