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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fun Facts about Kilplix #3

I LOVE video game music and remixes of video game music!

It's the music I listen to most out of everything.

if you live under a rock and don't know, there's a website called which has a kabijigalilion remixes.

years ago I went through the entire database downloading every track that I liked.

And since then i've kept up with Dling all the latest submissions that catch my fancy.

that isn't the only site i've gotten my music from of course, i've dl'd tons from other sources such as torrents and what not.

I also am obsessed with chiptune music, it seems like i've said this before in an earlier post but yeah, chiptune music is freaking epic, I love this site called which has a butt ton of chiptune music.

Probably since I grew up on the NES, chiptune music is just awesome to me.

my video game folder alone has around 4000 tracks.

If you've noticed, I usually use remix's in my KILPLIX KILL SPREE portions in the BC2 vids and gore montages.

I thought of this post today because Tate did an awesome remix of CHEETAHMEN, which has like one of the best tracks in gaming history (which makes up for how horrible the game is):

I'll try and throw up remixes to share that I love to death on occasion from now on.


  1. I really enjoy video game music thats based off a movie or t.v show like: Darkwing Duck or Inspector Gadget...things like that :)

  2. If you played "unreal superhero 3", check this out :

  3. Does this include the Touhou song mixes? I love those. How about Wiklund? Here is my favourite from Wiklund;

    Here is my favourite Touhou remix;

  4. Video game music is sooooo awesome :) I loved the music in the half life 2 episodes

  5. I've been trying to find high quality version of this song. But I can't find it ;_; Can anyone perhaps help? :P

  6. That is one catchy tune right there!

  7. Glad I'm not the only that likes video game music!XD

    P.S.If you played NES that much then you really need to check some videos of the Angry Video Game Nerd, you might find them enjoyable!

  8. Been a big avgn fan for years.

    Also thanks for those links guys, they're awesome

  9. Hello Kilplix/Austin, just asking a quick question, whats the name of the second song (and or artist) on your live stream (the Minecraft one) Thank you! ^_^