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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random Favorite Song #2

I was mowing lawns today at the post office (this is like my 4th year doing so, pretty good summer job with nice pay) and was listening to my MP3 player.

came across this track and forgot about it, have been listening to it on repeat all night.

It's a FF3 remix from an official Square album called LOVE SQ


  1. mowing the lawn at a post office :)
    You know what you should take photo's or make a vid of yur town you live in ^.^

  2. Kilplix/Austin. My friends and I just played a custom map on and had a grand time. So I just wanted to recommend this one to you. If you get the chance, please please give it a shot.

    Map Name: Questionable Ethics

  3. Being slightly on topic, I have the bass part for Roundabout by Yes stuck in my head right now.
    If you haven't heard it (SHAME ON YOU!!)