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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

well hot dawg, portal 2s not bad

I played Co op of Portal 2 with Tate last night for 3 hours or so, he streamed the whole thing, I recorded it, i'm sure i'll make a highlights video.

but needless to say it's good stuff, if he streams again i'll be sure to tweet it


  1. The single player is much more enjoyable in my book. Brilliant dialogue game-play and story, not saying co-op is bad I just prefer it.

    Game is very enjoyable.

  2. I think a co-worker of mine called in sick so he could play it all day today. Haha.

  3. Saying Portal 2 is "not bad" is like saying the earth is "quite big".

  4. Aw, wish I could've seen it. D: I saw that he had streamed some Portal 2 co-op, and he was in the middle of streaming some Minecraft when I checked. But I didn't have the time to watch then, and when I came back today, they were gone from the library. :c Ah well...